Since appearing until now, Roulette is a must-have game in all casinos. Roulette is a pure game of chance, so it is suitable for all players even inexperienced. Currently, in casinos, Roulette appears with many different variants, serving depending on the needs of players at the casino or on the ground.

On online applications and in casinos, before betting, there is always a trial mode to help players experience the game, better understand the rules when playing. The form of playing experience players will not lose bets is real money and vice versa when winning will not receive prizes. When … Read More

Roulette is one of the popular betting games whether it is in land-based or online casino. Many players want to try this casino game and they also want to get more winnings while playing. The players can apply many various roulette betting systems while playing. Among these betting systems, the Andrucci roulette system is advised to should avoid while playing. Many players who once hear that advice also say no to this betting system without knowing anything about it. In this post, we will mention and inform clearer about the Andrucci roulette system. 

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It is not always available try your luck during your games, especially true to gambling community . If the little wheel is new to your knowledge, here are some of ” weapons ” for you .  Supposed that you are a pro roulette ? Lucky ! There are also some hacks and tips for surprising jackpot . It is divided into 2 cases for every situation.

Situation 1: Placing a bet with 8 chips , the winning probability will increase at 43.2%,  along the breakeven percentage for 48.7% and the loss about 8.1%. If you can win 1 chip with … Read More

There are plenty of strategies and rules in betting Roulette . The Martingale Strategy, The Reverse Martingale Strategy , The D’Alembert Strategy, The Fibonacci Strategy,  The James Bond Strategy are the most popular strategies players should know.

It is not easy to win any game in the gambling casino . Especially to games based on physical layouts and psychology aspects like Roulette. However , most of them are not really correct and based on personal point of view . Let’s check out these ideas below and find the real one for yourself

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Roulette is as far as becoming the famous symbol during two centuries . It is not only a familiar phrase in gamblers’ mind but also indispensable game in most of every being loved casino games. Playing an important role in Casino industry in general , Roulette is holding the  first choice under the circumstance when there are more and more games created to meet the demand of users .

The Mystery Existence Becomes A Famous Game

Named after the French word , there is no exact evidence when and where Roulette came into existence. Back in time , take a … Read More