Before participating in playing online casino games at Bet88 Singapore, you must commit and ensure full compliance and compliance with the rules, Terms and Conditions.

The following are the Bet88 Singapore terms and conditions that you need to be familiar with to make sure that you fully understand these conditions and strictly abide by them. You can learn about Bet88sg carefully and your obligations or rights arising from these terms before registering for membership at our site.

We guarantee that all user information or personal data will be kept confidential through modern methods. All personal data of the player will be encrypted information from ID and password to the confidential data to protect the interests of players. Such encryption details will be transmitted to our server. In addition, you can find more information at our Privacy Policy for more details on Bet88 Singapore’s policy.

General Terms & Conditions

1. Choose to experience at Bet88sg – Singapore online casino is how you guarantee to understand and abide by all these terms and conditions.

2. You have no rights to the terms set forth nor the terms of graphics, concepts, text or methodologie.

3. As required by law, you are only allowed to participate and use the service when you are 21 years old. We are unable to provide you with any legal warranty or advice if you violate this provision. Therefore, you are only allowed to participate in legal betting events and follow the rules according to the applicable laws in each region you are connected to.

4. Each player is allowed to use only one main account. Any other sub accounts will not be accepted and will be blocked. If a player owns more than one account, even if the other accounts have different personal information, they will not receive any winnings or promotions or bonuses. In addition, all benefits and withdrawals will be canceled.

5. All information about the user will be strictly confidential during the registration process or the registration process to receive promotions. In addition, players may receive notifications or promotional information from Bet88sg or partners. Of course, these notifications players can refuse to receive to avoid disturbing.

6. online casinos will not be responsible or represent your legal rights to participate in the games here. instead, agents or retailers, media partners, parties, affiliates, wholesalers, distributors, licensees or authorized employees to help you clarify warranties or representations.

7. You are free to participate in casino games that are supposed to be only for players in legal areas without being illegal.

8. The main purpose of every casino is entertainment. Therefore, you can participate in betting and casino games without deposit at Bet88sg with free demo version games. You will be playing betting in a clean, fair, fair and civilized environment

9. The player will have to completely accept the results that the server gives you. These results are generated by the random number generator (RNG) software to ensure the most objective results for the player.

10. You are only permitted to access the casino for entertainment purposes but not any other personal purpose. Any unauthorized access or reuse of the accounts at the site is prohibited.

11. any serious violations that players make, the house reserves the right to cancel your account without notice including all balances in your account immediately upon cancellation. however, under certain circumstances we reserve the right to disable all your accounts and confiscate all assets, if:

11.1   Detect that you own a lot in the official active account

11.2 The account names and the names registered on credit cards and payment methods do not match.

11.3 You choose to withdraw money and participate in promotions without basis, conditions or not fulfill the requirements of the promotions.

11.4 Inaccurate personal information, identifying information or registration or account information

11.5 You share your account with other players. means you allow others to use your account and participate in betting.

11.6 Areas in which you register to participate in online casino have gambling ban

11.7 You are not 21 years old – legal age at casinos

11.8 You play casino for the purpose of not being a personal entertainment but by an organization, club, etc.

11.9 You use tricks to trick the house or to achieve a lot of wins by using advanced systems specifically designed to deal with casinos.

11.10 You feel you have lost some money when using the casino services

11.11 You are considered as a bonus abuser or use low risk strategies to receive regular promotions.

11.12 The casino finds you in violation of any of the above terms.

12. Winnings or bonuses received by players during system errors will not be recognized.

13. When you accept the prize winning bonuses, you agree that your name is used for advertising purposes without compensation.

14. All disputes regarding game results between you and the dealer in betting games are settled if you submit a claim to via text. These claims will be processed within 14 days. If the results between the server software and the casino software displayed on your device differ, then the official game result will be calculated according to the server result.

15. Players will be responsible for the applicable taxes and fees. In the event that prizes and prize money are taxable, the player must report the winnings to concerned authorities themselves.

16. The casino reserves the right to change its policies or make its own decisions without notice to you. This means that the casino may stop providing games or creating new features to the game and adding new games at any time.

17. You must provide your identity card or certificate or address to verify your account before the withdrawal request can be processed. In addition, the casino also reserves the right to notify additional players of information to confirm accounts.

18. The player is solely responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of his ID and password. In addition, you are solely responsible for the transactions you make on your account. ensure that your account will not be compromised by third parties to use your account, access, use any materials and information from the casino, participate in games or receive any prize. If so, the one who loses is you, so keep your account secure in the best way.

19. In the event that the player is unable to login to the account for any reason other than the house edge fault, the house edge is not allowed to request the retain username or password of the user.

20. All incidents that belong to the Internet, line or computer players encounter, the house edge will not be responsible for these problems. In addition, if you use a means or method not specified in the casino’s terms to access to participate in casino games, we will not be responsible.

21. If there are any disputes in a game, the final decisions will belong to the house edge. If that decision is not satisfied in your mind, you can submit a complaint by using the Central Dispute System (CDS). 

22. In the event that you use fraudulent or deceptive tactics that are discovered or made statements that falsify the facts and affect the casino, the house edge reserves the right to disclose your personal information ( name, email, address, etc.) as well as store your information and share it with financial institutions. More seriously, the casino will put you on the blacklist system, making it impossible for you to access the games anymore.

23. In the event that players become too sophisticated in online casino games as well as understand the promotions policies of the house edge, we reserves the right to block accounts from using the promotions. In addition, your account may be deactivated and your deposit and winnings will be fully refunded.

24. In order to be more convenient in paying, withdrawing or depositing money, players should use credit cards. When using a credit card for payment, the online casino Singapore will ask for a copy and credit card authorization form.

25. The amount of winnings or payouts that players receive can be changed weekly or monthly. This is due to the effects of a third party treatment policy – financial institutions or business partners.

26. The player agrees that all transactions related to the player’s account will be processed by Payment Processor instead of casino. If the Payment Processor detects or suspects a player of suspicious actions for fraud, illegal behavior or improper participation, they will be entitled to withhold any payment from the player.

27. The casino’s copying of documents will be solely responsible. Meanwhile, if the material is stolen and counterfeited, copied, altered, falsified in any form, it will be automatically disabled regardless of the means taken. For faulty games, it will be replaced by a similar platform.

28. Any damages or liabilities arising from: your use of any materials at the Website; your entry, use, or reuse of the Website; your participation in the Casino; your entry, use, or reuse of the Casino’s server; or your acceptance of any prize. All parties involved will receive full compensation from all costs, expenses and all liability. Stakeholders include: casino staff, directors, distributors, officers, licensees, affiliates, or other agencies.

29. In the case of deposit and withdrawal, after completion, the player will receive a notification of success or not. Therefore, players should save all information dealing with the house edge as well as the cancellation rules to avoid disputes and misunderstandings.

30. Bet88sg may disable all accounts if it detects that a user is betting through other means or using unapproved browsers. Any act of using the Internet means to place bets is strictly prohibited. In this case, the giver must make sure to use the user interface at our website to place bets.

31. All of these Terms & Conditions will be changed and updated at any time by the casino without notice to you. These amendments will take effect immediately upon publication on the website and are managed by the casino management. Of course, these modifications always benefit the player and banker.

32. The terms mentioned in these Terms & Conditions will be a complete and exclusive agreement between the player and the house. It is considered to be consistent with the deals related to the games at Bet88 Singapore.

33. Any actions related to 3rd party Terms & Conditions, Bet88sg will not be responsible.

Marketing Communications

Your privacy and personal information are always important to Bet88sg. Although marketing is essential for most online casinos, players can receive notifications of our promotion policies through Live Chat, Whatsapp. However, you may still choose to unsubscribe from marketing communications at any address you register. Please remember that even though you unsubscribe from messages, you will still receive transactional messages when you use your account to deposit or withdraw.

Country Based Limitation

on the restrictions applicable when playing online casino games at Bet88sg on all payment issues, use of bonuses, credit card transactions and free chip exchanges based on the country you are staying in, our casino reserves the right to remove these limitations on an individual basis. If you want to appeal any restrictions please contact us via chat box, customer service and casino managers will help you handle this case.

Promotion Rules

Weekly Cashback

1. Players will receive the weekly cashback bonus if they have total access of at least 25 times for Slots, Keno; 60 times for table games and poker except Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo, and Fish game. 

2. The weekly cashback bonus will be held every Monday for all players.

3. The weekly cashback will be charged even if you have an account balance. Therefore, this is considered a common currency that the house edge gives to the player. Of course, any other bonus rules still apply to your account.

4. The weekly cashback bonuses are calculated based on the total of deposits made during the previous 7 days with a minimum deposit of $50.

5. Players are allowed to withdraw up to 2 times per week with a weekly cash rebate of at least $100 per withdrawal.

Monthly Cashback For VIP Members

1. As the weekly cashback, VIP members of Bet88sg will receive this bonus with 25 times playing Slots, Keno and 60 times for video poker and table games, except  Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo, and Fish game. 

2. This monthly cashback bonus is applicable to all players without withdrawals during a month and the balance is less than $ 10. In this case, the monthly cashback will be issued on the first 3 days of the following month except Monday.

3. The monthly cashback will be calculated based on all deposits during the past month with a minimum deposit of $50.

4. At the monthly cashback, players are only allowed to withdraw up to 1 time at least for $100.

5. Similar to weekly refunds, the monthly cashback will be calculated even if you currently have your account balance. Then, this is considered as a winnings and is applied as the current bonus rules that you are entitled to.

Comp Points Terms

1. When playing some games at our casino, every player has a cumulative Comp score.

$ 1.00 is equivalent to 100 Comp Points.

2. Players are not allowed to accumulate points while playing games with Comp points previously exchanged or using no deposit bonus.

3. You can redeem at least 1000 Comp points.

4.The minimum condition you must meet to be able to redeem Comp points is that you cannot withdraw pending funds and do not have an account balance.

5. Players can only withdraw money up to once through Comp points.

Deposit Bonuses

1. Players must redeem before placing any bet type with the deposit to receive that bonus amount. If there is any problem with this bonus type, you can contact the Customer Service team for assistance in redeeming the reward. Once a bet has been placed, the player will no longer be able to enjoy any promotions on your deposit.

2. If the player has a pending account or account balance, you are not allowed to redeem promotions and coupons at the same time unless approved by the dealer. If this happens at any time, your winnings will be immediately canceled.

3. In case you use an invalid promotion you will receive your original deposit and all your winnings will be forfeited.

4. Player’s winnings will also be forfeited if the player tries to use bonuses for games where the promotion does not apply.

5. Casino managers may cancel any offers at any time

6. You are solely responsible for using the promotional offers and making sure all conditions for using these bonuses are met. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you will not be entitled to withdraw winnings.

7. In the event that a player participates in a restricted game while using the reward, then the bonus you receive during that process will be disabled.

Additional Terms & Conditionals

1.The promotion will be applied to players who have registered an account for real money. Each player is only allowed to register for one real money account. If the dealer detects a player has more than one account, all the secondary accounts will be locked. Meanwhile, players will not receive any promotion, bonus or winnings.

2. A person’s official account, an address, a credit card, etc. are only entitled to a promotional offer.

3. Any bonuses mentioned in the above sections such as comp points, Weekly cashback, Monthly cashback, No Deposit Bonuses and deposits will be exchanged for any bonuses you wish on the conditions Apply: access at least 25 times for Slots, Keno games and 60 times for table games.

4. Players are only allowed to withdraw when using the deposit bonus and the total amount of the withdrawal request must be greater than the total deposit and bonus. For example, if a player deposits $ 50 and has a $ 100 bonus, the amount accepted for withdrawal must be greater than $ 150.

5. Players can only apply all promotions when they do not have pending withdrawal requests and account balances.

6. Each account only uses the promotion once and cannot apply many promotions in one bet. Promotion only available to those who receive notification of the offer.

7. If you are suspected of fraud or abuse of promotions, we reserve the right to refuse your bonus withdrawal request.

8. Bet88 Singapore reserves the right to change or update any terms in the Terms & Conditions document at any time without notice to you. The updated rules will take effect immediately upon publication. To catch the terms quickly and accurately, you should regularly review and check the additional rules at our site. In addition, if you have any questions about promotions or any casino-related issues, our customer service team is available 24/7. .

9. Our casino managers reserve the right to unilaterally terminate promotions without notice to you.

10.Promotion applies only to players who receive notification of the promotion through the means of contact.

11. When you agree to be a member of the casino you are in full agreement with all the rules and terms of this agreement. This document is proof of a complete, exclusive agreement between the player and the casino.

Withdrawing Process

1. Players can withdraw money with the consent and approval of the casino manager.

2. Withdrawal requests must be reviewed within 1 week of the request submission date.

3. Players can request a maximum withdrawal of $2,500 per payment. Players will be denied request, if not eligible to apply for withdrawal.

4. Transactions will be made between 7 and 10 days after approval.

5. Please remember, online casinos Singapore use international payment methods, so no matter what bank you use, you may incur an additional fee for foreign currency conversion.

Limitations and Fees Process

1. Based on 3rd party processing policies so the amount paid from withdrawal requests may vary. This amount will be paid weekly or monthly.

2. Based on payment policies and enforced by 3rd parties, withdrawals can be divided into payments and each has a separate approval period.

3. If the player makes multiple requests to withdraw money, the casino will aggregate these requests into one payment so that it can save time to perform operations.

Stop Payment Requirement

In some unfortunate circumstances if a player changes their address or loses a payment account or other important issues, the player is forced to use a Stop payment to make a new payment. The process of making a stop payment is as follows:

– The casino will ask you to stop payment

– When the payment account is determined to be a stop payment by a 3rd party, the remaining funds will be transferred directly to the player’s account.

– Players will be informed of the amount of money learned through the contact address information.

– If the player needs to edit an address, the operator will ask the Utility Bill to be able to accurately identify your new address.

– Players will have to request a withdrawal and wait for the request to be approved by financial institutions.

– If the stop payment is affected and there is false information or the information provided is wrong, the corresponding fee will be deducted from the withdrawal amount that the player requests.