Online Poker

Poker or all of its variations have an immutable rule, whether online or live. However, there are still some big differences between or this version of Poker (live Poker and online Poker) you need to know.

Understanding these differences will make it easier for you to adapt when switching between the two versions. In addition, it can help you increase your win rate a lot more. Follow the article below for more details!

Image : 1. Live Poker Usually Moves At A Slower Pace

For online games, players can play many tables at once, facing hundreds of different players. … Read More

Rake is probably one of the biggest concerns for professional poker punters. So what is Rake? How does Rake affect the profit of poker and why are people so interested in it? In this post, we will inform you all about Rake that supports you while you play land-based or online poker.

What Is Rake?

As you probably know, in poker, you don’t play with the dealer. Instead of that, you will play against other players in the poker table. The role of the casinos is to stand in the middle as a venue for the game. Therefore, where … Read More