Aftershock Frenzy Free Slot Machine

You are interested in the shocks? you want to try it but you are scared? Don’t worry, with the Aftershock Frenzy online casino you can experience shocks feeling.

What Is Aftershock Slot Machine?

 Aftershock Slot Machine

“Aftershock Frenzy” by WMS is a truly special slot game. This game brings you lots of surprising shocks and makes you cannot standstill. The slot game may look similar to the old and boring traditional slot machine, but actually the aftershocks can appear anytime to multiply prizes. It works perfectly easily on the computer devices, mobile devices or tablets. Moreover,WMS makes the Aftershock’s interface feels classic and peaceful like the 1970s. And if you are in free slot game, we believe that it will become one of your favorite online slot games categories.  

How To Play?

As you can see that Aftershock free slots has a 3-reel slot with 5 paylines that is 3 by 3 grid. You only needs to be able to arrange in rows Bars and a variety of number 7’s.  The yellow 7s payout to 400 coins,the purple 7s can bring in 600 coins, the blue 7s can give 1,000 coins, and the red 7s up to an eye watering 1,200 coins. But it’s the wilds and the aftershocks that will send you into a frenzy!

The reels can get you to win up to 200,000 coins. When you get 3 Triple Aftershock which is the most valuable,pays a fantastic total of 200,000 coins. If you can get 2 Triple Aftershock with the Wild, 450 coins belong to you, while 3 Wild on a payline pay 50 coins.

There are three different colors 7’s, 7’s with Bars and free Bars. There are three different Wild symbols, Double only appear on the first and third reels while and Triple Aftershock Frenzy appears on reel two.

Free Spin Bonus

The Aftershock Frenzy slot machine will give 7 free spins, which are guaranteed to win on each spin. While you are in this feature, the Frenzy will be triggered random after any real money spins.

Shocking Stakes

Nothing can deny that in general slot machines are very lucrative and the only shocking thing is that you will be participated in a slot game which can bring a big profits so cheaply. Because you will be able to experience the benefits of 5 paylines, however you can wager per line 0.05 coins up to 20 coins. It means that you can bet a maximum of 100 coins and a minimum of only 0.25 coins a spin.  

A little warning, the slot machine features allow players to bet more than their real coins and win bigger and most of the players who have ever played Aftershock Frenzy betted with real coins and say that the game can become really addictive. Therefore it can be dangerous for some easy followers, but definitely, this is an interesting game for you to enjoy.

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