Blackjack is one of the most played card-games in casinos all around the world. People primarily go to the casino to play Blackjack and to gamble their money on this game to win it big and change their luck.

Before learning or adopting a strategy for Blackjack, the new players should first get thorough with the rules of Blackjack. Given below is a short version of it:

You will be dealt with two cards: one facing up and one down. You aim to make the sum of the value of the cards 21, or nearest to it. You cannot… Read More

Blackjack online is one of the attractive games in live casinos. Have you ever wondered when should be double bets to improve your chances in Blackjack online? Double bets is one of the most powerful tools in the privilege of Blackjack online players. It allows you to place extra bets in exchange for one more card – and only one more. If you play well, double bets can give you an edge over the house edge, but there are always risks involved.

How Does Double Bets Work In Blackjack Online? 

In Blackjack online, you start a game by … Read More

Although there are many strategies , players may be in need of these tips to make the tactics more completely . We will begin with some tips in common situations and then go to how to play in every specific conditions .

Here Some Survival Tips You Can Apply Yourself :

Study the rules: Basic Blackjack  rules are a must-know condition before you “slay” on it . If you consider in a sec , please do not hesitate to wander on my websites to enjoy our posts to get information.

Manage your expense : We do not know how many … Read More

Beside the need-to-know strategies , there are also important types of Blackjack which have different characteristics . As some information follows , you will have an open view about the game.

Top 10 Types Of Blackjack Classic BlackjackProgressive BlackjackEuropean BlackjackAtlantic City BlackjackSpanish 21Blackjack SwitchVegas Strip BlackjackPontoonSuper Fun 21Online version How About Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack is the most favourite version which is well-known in the gambling community . This version often has from 1 to 8 decks . You and the dealer will be given 2 cards called the hole cards. These cards will be face down on the table. … Read More

Words which are stand for in the post :

S17 : Stand on the soft 17

H17 : Hit the soft 17

DAS : Double down after the permission of splitting pair

NDAS : Double down after the disallowance of pair splitting

Top 11 Strategies Blackjack

As long as you are a Blackjack-lover , besides supplement tips we mentioned in the older posts , there are other strategies which never make you disappointed in every game  . Let’s figure out these helpful strategies to get closer to be the winner and have more challenging experience with

Remember To  Double… Read More

Mention about the origin of Blackjack , people often picture about the mystery stories about how the game was born . For the historians, the history of Blackjack  has challenged the curiosity of anyone who is interested in the game for such a long time . Up to now , there is no one who knows exactly when and where the game started . Besides the mystery origin , Blackjack has evolved and been improved to have the firm position nowadays in the gambling community. Continue our post to have a closer look on this kind of game .  … Read More