TOP #8 Stragegies Craps Smart Players Need To Learn

To search for the best strategy or the best ways to win ,   there would be thousands of results in a second. However , the way you can trust in is very rare. Let’s see some suggests we have filtered below.In any craps game, the best strategies are always Pass or Don’t Pass and another choice as Come/Don’t Come. If you trust in these ways , the advantage given to the bookie will decrease down to 1.40%. .

TOP 8 Stragegies Craps

Craps Strategy
  • Pass And Come Bets
  • Get Used To Applying  Pass Line Bet
  • Get A Big Step With Craps Strategy – Come Bet
  • How About The Idea Of Don’t Pass And Don’t Come Bets ?
  • How To Apply ” Don’t Pass ”
  • Must Try Don’t Come Bet Once .
  • How To Use Taking and Layking Odds
  • When To Play The Field Bet

1. Pass And Come Bets

Because of the low advantage to the house , this strategy is considered to be the best way for bettors considering which one is better . As the good better , Pass and Come Bet is  the good choice when you are at the table and put your chips on them. This strategy is believed to be suitable in both version live casino and online casino based on website or machine.

2. Get Used To Applying  Pass Line Bet

Which is the next suggestion for you to rely on ? This is one of the most favourite strategy players often apply in the game . With the low edge for the house at 1.41%, the chance of winning seems to be closer to the bettors. If the results coming out are 2,3, or 12 , you will not receive anything , or in case the roller stops at 7 when the point number has been settle down .

3. Get A Big Step With Craps Strategy – Come Bet

Having some common characteristics as the Pass line bet , however , this strategy just works anytime after the point number has been given out . You will be the winner in case the shooter announces to have 7 or 11 when the come bet was made and the other numbers 2,3,12 mean you will be better next time !

Under any other number may happen , your point number will stand different and separated from the number which is bet on the pass line. There are more chances to win than ever. That’s why this strategy is one of the most popular way you can trust .

4. How About The Idea Of Don’t Pass And Don’t Come Bets ?

No matter you are a new or pro players , you could make mistakes and wrong bet anytime .  The main reason is betting against most of players who are in the game and betting on the the Pass and Come bets. So , do oppositely . This name comes from the circumstance when you win but the others surrounding you do not . There would be an awkward situation . However , it’s much better than nothing .  After all , some beliefs said that it is a reliable betting .

5. How To Apply ” Don’t Pass ”

In contrast to the pass line betting is the strategy i would like to share . If the comeout result shows the number 2 or 3 , you will get money . If the numbers are 7 or 11 , luck may come next time. In addition ,there is one thing to remember . The house edge is very low with 1.36% and easy to manage . Hope 7 would come before the establishment of the point .

6. Must Try Don’t Come Bet Once .

In contrast to the Come bet , Don’t Come Bet is outstanding because the player can set up it anytime they want as long as this establishment is  after the point number . You would become the winner if the 3 or 2 comes out and you would have a draw if a 12 comes out . This bet returns real cash and give the house 1.41%.

7. How To Use Taking and Layking Odds

In this part , we will offer the information about a bet bringing no advantage to the house. It is one of rare strategy in the dictionary of ways to win Craps . This Laying odds strategy is in use in case you have put your chips on the Pass or Come bet before .After the stickman give out the point , you will have the right to play a bet reaching to the multiple of the bet from Pass line . The hottest thing of this strategy is returning  the real odds . The chance of victory is the same as how much you will be paid . Therefore , the house will be just in favor of the original bet and you will have more opportunity to bet on the same odds as first. Bet with your maximum to get a higher rate of winning.

8. When To Play The Field Bet

Field bets seem to be another choice for gambler who can not bear the hot from a one-roll attraction with delicious odd and lower advantage of the house . It has the advantage of 5.56 % in favor of the house . The rate is much higher than the other kind , however , it is lower than any besides bets. In addition , it is very to remember the numbers . They consist of  2,3,4,9,10,11, and 12.

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TOP #10 Stragegies Craps2
TOP #10 Stragegies Craps

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