Sic Bo (骰寶) – TOP 12 Tips To Win Sic Bo For Beginners

Even if we all know that Sic Bo is the game based on luck , there are some tips we have some experience about by our experts. We hope these tips will be useful and help you gain your entertainment and even your money during the game . Let’s visit our Page for further more information about Sic Bo and other interesting games updated daily .

Strategies To Win Sic Bo

TOP 12 Tips To Win Sic Bo

Sic bo (骰寶)Tip #1 : Shop Around

Not being different from many gambling games , not every casino are equal about the payout. If you want to join in Sic Bo , have a look too check on some websites which are in our recommendations to make sure that you will have the highest payout for the specific bet you want to make .  Let’s visit our to find more about the information

Sic bo (骰寶)Tip #2 Learn To Understand The Game

Even though Sic Bo is not difficult to get to know but it takes time to master due to the various kinds of betting for you . You can carry out different bets for each time of betting . Therefore , it is compulsory to know more about the types of bets. And guess what is the most important , the advantage of the bookie – the amount of money they desire for each of bet .

In Sic Bo , this rate changes up to every bet , in range of 2.78% for the Small and Big bets which are up to 16% for others. The smaller edge the house owns , the better opportunity for the bettors.

Sic bo (骰寶) Tip #3 : Make Sure To Vary Your Bets

Even though the small and big bet can bring the best rate of betting for the player but maybe it could be too monotonous to play in the same wager on each roll of the dice. A nice choice to get the game attractive is knowing how to combine your bets . There are so many types of betting so you can apply some in Sic Bo with different offer an offs and payouts. This thing will make your experience more enjoyable and become the unreplaceable role in most of casinos.

Sic bo (骰寶) Tip #4 : Come To Practice For Free Till  You Know how to Master Sic Bo

There are many recommendations from most of casino that you are able to play Sic Bo for free before getting into Sic Bo with real money. This is a wonderful way to explore a new game , especially a gambling game which has a lot of different choices before investing real money for it .

Sic bo (骰寶) Tip #5 : Make A Bet On Small Or Big.

As we mentioned in the older posts , Small or Big is one of the best choice players can consider . In a different saying , you can make the wager that the sum of the rolled dice is from 4 to 10 and 11 to 17 . These bets return at 1:1 and it has the lowest house edge ( only 2.76%) .

Sic bo (骰寶) Tip #6: Learn To Use Combination Bets

In the nowadays modernized versions of Sic Bo , you can bet on any 2 specific numbers or place a combination bet . This bet also owns the low booki advantage at 2.77% and the betting rate for winning is at 6:1 . In another way , you can hope for winning once per 7 bets .

Sic bo (骰寶) Tip #7 How To Know The Odds On Different Specified Totals

Take a look closer to the payout of Sic Bo , you will soon realise that the rate of betting on the determined monet will be different for the house advantage . Take an example , the bet on the sum of the number which is from 7 to 14 will supply the rate at 12:1 and have the quite low edge with 9.7% .

Sic bo (骰寶) Tip #8 Try To Avoid Triple Betting .

It is rare to win if you make a wager on the triple. This means youo have to predict exactly the only number appearing on three dice. the triple bet values 180:1 , however , this is the most dangerous and riskiest way of betting they can carry out . As the result , Sic Bo players  who are expertise will avoid trying this way or using it in additional wager. You should never bet triple in the main wager due to the time-consuming .

Sic bo (骰寶) Tip #9 Remember Not To Place A Foolish Bet

You had better avoid placing the fool bet with the big house advantage . For instance: if you make a bet with the sum of numbers coming from 5 to 16 , the rate of winning is 6 per 216. As the standard payout , the bet is at 30:1, however , the rate of the house edge is pretty high at 13.9% . Some of bet has the higher house advantage and are rare to be placed. It is also money-consuming as well.

Sic bo (骰寶)Tip #10 : Do Not Trust In Betting Systems Completely

There is no guarantee to make sure that every betting system will be totally effective and decrease the house edge . For the long run , the house will win and no system could replace. The betting system in Sic Bo will not make sure the profit . Finally , the game which is based on luck will depend on your sense and choice

Sic bo (骰寶) Tip #11 Believe In Luck

Sic bo is based on the fortune and made from the Chinese gambling community . Due to the limits of language , there are some familiar ways to pronounce the words . As the result , some words are spoken as the lucky meanings , some are not. Take an example , the way to speak  number 9 sounds familiarly the word long-lasting. In contrast, the number 4 means death. Therefore do not get surprised yourself when you see Chinese gambler will never bet on number 4.

Sic bo (骰寶) Tip #12 Even – Money Bets – Long term but effective

The Sic Bo house edge changes from  2.78% to 30% and up to many types of betting . If your main task is go home with a considerable bankroll and some bucks before leaving the table,  continue betting the the easy even-money bets. The probability of victory is pretty high and reaches up to 50%(minus the house advantage ).

Sic bo (骰寶) Tip #13 Only Trust In Casino Table Having Best Sic-Bo odds

The different payouts are up to the live different dealers in live version. This is the reason why you should figure out the best payout before getting accessed to that casino.  It is a huge difference in betting and bring you more benefits . It does not mean that we will skip it. But it can save your money .

Learn How To Combine The Bets?

Even if the Sic Bo depends on luck primarily , the strategic bets  can gain you some chances to win. Big or Small bets or others which return 1 to 1 are one of the safe choices for you to avoid losing money on fool options. It may make players boring and go home with less money . Instead , you will be more sure to be in the safe zone. It is an effective way for people who do not want to take any risks during the game. If you are kind of person who desire to have more extra money , try  these suggestions : not only even-money bets but also spend more.

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