What Is the ‘Rake’ In Gambling? How Does Rake Affect Poker Players?

Rake is probably one of the biggest concerns for professional poker punters. So what is Rake? How does Rake affect the profit of poker and why are people so interested in it? In this post, we will inform you all about Rake that supports you while you play land-based or online poker.

What is Rake?

What Is Rake?

As you probably know, in poker, you don’t play with the dealer. Instead of that, you will play against other players in the poker table. The role of the casinos is to stand in the middle as a venue for the game. Therefore, where does the income of casinos come from? That is Rake.

Rake is the organizational fee that the casino collect from poker players. In cash casino, it is a percentage of the pot. For example, in a win of $100, the casino will collect $3 and the winner of the game will receive $97.

Each poker table will have its own Rake calculation mechanism in which most often earn from 3 to 5% of Rake. The Rake is specified by a ceiling. In the poker tournament, Rake is taken from the entrance fee. For example, in Tournament of $11, the dealer will collect $1 and the remaining $10 is in the prize fund.

How Does Rake Affect The Losers?

How does Rake affect the losers?

The person who cares about Rake most is the winner because if you lose, how much Rake the casino or how much the winner gets, it doesn’t make sense to you. You still lose that much money.

However, if you are a winning player, Rake is very important. And if you’re breaking even, it’s even more important. It’s because when you don’t lose on the poker table, every Rake you pay is the amount you should have won. Thus, whether the lower the Rake or the higher the Rake, the more beneficial it will be.

Rake must exist because without it, the casino would not have made any money and we would not have found any other alternatives. The more you play, the bigger the Rake impacts on your result.

Although you see a player who earns a profit of $200 with a betting amount of $1 or $2, they can only earn an average profit of $15 per hour. If he plays in multiple tables at the same time, that winning rate is even lower for each table (but the total per hour will be greater). If that person wins $15 for an hour but he pays a Rake of $4 per hour, that’s a huge cut on their profits.

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How Does The Change Of Rake Affect?

Rake’s change is very similar to a business that has high revenue but a small profit margin such as a grocery store. An increase in the price of a supplier or a tax increase seems small, but it may likely turn this business into an unprofitable one.

The same goes for poker, especially for serious grinder those who also make profits but not big from this game. Increasing Rake (or cutting down on benefits for loyal players like Rakeback) can turn them into unprofitable players. There are plenty of technically break-even players, but if it weren’t for the Rake, they should be making a good profit from playing poker.


This post informs you more about Rake in poker. We hope that after reading this article, you can understand it. Joining in a poker table, get more fun, and earn more profits right at our online casino right now.

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