Top 10 Horse Racing Athletes In The World

Top 10 Horse Racing Athletes In The World By Bet88SG

In the world there is a list of the best racing horses, besides there will also be a list of top riders of all time. The evaluation of how good a horse rider is based on many factors, both subjective and objective. And there are many different ways to prove who is the best horse rider in the world ever.

Viewers can look at the number of matches they participate in with the amount of money they earn in their horse racing career. Moreover, age is also a factor to consider. In the world, there will be successful jockeys coming from different ages and times, and even the style of riding is also an advantage to know what is a superior jockey. Here is a list of the successful and top jockeys in the world until now. The list is carefully researched, full of personal information of each person and achievements in the competition years.

1.Bill Shoemaker

Born: 08/10/1931

Died: 10/12/2003

Country: USA

Career Wins: 8,883

Earnings: $123,375,524 (jockey), $3,700,000+ (trainer)

Bill Shoemaker is considered to be the best horse rider ever. Although he hasn’t won all three awards in a single season, this is the character who has won up to 11 victories at the Triple Crown match in the United States.

In the list of all-time winners of American Flat jockeys, Bill Shoemaker ranked 3rd and at that time his career only lasted more than 21%.

Not stopping there, according to calculations show that, for every 5 horses he rides, 1 horse will win big. In the career of keeping a saddle, there have been 10 times he tops the income table. As a horse racing champion in 1950 in the United States, along with the massive income he earned, Bill Shoemaker held a worthy position in the National Museum of Racing and the Hall of Fame.

After that, he continued to make more money as a horse racing coach after 41 years of his career. Bill Shoemaker is a great name in the horse racing world until now and tomorrow.

2. Lester Piggott

Born: 11/05/1935

Country: UK

Career Wins: 4,493

British Classic Wins: 30

Earnings: N/A

Speaking of jockeys, readers cannot ignore the name Lester Piggott. 2nd in the list of famous horse riders of all time. He is a horse racing character not only successful in England and Ireland but also in the world.

Within four decades, Lester Piggott has partnered with the most thoroughbred horses in Europe, which is why he has won 30 classic achievements in the UK. These include the British crown, 2000 Guineas, Epsom Derby and St Leger and various awards, big and small.

He also has a horse racing award named after him – Lester Piggott. He is also a racer who won the championship up to 11 times. And the achievements mentioned above deserve to be considered the most successful racer in Epsom Derby history.

And there are many other records he holds such as Ascot Gold Cup (11), Coronation Cup (9) and many prizes in the first team race.

3. John R.Velazquez

Born: 11/24/1971

Country: Puerto Rico

Career Wins: 6,165

Breeders’ Cup Wins: 16

Earnings: $415,609,389

If Velazquez was a horse rider with a lot of money, no one else could stand first. According to calculations, throughout his career he has pocketed himself $ 415,609,389 with over 6000 victories in each big and small match.

Velazquez glory both major matches are Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. Right at the prize charts in the US, he ranked first to twice. Besides, he is also known for his great influence with Kitten’s Joy and Scat Daddy, who are famous in thoroughbred breeders.

4. Sir Gordon Richards

Born: 05/05/1904

Died: 11/10/1986

Country: UK

Career Wins: 4,870

British Classic Wins: 14

Every famous race horse that is on the list of nominees requires a champion to win 26 times in life. A name not to be missed is Gordon Richards, a man with a illustrious career on the saddle.

Although he is not famous at the British Classics, but he has set a new record that so far no horse racing athletes break. Richards is a great success in terms of career and life expectancy. After retiring, he became a coach.

During his career, there were many major partnerships, including Sun Chariot – one of the major winners at UK Fillies’ Triple Crown and Tudor Minstrel since 1940.

5. Mike E.Smith

Born: 08/10/1965

Country: USA

Career Wins: 5,559

Breeders’ Cup Wins: 26

Earnings: $328,329,509

Age numbers have never been a major barrier for Mike E. Smith in his own career. When he reached the age of 52, he still partnered with Justify and became the champion of Triple Crown in 2018.

In the top purebred race in the US, he won 26 victories and succeeded at Breeders’ Cup. In addition, he is partnered with Arrogate, one of the biggest winners of the richest races in the world, one of the senior riders.

It was he who also set the new record at the American Grade 1 race, surpassing Jerry Bailey at the end of 2019.

6. Frankie Dettori

Born: 12/15/1970

Country: Italy

Career Wins: 3,000+

Grade/Group 1 Wins: Over 250

Earnings: £155,000,000+

Frankie is well known for his career of more than 20 years of operation with the world’s strongest thoroughbred horse Godolphin. He is a treasure at Sheikh Mohammed.

He has won many of France’s most famous horse races, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. Besides, he also has many partnerships with Stradivarius, Enable, Golden Horn, Authorized, Shamardal, Singspiel. In addition, Frankie has won the championship three times in the UK in the Flat.

7. Laffit Pincay,Jr

Born: 12/29/1946

Country: Panama

Career Wins: 9,530

Breeders’ Cup Wins: 7

Earnings: $237,120,625

In the list of the top riders of all time in America, Laffit ranked second. He was a horse rider who won 7 times the prize money and dominated the sport in 1970.

In 1978, he won and won the glorious trophy creating Triple Crown USA. Before coming to this match, he used to ride a horse in his home town of Panama.

9 530 is the number of victories he won during horse racing. He later retired, and until now only Baze has surpassed him in this number.

8. Sir Tony McCoy

Born: 05/04/1975

Country: Republic of Ireland

Career Wins: 4,358

Grade/Group 1 Wins: 105

Earnings: £40,000,000+

In matches in England, Tony won the award 20 times and set a record in five consecutive years. Not only that, his victories also lie in the National Hunt – held only a single season in England in 2001-2002.

Over the course of his career, he was accompanied by coach Martin Pipe. Up to now, there has been no race in the UK for horse races more than this man. He also has horse riding partnerships with McCoy: Brave Inca, Binocular.

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9. Russell Baze

Born: 08/07/1958

Country: Canada

Career Wins: 12,842

Earnings: $199,334,219

Although compared to many of the riders mentioned above, Russell may not be the most highly rated rider but he is the professional horse racer who won many awards in the race.

The winning number is up to 13000 and his attack rate is 25%. Up to four Baze race horses competed with him for a long time and collaborated to win these victories.

The achievements he has achieved are really amazing and make many people admire. While there was no victory in Triple Crown or Breeders’Cup, he deserved to be on the list of great horse riders.

10. Ruby Walsh

Born: 05/14/1979

Country: Republic of Ireland

Career Wins: 2,770+

Grade/Group 1 Wins: 213

Earnings: €24,000,000+

Ruby retired in 2019 when he achieved the most victorious in the history of the festival of Cheltenham. In the event races in British Isles, he won 59 victories and was also one of the top riders at Festival 11.

Famous from racing tracks to coach associations in England and Ireland. He has many partnerships such as Champion Hurdle and Cheltenham Gold. Not only that, he collaborated with two Grand National winners in 2000.


The achievements of these famous horse riders are unknown. Apart from betting on which horse to win, there are still betting options to find out who is the best horse rider. As with other sports, betting information is made clear, specifically, about each person’s achievement, the number of victories and the amount of prize money that person brings, so whether it is a live betting Online, players joining Bet88sg do not need to be too worried, extremely safe and reliable.

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