Wealth Inn Slot – How to play Wealth Inn Slot Game ?

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After a few years of operation, King855 achieved a certain position in the hearts of players and became increasingly active. The betting space is expanding with new games.

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Wealth Inn is a slot game genre, high winning with lots of luck. So Wealth Inn has become one of the reward games with a large number of players. But not every player who participates can break the jar and win the prize easily. Therefore, to understand how to play the best way, get the most rewards, please refer to the information and rules of the game in the following article.

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What is Wealth Inn Slot Game?

The Wealth Inn slot game is filled with gold coins and rare gems. It could be said that the ‘Royal Inn’ was filled with treasures for travelers to come and explore. Besides, there is also the god of fortune who always appears to congratulate each player when he hits the bonus symbol. 

Wealth Inn brings a lot of luck and fortune to players. So it has become one of the “hot” online entertainment slots on the market today. At the same time, this is also the game that is chosen by the majority of players at online bookies. But for new players, when you want to understand this game better, check out the information overview below: 

  • Developer: Habanero Systems
  • RTP: 96.640%
  • Category: Classic Slots
  • Number of reels (Reels): 3
  • Paylines: 8
  • Bet range: 0.01-20 coins
  • Max Payout: 1504x
  • Autoplay: Have

Game Reviews

  • Advantages
  • Eye-catching genius theme
  • High probability of winning
  • Suitable for people who like traditional slot games
  • Has auto play mode
  • Wide variety of paying Wild symbols
  • Defect
  • The number of payment lines is limited
  • No free spins

Design and color

In terms of design, there is a harmonious combination of tradition and modernity. The interface is beautiful, friendly, the layout is neat, reasonable, easy to see, not distracting. Easy to understand Vietnamese language, clear information. Images are meticulously designed, detailed, with impressive sharpness, bringing 2D space.

In terms of colors, taking red and yellow as the main colors for the Wealth Inn interface, this color element has made an impression on players at first sight. 


About the sound of the ultimate god of wealth game with many different sound layers, suitable for each stage of the game. Specifically:

  • Initially, the background music of the game is gentle and deep, suitable for all types of players. To help players get the most relaxing moments.
  • Inserted with it is the sound of the spins, which adds to the appeal of the game.
  • In particular, there are particularly catchy and attractive music pieces accompanied by speeches from the god of fortune that bring victory signs to players.
  • In addition, the accompanying motion effects are extremely simple without being fussy.

Special features

In addition to bringing vivid sound, sharp images, and harmonious colors. The Wealth Inn game also has many other special features such as:

  • Bring a lot of luck, many chances of exploding high winning jars.
  • Reward is extremely prestigious, the rewards operations take place quickly and with high security.
  • The game system is smooth, limited and rarely encounters network lag.
  • In addition, the game god of fortune has many programs, promotional gifts, and attractive rewards for players.

Rules of the game

The Wealth Inn game also has the same rules and gameplay as other types of slot games. But it also has some different things in the rules of rewards. These are the rules of the Wealth Inn slot game:

  • Play fixed 8 lines for 8 coins.
  • Payout from Left to Right.
  • Winning on each line is multiplied by the number of coins bet on each line.
  • The highest win in each line will be rewarded.
  • Money winnings on all lines will be accumulated and paid out.

Symbols and paylines

When playing the game, there will be symbols and payment lines to receive rewards when exploding the win jar. When players understand all these things, the process of playing the game will become easier.

Note: payout is only calculated from left to right.

High value winning symbols

  • Wild symbol: the god of luck, has the effect of replacing all other symbols to create a winning reward for the player.
  • Other bonus symbols: peaches, hazelnuts and gold bars with coin value of 58 – 28 – 18 respectively (when 3 symbols of the same type appear on 1 line).

Low value winning symbols

Includes yellow, red, and green gems according to the respective values of 8 – 5 – 3.

Payment line

The Wealth Inn slot game has all 8 paylines. The limited number of lines will limit a player’s winnings. However, the reward when the jar explodes (jackpot) is quite high.


The Wealth Inn explosion slot game at King855 is one of the extremely attractive exploding games with a large player rate that you should not ignore. Therefore, if you want to really feel relaxed, as well as want to try your luck. What are you waiting for, join at King855 to experience the game! Wish you luck and achieve many things as expected!

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