WMS Slots

Williams Interactive (WMS) is one of the kings of slot machine industry. It has known about free slot games, online casino and it also offers mobile game. 

Williams Interactive (WMS)

WMS was established in 1943 by Harry E, William. Over the last decades of the 20th century, WMS created the pinball machine and video arcade game. However, in the 1990s, the rapid decrease of arcade game industry made the WMS’s products become unprofitable. In 1991, WMS found out a new way that entered the casino market, until 1994, WMS officially entered the slot machine industry. The Reel ’em In, a “multi-line, multi-coin secondary bonus” video slot machine which was the first casino slot game, was introduced as opening a new era for WMS in 1996. By 2001, the successful Monopoly – series of “participation” slots, which licenses have been obtained, was introduced. It gained significant revenue and profit. After that, the following series game such as: Aftershock Frenzy, Amazon Queen, Shoji, Great Zeus,… was introduced, contributing to the name of WMS. 

According to the statistics, the WMS obtain 70% of the profit from the United States’s customers, while the audiences in the United Kingdom, Australia, India, China, Mexico, Spain,etc. account for 30% of the profit. This is the reason why the WMS has the International representative offices located in many places around the world and the headquarters are located in the United State. 

WMS has become a powerful company in producing software and slot machine. Furthermore, WMS is famous in always having creative ways to decided payouts, has designed a lot of quality equipment of games. 

WMS’S gaming Products And Technology

It can be noticed that the slots products developed by WMS will have an important role to change the gambling trend in this industry. The company relied on surveys of to create the modern machines,the LCD screen that incorporates vivid colorful images and sound systems to bring the best experience to the players. The WMS’s video game players are mostly young players who want to discover their limit and life experiences than the traditional players – women who are over 50 years old. 

The WMS manufactured the G+ that included a series of slots, mechanical reels, poker games, video slots as well as the Community Gaming network of interconnected slots. The Williams Interactive applied options to allow players over the age of 18 to play online casino in the UK in 2010. After one year, WMS expanded its market and continued to provide online game applications for players aged 18 in the US. In 2012, the game was known as “Lucky Cruise” which was the slot games having the cruise ships theme on Facebook was created by the combination of WMS and Large Animal Games.

How to play the Lucky Cruise? The way to play Lucky Cruise is the same with slot machine but contains a “light strategy component”. Players are placed in charge of ensuring a cruise ship gets to its destination on time. The players have to collect “lucky charm” instead of money. They can invite and request their Facebook friends’ help. In 2012, the William Interactive faced a decrease in proceeds from the online casino industry. Therefore, WMS tried to surmount this difficult period by introducing new creating mobile games and focusing on enhancing the online casino market.

All products were developed by WMS using its technology. There were three main technologies including Transmissive Reel, Operating platforms and Cabinets. The Transmissive Reel- the first technology which was applied in Reel’em In. It used the vivid animation that was shown over and around the mechanical reels and it was based on the CPU-NXT2 operating platforms. Meanwhile, Operating platforms was introduced the CPU-NXT3 which was the latest technology for participation game and new cabinets. The Bluebird 2 gaming cabinet which was one of the best designations was launched by Cabinets technology. Its configuration included a bose speaker, an illuminated printer and a bill acceptor, a dual 22-inch widescreen and high-quality displays.  

For many years, Williams Interactive is now one of the leading producers of slots in the slot machine market. Moreover, the company has developed game mobile and online casino in order to the players can experience WMS’s services easier.