The Appearance Rate Of Banker And Player Bet In Baccarat

The Appearance Rate Of Banker And Player Bet In Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular games at online casino. One of the most interesting features of this game is that the house edge acts as the dealer only and the player is free to decide which betting types they want to bet on. Therefore, many card players confident that they are participating in a game of chance. However, if it’s just luck, why are most dealers luckier than players? In this article, let’s find out more about it.

Banker And Player Appearance Rate

First, we will consider the appearance rate of the betting types in Baccarat including Banker, Player, and Tie. In some casinos, there will be other betting types on the table. However, we will not consider them.


#1. A Tie Bet

Because the tie bet has an extremely low probability, emphasizing that it is extremely low. Therefore, some books about playing Baccarat even recommend that players should not choose this door. Therefore, in this post, we will not mention the Tie bet.

#2. Banker and Player

Thus, after eliminating the tie bet, we only have 2 doors left – Banker and Player. According to a statistic made in 2001 in Russia, a supercomputer performed 1 billion baccarat games simulated by mathematicians at Leptontoi Technology School. The appearance probability of Player, Banker, and Tie is 45%, 55%, and 12% respectively. It means that the Tie bet has a low appearing rate of only 12%, so we will not risk placing bets on the Tie bet. About two remaining bet – Banker and Player, the Banker rate is slightly higher than that of Player a little bit about 10%.


Even though it is a game of chance, there are extremely scientific and logical calculations hidden in this game. That is also the reason why most Baccarat Online players relying on luck only, the percentage of losing is very high.

Should Do We Place Bets On Player Or Banker?

Should Do We Place Bets On Player Or Banker

In the end, this is also an issue that any player is concerned about. After the analyzes above, which one should we place, Banker or Player?

You can refer to some ways below when playing this game to place bets.

#1. Do Not Place Bets On The Tie Bet

As mentioned above, the appearing rate of the Tie bet is extremely low. It means that the winning chance of players is also low respectively. Therefore, you should consider carefully before choosing to place the Tie bet. Of course, if you still want to try your luck, you also can place this bet.

#2. Priority For Banker Bet

Like the rate analyzed above, you see that the Banker bet always has a slightly higher percentage of appearances than the Player bet. Sometimes you will fall into a situation of confusion between these two bets, the advice that we want to give you is to always consider choosing the Banker bet.

#3. Only Bet When You Are Confident

A common mistake made by most Baccarat players and also those playing this game for a long time is that they are not calm enough and they are often impatient.

An experienced Baccarat player will remain calm, confident, and decisive. These players do not make continuous bets, instead of that, they look at the results history and wait for their opportunity. This is what makes the difference between new and old players.

Although you don’t know for sure the result, keep you a slow habit. You can start by learning how to observe and make a bet only when you feel confident.


They are the shares compiled from many players through the development history of Baccarat. To be a master in this game, all written in this article is not enough. However, you should pay attention to them carefully and remember them to apply when playing and get more prizes.

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