Top 10 Most Luxurious Casinos In The World

There are hundreds of large, beautiful and lavish casinos in the world.When it comes to lavishly famous casinos, most players will think of the world’s two largest casinos: Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore and SkyCasino Genting in Malaysia

However, most of the most beautiful and largest casinos are concentrated mainly in Hong Kong and the United States. These are extremely attractive destinations for the rich who can make millions in these casinos.

Each hotel room in this area costs up to $25,000/night despite the complexities of the players, these multi-billion dollar casinos still make a lot of money thanks to the thoughtful, varied and classy service. 

The following article will introduce 10 most luxurious casinos in the world.  

1. Venetian Macao – Macau, China

This is one of the most famous casinos in the world. Venetiaan Macao looks extremely impressive as well as having an extremely luxurious interior layout. Its image is like a picture, especially when night comes. The Venetian Macao is not only a casino but also a luxury hotel with luxurious rooms. Space for casino operations: 550,000 square foot (51,095 square meters). 

The Venetian Macao
Venetian Macao – Macau, China

2. Foxwoods Resort Casino – Connecticut, USA 

Foxwoods Resort Casino is not only bustling, it is also a stunningly beautiful casino with impressive design. Built at Mashantucket Pequot Reservation in Ledyard, Connecticut, Foxwoods owns 4.7 million square feet of gambling space.

This great casino has more than 380 tables with lots of games like blackjack, dice, roulette, poker and over 6,300 slot machines. There are also two levels of entertainment for children.

Foxwoods Resort Casino - Connecticut, USA
Foxwoods Resort Casino – Connecticut, USA 

3. MGM Grand Casino – Las Vegas

Located at the third largest hotel in the world, MGM Grand Casino owns one of the largest gambling spaces in Sin City with 171,500 square feet. This casino has 139 tables and 2,500 slot machines. The players can place a bet with diverse different stakes from 1 cent to $1.000. Some players may bet up to 500,000 USD. 

Sports betting takes place in the VIP area with 60 radios. Football, boxing, and martial arts are chosen by many participants. In addition, there are also high class areas where VIP guests are served food and drink thoughtfully.   

MGM Grand Casino - Las Vegas
MGM Grand Casino – Las Vegas

4. Bellagio, Las Vegas, USA

Bellagio is owned by MGM Resorts and is located right at the former location of Dunes Hotel & Casino. This casino has a splendid beauty with extremely impressive fountains. However, gamblers know about Bellagio with famous poker rooms (also known as “Offices”).

Professional players often come here because of the large playing limit. The stakes usually exceed 1 million USD.

Bellagio, Las Vegas, USA
Bellagio, Las Vegas, USA

5. Venetian Resort Hotel Casino – Las Vegas

This is a hotel and casino complex located at the Sands Hotel location, which was owned and directly operated by Las Vegas Sands Group. The headquarters of Las Vegas Sands is also located at this hotel.

The building makes a strong impression with the shape of a tower of St. Mark’s Campanile in Venice. With the Sands Expo Convention Center, the Palazzo Hotel & Casino Resort, the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino plays an important role in the part of the world’s largest super-luxury resort and hotel complex. Venetian owns a huge number of hotel rooms, more than 4,000. Gamblers can play at the 120,000-square-foot casino. As can be seen, this is one of the most luxurious casinos in the world.

Venetian Resort Hotel Casino - Las Vegas
Venetian Resort Hotel Casino – Las Vegas

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6. Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas

Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino is owned by Caesars Entertainment group and famous for its short name Rio. As the name implies, the entire 2,522 rooms here are luxurious standard rooms with an area ranging from 600 to 13,000 square feet. Rio also has villas for VIPs.

Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas
Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas

7. Wynn – Las Vegas

Wynn in Las Vegas is the largest property of Wynn Resorts. The entire resort is located on an area of 87 hectares. The building has 45 floors and 2,716 rooms with different sizes from the 59 square meter room to the 650 square meter wide villa. Wynn Las Vegas also has a retail space of over 7,000 meters and a convention center nearly 21,000 meters wide and includes the great casino. Wynn Casino is 10,311 meters wide with countless tables and slot machines.

Wynn - Las Vegas
Wynn – Las Vegas

8. Wynn – Macau, China

Wynn in Macau is the first resort complex in Asia to follow the model of Las Vegas. Wynn Macau owns a high-class hotel with restaurants, designer shops, spas and lakes. The hotel has 600 rooms. Casino space is 19,044 square meters. Those who want to try their luck can find one of 375 slot machines and 212 hands here.

Wynn - Macau, China
Wynn – Macau, China

9. Grand Lisboa – Macau, China

This 58-floors hotel is the tallest building in Macau. The owner of the hotel is Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau. The restaurant and Casino opened in 2007, while the hotel operations started one year later.

The casino has 800 tables and 1,000 slot machines. It is also very popular among poker players because it was the first casino in Macau to host the Texas Hold‘Em Ring game. In this city, the dice games first appeared at this casino and then spread to other casinos in the area.

Grand Lisboa - Macau, China
Grand Lisboa – Macau, China

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10. Casino de Monte Carlo – Monaco

As a casino for foreigners, this gambling center does not allow Monaco citizens to be present. The owner of this Casino is Societe des Bains de Mer de Monaco, a public company that is partly owned by the government and the royal family. And this is one of the main sources of income for Monaco.

Casino de Monte Carlo - Monaco
Casino de Monte Carlo – Monaco


Above is the top 10 most luxurious casinos in the world. Hopefully, this information will help you know about the most amazing casinos as well as its casino games. Join us to have other great information! 

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