The Top 3 Most Famous Casinos In Asia

Although not as a symbol as “gambling cathedral” Las Vegas in the United States, but in Asia there are many casinos that visitors are admired by the sumptuous and bustling of them.

The form of casino entertainment has been around for a long time and attracts players around the world for many reasons: high excitement, simple rules, the ability to receive great prizes. Therefore, casinos rapidly develop and even in some countries, territories, casino business is considered as an industry that has an important contribution to economic development.

Casinos are usually built in the areas of tourism development, luxury hotels and resorts, or near famous landmarks,etc. Target at the segment of normal customers, high-end customers and super-VIP customers who with a certain level of aesthetics and competence, most casinos focus on design, exuding elegance, luxury and modernity, meticulously detailed to every detail.

Casinos in Asia are also not out of this trend, along with the dazzling Asian culture that makes these casinos not only for entertainment purposes, but also become a destination. Interesting, unique for travelers.

Venetian Casino Resort (Macau) 

Macao deserves to be the top name in this ranking. In this modest territory, the casino blossomed and seemed to have become a prominent adjective, closely associated with Macau. It is also home to the world’s largest casino, the Venetian Macao, built on the Las Vegas casino prototype. The Venetian Macau complex is also the largest hotel structure in Asia.

The Venetian Casino has an area of ​​51,000m2, divided into four play areas: Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Phoenix including more than 3400 machines and 870 gambling tables – a “huge number” showing the size and scale of the world’s largest casino. Venetian Casino has a Paiza Club that specializes in high-end guests. The club has its own entrance to the main lobby and the lift system takes guests to the rooms.

The playing area is divided into small gambling rooms named after famous landmarks in Asia such as Yunnan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. There is also a private dining area available 24 hours a day for players.

The architecture of the Venetian Macao is also the pride of not only the casino but also the whole territory. Venetian walls and ceilings are decorated with Italian frescoes and replicas of the same size lifelike of a bridge in Venice to greet visitors.

Inside the resort and casino, there is also a canal that flows through rows of rooms with ceilings modeled as blue skies with very high levels of authenticity. To travel on these canals, visitors will use the Gondola boats which are a unique cultural feature in Venice or Chinese sampans. In addition to entertainment and business, this work also has a very high artistic value and received many compliments from prestigious travel magazines.

Marina Bay Sands Casino (Singapore) 

Lion Island is also famous for its casino business. Marina Bay Sands is the leading casino in terms of attraction in Singapore, with an area of 15,000m2 and super modern equipment system.

The most special feature of Marina Bay Sands is the location – the casino is located on top of three buildings and looks like a giant spaceship. This bold design is hailed as “changing the horizon” and has become one of the island’s most iconic, tourist attractions.

Marina Bay Sands is a casino that never sleeps – this casino is open 24 hours all day week. The number of devices here also makes players overwhelmed. With an area of 15,000 m2, this casino has about 2,500 automatic slot machines, 600 live gambling tables and 35 VI rooms, all designed entirely in European style.

In addition, the entrance fee at Marina Bay Sands is always one of the top questions for first-time visitors. According to statistics, from April 4, 2019, the entrance fee at Singapore’s largest casino has been revised. Daily fee for Singaporeans and foreign visitors increased from S$100 to S$150. The annual fee for all subjects is S$3000.

For Singapore citizens, players must present a citizen ID card and a guarantee of age over 21 while foreigners only need to present the passport and no need to pay in advance.

This casino is a favorite place for VIPs to visit the Marina Bay Sands resort complex, and of course has a luxurious architecture, golden sparkles, diverse satellite utilities with perfect quality. 

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Resorts World Casino Sentosa (Singapore) 

Continues to be a casino from Singapore present in this ranking. Located in the most luxurious resort and casino complex in Singapore with a total area of 49 hectares, Resorts World Casino Sentosa is one of the biggest casinos in Singapore and Asia.

In particular, it fully integrates world-class entertainment services such as Universal Studio, Marine Life Park and Resorts World Casino. This casino was opened on February 14, 2010 with over 1,000 slot tables and gambling tables.

This famous casino cooperates with many of the world famous game providers IGT. Players can participate in exciting games with the RFID system – radio frequency identification device or other modern games such as Star Wars, Alien vs Predator, Back to the Future and Indiana Jones.

Entrance fee of Resort World Casino Sentosa includes:

Daily fee is S$150 and annual fee is S$3000. All players including Singaporeans or foreigners must strictly abide by this fee. In addition, there are rules that players must strictly apply as Singaporeans must produce documents, identity cards and guarantee over 21 years old. For foreigners, players must provide complete information and relevant documents including: residence permit, passport, identity card, employment certificate or student certificate if it is a student – note, all photos must be accompanied. All revenues from Resorts World Casino are charitable and used for public purposes.


Above are the top 3 most famous and luxury casinos in Asia. If you are planning to travel or want to experience new emotions in luxury casinos, these are the interesting choices for you! 

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