Top 5 Smallest Casinos In The World

In the age of technology and Internet, gambling has also gradually become one of the most exciting entertainment, attracting thousands of players around the world through online casinos and land-based casinos. Besides the luxurious and largest casinos in the world such as: WinStar World Casino or Venetian Macau, there are quite a number of smaller casinos, but the experience is not inferior.

Sometimes, the magnificent lights in Las Vegas or Macau no longer attract players with small casinos that seem mysterious and peaceful. Join us to discover the hidden beauty behind the world’s smallest casinos!

Top 5 Smallest Casinos In The World

1. North Cadbury Court, Somerset, England

2. Deltin Royale, RND Jetty, Panjim, India

3. Casino Palms, La Calypso, Calangute, Goa

4. Santa Ysabel, San Diego, US

5. Grosvenor London Taxi Cab

North Cadbury Court, Somerset, England

North Cadbury Court in Somerset, England is definitely an indispensable name in the ranking of the smallest casinos in the world. The most special thing to mention here is that this casino is located underground.

Of course, playing underground casino games is a limit for many players, unless you have a lot of experience playing in other underground casinos like Lola’s Underground Casino at the Hippodrome Casino in London. The restriction we mention here is that the casino acts illegal. This is not necessarily certain because there have been no official announcements about this casino’s illegality. If so, we hope you will be able to have enough experience to realize this.

This casino is a variation of a basement of the home of owner North Cadbury Court. With a capacity of 30 table games also with popular casino games such as Poker, Blackjack and Roulette, participating in this casino is quite limited. Because building and converting the basement into a home casino is a pretty risky decision. At this casino, you do not have many options like other land based casinos, almost you can only choose for themselves table games because the ceiling distance is quite low.

This is a casino that brings a quite interesting experience, suitable for players who want to have new experiences. because there are almost no casinos like it in the world. However, we do hope that North Cadbury Court can give players peace of mind with a license to operate their casino.

Deltin Royale, RND Jetty, Panjim, India

Deltin Royale is considered one of the smallest and most unique casinos in the world. When mentioning yacht integrated casinos, people not only think of Venetian Macao but Deltin Royale is also a name that is mentioned a lot.

While the casino’s space is small and limited, Deltin Royale offers a wide range of casino games available at all other popular casinos. Including: 3-Card Draw Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, Indian Flush (Teen Patti), Slot Machines, 5-Card Poker, Mini-Flush, American Roulette, Casino War, Baccarat, Money Wheel and Blackjack. These beautiful casino managers are always striving to bring players great experiences like the luxurious casinos on land.

The special feature of this casino is that it can allow players from other countries or take visitors into international waters. By the way, Deltin Royale is completely legal with all gambling rules that India makes.

Although Deltin Royale is considered one of the smallest casinos in the world, it is undeniable the sophistication and elegance that this yacht casino brings. In addition to the exciting games provided, you will also be able to be served by other attractive services such as food, entertainment, spas, etc. This is a plus point that makes small Indian casinos highly appreciated around the world. The development and legal operation of this casino bring a lot of profits to the people as well as become an opportunity to develop tourism for this country.

Casino Palms, La Calypso, Calangute, Goa

Located in a luxurious resort chain and attracting many tourists La Calypso is located in the north of Goa, Casino Palms is one of the famous casino chains in India. This casino is considered to be the most worth-visited casino of the same brand casino chain such as Casino Pearl, Casino Pride and Casino Paradise. This casino is said to be the reason that attracts players to this resort.

However, the tourists who came to this flashy hotel commented that the casino was quite disappointing to them. Some argue that the way customers serve, the games offered or the size or management are hindering the development of this casino. Many people think that Casino Palms is small, but it accepts a large number of visitors, thus making the quality of the game decrease as well as making it difficult for players to win big.

On the other hand, a number of objective and positive reviews that Casino Palms is one of the places worth visiting. And it will be able to become a favorite casino for players who love snug casinos.

Santa Ysabel, San Diego, US

Santa Ysabel located in San Diego, US was established on 11/4/2007 owned by India. Nowaday, this casino has owned the title of the smallest casino in the United States.

Right from the start of the construction, the casino is part of a plan to build a large-scale resort. However, the plan to build this resort has failed because it could not find investors to support the financial resources. Despite the failure to build a large casino, casino operators still seek to run the casino business and build Santa Ysabel as an interesting destination for those who want to experience a new feel.

This small casino only contains 6 table games with games like live poker and live blackjack. Once again, this casino faced financial problems and it was forced to officially close on February 3, 2014.

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Grosvenor London Taxi Cab

First in this ranking is Grosvenor London Taxi Cab. This type of casino is quite new in the world casino industry and it is actually the smallest casino in the world. Of course, this is not a fixed casino but a traveling casino.

This bold idea of ​​building a mobile casino system was developed by executives in London to promote the “playyourway” campaign. The idea is to build a casino in a taxi, where players can take a taxi to watch the scenery in London while playing attractive games like other casinos.

The advertising representative for this service is former British cricketer player Phil Tufnell, who brought a strong wave and brought the existence of this casino to players, especially online players.

You will not be able to imagine that there are all the services that every casino on land has, such as a bar, online casino, croupier and a table. In addition, designers can arrange an entire betting room to set up a live sports display. That’s incredible!

With just a taxi, you can enjoy all the casino experiences in London. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to make a short trip around the capital of the United Kingdom. In the future, Grosvenor London Taxi Cab is likely to become a new generation mobile casino!


The above is a list of the top 5 smallest casinos in the world. These casinos will probably bring you new experiences than other traditional casinos. In addition, if you want to try online casino games without having to spend time searching for land based casinos, visit Bet88sg to have the best experience!

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