Desert Cats Free Slot Machine

Desert Cats Free Slot Machine

Have you wanted back to the Ancient Egypt yet? The good news is you can! With Desert Cats, you are comfortable to visit Ancient Egypt. Let’s check with us!

Desert Cats slot machine has 7×4 reels with 50 paylines developed by WMS is what you’d expect. This game actually makes you fully enjoy the air of Ancient Egypt period with its mysterious secrets. This game is inspired from Ancient Egypt and Egypt’s Cat Goddess who has known as Bastet. This goddess will definitely bring you many victories on the reel. Moreover, the well graphics, the colorful animations and sound effects also describe the beauty of Ancient Egypt period and contribute to make you more excited to receive many great prizes in this game. Let’s learn more about this game clearly!

Symbols & Features 

WMS developed free Desert Cats slot machine based on Egypt-themed and the main topic is the Cats. So, on seven reels have full of the Egypt symbols including crosses, death masks, Bastet, stone tablets, Pharaoh’s head, J,Q,K,A and 10 playing cards, Egyptian woman and lions.

In this slot game, the Wild symbol is Egyptian woman symbol and the Scattered symbol is Lion symbol, the Jackpot is Bastet. The Wild replace for all other symbols except Scattered symbols, so the good news is the appearance of this Wild regularly on the reels. Especially, unlike with the normal wild in the slot game before, the Wild appears with a new version. It can occupy 2 reels following the 2×2 form, so it takes 4 positions at a time. 

There are two gems in the Wild’s eyes but you have to look carefully into their eyes. During the spinning, you can find out 2×2 gem wilds replace for two contiguous reels. If you collect six or more red jewels, you will win a big jackpot. 

Betting for 200x Jackpot

This game has many seven reels, so the opportunities to win increase even a small win. In addition, you can earn money from the I, K, 10, J, A, Q symbols which will pay as low as 1x per line bet for 3 of a kind and as high as 15x per line bet for 7 of a kind. While the ankh crosses, Pharaoh’s head and stone tablet payout as low as 2x and as high as 20x from 3 of a kind to 7 of a kind. The cat effigy gives from 3x to 5x. 

As mentioned above, the Bastet symbol is Jackpot symbol. If you collect 7 symbols on a reel, you will get 200x your line bet of Jackpot.

Free Spins

Desert Cats slot machine has other interesting free spins. You only need to land the Scattered symbols – Lions symbols on the third, fourth and fifth reels, so the free spins can be triggered. If you collect five lion symbols, you will gain 50 free spins with 15x multiplier total bet. You can get 15 free spins with 10x multiplier total bet if you have four lion symbols. If you find out three lion symbols, you will win 5 spins with 1x multiplier total bet. 

While playing free spins, you can hit three further Scatter symbols to retrigger the bonus round. Unfortunately, in the free spins, you can not find any colored gems, so it has no jackpot for you. 

Earning from Jackpot

The WMS company designed five big Jackpot. To trigger Jackpot, you have to collect red gems in the Wild at least six red gems. As follows: 

  • 6 Red Gems will activate the Minor Jackpot worth 10x your amount. 
  • 7 Red Gems will activate the Medium Jackpot worth 40x your amount.
  • 8 Red Gems will activate the Major Jackpot worth 80x your amount.
  • 9 Red Gems will activate the Super Jackpot worth 600x your amount.
  • 10 Red Gems will activate the Mega Jackpot worth 2,000x your amount.


For anyone, Desert Cats maybe not eyes-catching, but they will change their mind when they look at its seven reels layout and its features. It has many big features and many opportunities to win the Jackpot. Like other WMS’s products, you can enjoy this slot game with your mobile, desktop or iPad at home. You can play free demo version without download on our website. 

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