Types of Sic Bo Every New Beginners Need To Know

Besides the need-to-know rules, we offer some knowledge about helpful types of betting in Sic Bo that every newcomers can not skip. Learn how to apply all these kinds of betting is also the best tips bringing you the victory . Let’s visit our Page Bet88sg.com for further more information about Sic Bo and other interesting games updated daily .

Types of Sic Bo

TOP 10 Variations Every New Players Need To Know

The Different Bets In Sic Bo

In Sic Bo game , these 7 types of bet available are must-learn things you need to master in order to use it flexibly :

Dice Face (one dice face) : This bet allow players to place their bet on one of the faces appearing on the dice. If the chosen number comes up, the bettor will get the victory along with the equivalent of his bet. If the chosen number  come up on two dice, the bettor will win double of his wager. Similarly, if this number shows up on three dice, he will win with triple his bet . The house edge of this type is about 8%.

Two Faces (two dice faces): This bet comes from a specific sum of two numbers. If the bettor make their wager whose the numbers are 1 and 6 and they appear , if they do, the house will repay at 5: 1. The house’s advantage for this bet is 17% or more.

Totals : The bettor can make the wager on the total number of the three dice. A number between 4 and 17 will be selected by the bettor. Up to the selected number , this combination can be changed , as the result , the odds may vary follow as the number.


Small or Big: According to this bet, the player will predict the areas that the sum of the three dice will fall into . Example:

· A ‘small’  bet wins if the sum of the point  is from 4 to 10.

· A ‘big’  bet wins if the sum of the three dice is from  11 to 17.

Players also should not skip the compulsory rules for this type betting which states that the house will get victory  if a triple appears . Despite of this , the odds of victory are the most relevant with this kind of wager, because the bookie has an edge of 3%.

Triple: Hence, you make your wager that after the appearance of the dice face for the specific chosen number before. If this happens you will get a big victory (150:1), however,  the odds can not be truly in your advantage with this type: only 215:1, which is in favor of the casino for 30%.

Any Triple : It is a simple type bet . Make your wager on any triple you receive . The repay is at 24:1 for this wager, in this case , the odds is at 35:1, which gains the advantage of 30% in favor of  the house.

Any pair : Placing your bet on any 2-combination shown up will bring you 8:1. This bet stays to be the worst wager which bring the casino an advantage of 33%.

About The Payouts In Sic Bo Game You Need to Understand

Every payout in Sic Bo are relied on the house operators in most of casino and will be announced on the table.  The payout are also up to the kind of wager which you are joining in at the time.

Sic Bo Betting Options

Sic Bo Betting Options

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