The Longest Running Casino Game In The World

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Gambling has existed for a long time, compared to the old days, the gambling form of today is much different. Gambling can also be considered as an attractive civilization that attracts the interest of many people. In the past, when technology and the world had not yet developed, gambling existed in many different forms and not at all like today.

The oldest known casino in the world is the Venetian Ridotto, founded in 1683. A few casino gambling games from that era still exist and appear today. Over time, more or less there has been a change in form and quality, but the games mentioned below still remain true to the classic and are growing, with more participants betting. again.


As many players know Roulette is a game of French origin in the 18th century and was originally invented from the spin by a physicist Blaise Pascal. He tried to create a machine in perpetual motion. However, unfortunately it does not work as expected, but it is the foundation of today’s Roulette – Roulette wheel.

Roulette in 1970 entered the gambling world as “Roly Poly” and was banned in England in 1739. It was not until the 18th century that the game was legally announced and known by many casinos. Also the numbers on the wheel spins are inspired by French Bribi, a form of low-stakes lottery.


This game was found in a Spanish book Miguel de Cervantes. This game was mentioned in the book in the 1600s meaning it was conceived and loved by the Spaniards long ago.

When Blackjack arrived in the US, the casinos there made a little change to make the game more interesting. Bonuses are a wonderful and indispensable part of the betting process. One of the most common ways to play bonuses is a combination of black and trump. In fact, in the period before the betting bonus of Blackjack is not too large, but the name of the game is the attraction of players to participate. The more players participate in betting, the more players realize interesting things from this game.


Keno is a famous and well-known betting game today, but few people know that this game has quite interesting origins. The first version of Keno is nothing like the present, it has been changed over time to suit the player. However, the basics still have to be kept.

This game was born at the same time as the Great Wall of China. This is a way for the country to mobilize enough money to build its first wall. Although this is a legendary story, it is undeniable that this game when it was introduced to the West in the 19th century was by Chinese immigrants.


This game has a bit of dice stuff, especially Craps. A casino game is formulated not only referring to the major games, but ignoring small blocks. Craps are those little blocks. Dice are invented in Greece, and earlier variations of dice can be traced back to 400 BC.

There are still some degrees saying Craps dates back around 6000 BC. Moreover, in Egypt it is also found from 2000 BC. Craps is very popular right now and is popular among gamers today. After arriving in new lands such as London, New Orleans, Craps have grown over time.


Although it is difficult to confirm when a particular form of gambling originated, let alone which game is the oldest. Bet88sg is sure to players that Roulette is the oldest and most popular casino game available today. Players really regret entering a casino without enjoying or experiencing 3 games of Roulette, Blackjack, Craps is really a big mistake for the gambler. Over all these years, development and changes, the thrill of playing betting still attracts players constantly.

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