Dancing in Rio Free Slots Machine


Let’s come back to Brazil together! This time, you will be participated in the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Why don’t you learn more with us?

Dancing in Rio is a slot machine have 40-payline created by game provider WMS. With the theme of the biggest festival in the world, Dancing in Rio takes you to beautiful Brazil and experience the air of Carnival with the bright animations, Samba sound and the wonderful effects. Moreover, you can get the opportunities to earn huge wins easily with seven Jackpot! There are many good features for you. Don’t be more hesitant! Let’s check it!.We ensure that you can enjoy the Carnival in Rio atmosphere fully with Dancing in Rio Slot Machine. The Rio festival which is held every year before Lent is the biggest show in the world with the attention of two million people on each day on the Brazil’s street. There are many dancers, musicians, and colorful floats which creates the vibrants scenes on the street. In this Dancing in Rio slot game, you will see everything from this carnival and can immerse in this festival and get the big win. The graphics and the sound with South American style will bring to  you a real experience. 

Let’s learn more about this game with Bet88!

Symbols & Features

Dancing in Rio has 5×3 reels with 40 paylines. In this slot game, the Wild symbol is Dancing in Rio’s logo. It is located on the  top of the Brazil flag with the ability to replace all symbols except the Scattered mask symbols. It only appear on the second, third,fourth and fifth reels and with its help, you can get any winning combination. The impression symbols here is the Stacked dancer who is so beautiful and special costume. She will make you more excited to bring prizes back home. Moreover, she occupied on four reels and is the most valuable symbol. There are three more dancers and the pocket cards. 

Collect the Mask and Get Free Spins

You need to attend the amazing carnival, collect the mask and get big rewards. You will find out the mask when you dancing with dancers on the street. There are five types of Scattered symbols: Mask, Mask(+2), Mask(+5), Mask(+10) and Mask(+20). You have to collect at least three or more symbols to activate the Free spins. Moreover, you also have chance to get more bonus spins. In addition, these Free spins are allowed frequently retrigger.Unlike WMS’s products before which you can earn lucrative cash in the bonus rounds, in this game, mostly of cash win come from the Wild

If you collect five masks, you can get the maximum of free spins 50 rounds add any special bonus spins and 5x your amount. If you find out four mask symbols, you can earn 20 free spins plus any special bonus and 2x your amount. If you have three mask scattered symbols, you will be rewarded 10 free spins and any bonus round and 1x your amount. 

Up to Seven Jackpot

You can follow the beats, but don’t forget to notice the red and blue on the right of the reel. On this reels, you can see different small rolls with green filling specific follow to each jackpot. If you can match the full reel color backgrounds this pattern, you will win the corresponding jackpot amount. This is the way to trigger jackpot.

Well, are you curious about Jackpot prizes? There are 7 jackpots which is waiting for you in the Dancing in Rio slot machine

  • The patterns with the first four reels to be green and the fifth reels is red which is represent for the Progressive if you bet 2.00 and above and you bet below 2.00 awards Surge Jackpot. 
  • Pulse bonus Jackpot: the full green reels on five reels and 500x your stake.
  • Burst  bonus Jackpot: the first four reels to be green and awards 133.5x your stake.
  • Major Jackpot: the third, fourth and fifth reels to be green and awards 37.5x your stake.
  • Minor Jackpot: the three reels from center to be green and awards 25x your stake.
  • Mini Jackpot: the first, second and third reels to be green and awards 20x your stake.
  • PadLock: this symbol only trigger when the Progressive Jackpot is active and Surge Jackpot is disabled (PadLock shown) for the bet 2.00 and above. 

It’s time to Dancing!

Have you wanted to dance in this Carnival in Rio yet? Let’s immerse in this wonderful festival! With the soundtrack of Samba and beautiful dancer with perfect Rio Queen,  you cannot fail to be impressed by the energy on these vibrant reels. All these things which make this game more exciting, engaging and also bring to you the most wonderful feeling to enjoy this game. If you like this free slot machine with free bonus round, you can play with your real money. Let’s take your mobile, computer or your ipads to enjoy in the biggest festival in the world with our free demo version without registration on website Bet88! 

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