Top 3 Strategies Dragon Tiger For The New Beginners

Having no ideas about the strategies to win the Dragon and Tiger  ? Do not worry . Here are some strategies to increase your luck . Better chance will come if you follow our post today .  Visit our Page for further more information about Dragon and Tiger  and other interesting games updated daily.  

An Overview Of The Dragon and Tiger Game

Top 3 Strategies Dragon Tiger For The New Beginners

Dragon Tiger game is an outstanding Asian game which has the base on the control external position and takes advantage of the difficulties to catch up with for Western players contains a higher advantage for the house edge looking for the better benefits.

The game is considered to be a battle which is an icon for the fight  between the 2 elements of Yin and Yang . For further information , Yin is known as the Tiger while Yang represents for the Dragon . However , the game is truly based on deciding the winner whose the higher cards per 2 drawn cards in total .  

As we all know, Dragon Tiger is now only available in most Asian casinos . To be honest , this Asian game’s main point is that it can attract the amount of money which accepted to pay for this simple game as much as possible with no high limits and  is spent by gamblers with an unbelievable £10,000 at which provides numerous interesting games supported 3d, 2d, Multi Player .

Being outstanding from the other games in our online casino games blogs which are updated daily , there are no complicated aspects or rules to study more about the knowledge. Therefore , there is not true strategy to follow. Joining in a Dragon Tiger means betting on the decisions of fate and waiting if luck is coming for you – or not!

There are a few strategies on Dragon Tiger,however, players have trend to bet on the same wager of the last winner in order to catch up with the hope of being lucky on the last bet of both  Dragon or Tiger places Besides , in case the number of decks is based on how much is available from the online casino .

A gamer may keep up with one of them or even both suits or big and small cards to increase an advantage. Follow the progress of the suits which was on is the easiest tip to do. Due to four possibilities, if there is any appearances of three of  four suits more than single ones . That means you should bet for an improvement of the wager to rely on that suit .

Tak an example , if the dealer use only a single deck and 10 cards were in need . Besides , all cards were hearts, spades, and diamonds, place your bet on the suit of clubs . It would be a nice idea ! The reason is that there are 13 winning cards and only 29 losers appear. In case you have to be dealt all the cards left, losing 29 bets can not be prevented .  Mention about 13 wins , they will be paid 3 to 1 for each (in 39 bets), and your total win would reach to 10 units. Players can use their index and record the rate in their own charts to look for the higher winning parameters counted for other used decks . The dealer seems to have an eight deck shoe encountered more often and shuffled after using all four decks .

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How To Make Some Moves

Every gamer has two different moves during the Dragon Tiger game. A bettor can either make the wager on both the Dragon or the Tiger. The highest card for 2 bets will get the payouts. The Dragon Tiger also has the tie wager which asks the player to pay for any situation when the 2 cards have the same value .

Tie bets offer a payout at 8:1. However, it brings to the house the edge of 32.7% . Therefore, players should avoid the tie bet due to the high edge for the bookie. About the Small and big bets, they require players to pay even when   the Dragon or the Tiger exceeds 7 in the big wager or lower than 7 in a small bet. If the outcome is equal 7, a chooser will lose the wager .

Strategies and information of suitbet of Dragon Tiger  

Suit bets often offer the players with the 3:1 payout in case the suit is correct . A gamer will look for a Dragon or a Tiger which matches  the specification of the outcoming cards next . However, everything will lose if the result 7 is out

Although the game depends on fortune primarily , the players can apply some easy strategies in Dragon Tiger. First of all , gamers can know how many the dealt cards and the remaining cards of the deck are . Another major benefit which allows player to play within 6 deck shoe is that few cards are required for the game . That really makes sense when it feels easier for the cards to be counted. Remember to watch out the drawn suits during each play .  The opportunities of victory are gone up follow the three per four suits which came in one suit.

About the Side bets

Here one thing to keep in mind  that the element truly attracting a gambling fan to come into the Live Dragon Tiger is the hot of the side bets. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy bigger wins.

About the Tie Bet

If your cards have the same values in the ranks, then you are able to afford an 11:1 tie bet of payout. Whether which suit comes out , this payout is delicious .

About the Suited Tie Bet

If you draw cards which have the same rank as the suit , then the advantage is in favor of you.

We’ll assume that the dragon and the tiger card reaching to have 5 of diamonds will be sure to make suited tie wager happen .  The payout for this type is at 50:1 . That means you will part with 50 percentage of the first bet . As a result , everything you need to do is wait for the betting advantage when the game runs by applying only a shoe whose outcome are 8 card decks.

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