Types Betting of Dragon Tiger

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Dragon Tiger is a game that may have some strange uncommon characteristic to most gamblers who get used to with other games . It’s one of the simplest in the list of casino games that has no rules or strategies to follow and explore .The result will be made by only one decision which affects to directly whether you lose or win. And this decision is primarily based on luc. Therefore , its attraction may be not enough to the Western fans when Dragon Tiger is not supported a lot  in most of Western Casinos .

However, it is a different situation if players are from Asian gamblers, Dragon Tiger is the unique expression of the belief which is considered as the ‘External Locus of Control’ . In other saying, believing in fate or luck or fortune and  destiny , gamblers tend to rely all their wagers on the universe which they believe to help them make the correct bet.

Deep down inside , the dealer picks up two cards – one will be for the Dragon, one for the card representing Tiger. These both symbols plays an iconic cultural role in Asian philosophy . According to the literature theory , the Dragon and Tiger are icons of the strong basic major forces of the universe :  Yin and Yang . Everyone has a tend to have actions and thoughts follow one of these characteristics.

There are some differences between the Asian gamblers and Western gamblers. Asian gamblers do not truly think about earning a rich living quick by betting in most of casinos. Instead, the main reason makes their interested in the games is considering these activities as a means to check if they are in good luck. In their mind, luck deserves to be respected a moral expression. If fortune is coming for you, you are thankful to be blessed.

Having some common things in horoscope viewpoint , a sequence of Dragon Tiger will predict the circumstances of the tide (on in other fields of business, love, life ) is blessing you or no.

How To Make Your Bets

After making a bet on both the Dragon or the Tiger, the bettors spend time on the dealer to give the cards out on the table and of course all the cards are face-up. The highest point of card will get the victory, however ,  it contains important rules to mind. First of all , every aces stays low. As the result, the sequence of cards goes from low to high: Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K. Besides , no matter how or which the bettors make their wagers on the Dragon or the Tiger,  in case all of their spots get the same values such as 9 verses 9. So the outcome is a draw, and the bookie will be in favor of taking a half of each bet. If not , the higher card will be the winner and the lower card owner will be better next time .

The bookie will not have any advantages if there is not anything from the draw . In total, we have 86,320 possible results for each bet on Dragon or Tiger. Among them there are also 6,448 outcomes for a draw , which brings the casino an advantage on the bet reaching the odds of 3.73%. The odd , by the way ,  is quite bigger than Casino War and as well as baccarat.

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About The Tie Bet Dragon Tiger

Gamblers  could be able to make their wagers on a draw, which stands in any outcome of 6,448 result among possible 86,320 choices . The principle return of a draw is 8 :1, which brings the bookie a very beneficial 32.77% of edge. In case you have tried Casino War, you will understand why the draw wager pays with the edge of  10 :1. Assume that a casino edge has about half at 17.83% In the realistic casino, an online web-based version may return up to 11 : 1 and keep the odd of edge at 10.36%.

About Big And Small Bet Dragon Tiger

Gamblers  can place their bets on either a primary spot of Dragon or Tiger and choose which one will be Big (over seven) or Small (under seven). This bet owns six cards which are considered as Big (8, 9, 10, J, Q, K) and six cards as Small (which are Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). The bet will get the victory unless it is not among the correct numbers, Big or Small. The bet  also fails if the final outcome is a 7. The bookie reaches a 7.69% edge for this bet.

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About The Suit Bet Dragon Tiger

Gamblers also place their bets on choosing the suit will be tie . The bet will return at the odd 3:1 for the right suit and fails in case the suit which is chosen  is absent from the chosen bet (Dragon or Tiger). Reminder : the casino is in favor of its odd by receiving the bet till the appearance of 7.

The Dragon and Tiger wagers will get the victory if the selected bet receive  the higher points. Draws will lose a half. The following table will show the edge 3.73% from the bookie .

Dragon and Tiger

Types Betting of Dragon Tiger



Tie House Edge


About the Suited Tie

The Suited Tie wager relies on the result  if the Dragon and Tiger choices are the same in their rank and suit. Then the victory will pay 50 :1. There is a following table showing how a house edge is at 13.98%.

Suited Tie


About The Big/Small

The gambler will make his wager  on a primary card whose points are  over or under 7. If the selected choice stays at  exactly seven, and the bet will not receive anything. The victory will pay on  even money. There is a following table showing how a house edge is at 7.69%.



About Odd/Even

These two of wagers are based on the mathematical theory and the same as the Big and Small types which i mentioned above . I assume that all aces bring nothing to these wagers  . As a result , the ranks are separated into and provides six evens and six odds.

About Suit

The gambler will make their wagers  for the suit combining a primary card. The victory will pay 3:1. But in case  the selected card stays at exactly seven, so now the bet will be failed . There is a following table showing  a house edge of 7.69%.




There is an advice for whom –  the non-counter that have to join, please stick to the Dragon and Tiger wager because these wagers  will give you the lowest house advantage . Take a notice about the odds because they are much better if it is compared with the baccarat. The counter will not struggle with any problem showing that the big, small, and suit wagers will become better trustworthy .This game is the easiest choice to play. However , the basic thing to know relates to the neglect to  the progress in making the wagers in Dragon Tiger. All these two card, by the way , Dragon or Tiger are placed and will pay the highest points for the card. Remember that every Aces stays very low . The house edge will always stay a half of the bet amount and there is no matter if the wager is in a draw.

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