Strategies of Baccarat

There are some strategies over here in case you want to have some words to rely on and refer.

Strategies of Baccarat

A large table with 12 to 14 seats is in need when you have any purpose to play Baccarat . The seats are numbered in order except the order 13th . Due to some conceptions about fortune , the number 13 has been eliminated. The game starts with the standard 52-card English decks and shuffle all the cards . A cut-card comes out shows the last hand. It was put at the end of the shoe . Later , it is the turn for players to bet.  Start with 1 card and the hand with 2 card is often given to the players or dealer . All the wagers will be combined in the outcome of 2 hands. The given total will be prepared and compared to the others. The result will decide whether who will receive the third card . It’s based on the card of the gambler , the third card will be given . The result will be decided by the total points.

Baccarat Card Values

  • Aces is counted like  “1”
  • Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings  are “0”
  • The other cards which is from 2 to 9 are counted like the value of numbers .
  • The value of all hands are counted from 0 to 9 because ten is extracted out from any  combination which is more than 9.
  • The total will be turned from 16 into 6 based on the number of players as  4-9-3 by extracting the first digit . 10 for twice , or 20, will be counted as  a zero.

The Main Target Of The Game

The hand of winner is the main target . Player or dealer will have the object as getting the total of 9 or closet number .

About The Player Hand

The players will have the first turn . 2 cards of their car are shown the face and the total result will be announced by the banker .  Later, the banker will show his cards. Any players have the total around 6 through 9 and the players will have “stand” , no cards will be next to draw . A natural player is one having total 8 or 9 and he has an automatic victory against the hand from the banker except one having 8 or 9 . If the totals are equal, there will be a draw or push . If the banker has 9 and the player is 8 then the banker wins and vice versa. The game is finished .

About The Banker Hand

Two card in total of 7 , 8 or 9 will help the Banker always stand on.

2 cards in total of zero, 1, 2 and 3 always belong to the Banker , exception happens when the Banker will bet a sum of 3 while players are 8.

4, 5 and 6 in total will whether be hit by the Banker or not . They are all depended on the total of the Players have.

Good thing for you : Do not need to remember any rules! Your mission is betting and win. The dealer will carry out all these tasks .

Ways To Get Used To Playing Baccarat Online

14 players will join on a Baccarat table . Each gamer will be numbered from 1 to 15 , except number 13. This number is believed to bring bad luck and misfortune by some superstitious concepts .

There are 3 boxes which is used for players to place their bets on the table. One for the gambler , one for the banker and the last one is for the Tie. Players will decide which box to choose. The big box in the center of the table and the Banker boxes will be in use for dealing the cards  Depended on the characteristics of each casinos, there would be six, eight or nine decks of cards which are used and shuffled by each players in order alternatively . The Mini-Baccarat is a little different The amount of players are less than the normal version. There are only 7 gamblers for each table up to now.

The main point of game is getting 9 points or nearly to the 9 as much as possible . The rules are set in advance. That’s why there is no need to make many choices during the game . The decision in need is choosing the one you will bet: Player or Banker or Tie. The banker does not have any relation with the house or dealer . This position is just one of the 2 players betting in the game.

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How To Value The Cards And Hand

To answer this question, let’s see one more again what we wrote above. In the online version via Internet, the player will get some cards and these cards will be counted in sum of all . The total must be between 1-9 . The best is number 9 and the worst number must be number 0 . This rule will be automatically appear on the screen when you are playing.

• The number 1 belongs to ACE cards

• The card having these characters : King, Queen and Jack and 10 have the value as  10.

• 2-9 are worth as the same as their number.

Baccarat Strategy

Not being a complex game but Baccarat has its own characters . No matter how many players are , only 2 hand are counted .One person is pointed as a Banker and the last is Player.

Banker vs Player

The gamblers can bet on one of them , except ones having the shoe in the full-scale. These one must place their hope on the Banker or pass their shoe. Do not mistaken the Banker or Bettors.  

Due to the last action of Banker , they have an advantage above the players . The rate of bet from the banker is the lowest in most of bet in casinos . That is the reason there are many gamblers betting on Banker or Player . The banker will beat you if you bet Tie although how fun is the Tie bet is and you will need to bet more regular . The house will give you 9 to 1 for each of Tie in order to fallen the 14.36 percent down to 4.84 percent. Due to the equal rate of the banker and players , the game refer to have a longer streak  than other kinds. Remember your bonus !

Summary in the total of the first 2 cards

Strategies of Baccarat

Banker’s Hand

Strategies of Baccarat table

Betting on Ties

Players may place their bet on the amount of point two hands end up with . The tie betting will be off at from 8 to 1. That may be a good deal but the house has up to 9.5 percent.


Like the other gambling games on table , players will buy chips through dealers by cash on the table . The dealer can not receive the direct money by hands.

If you place the highest bet on the player then you will get player card .. Do not take a look on these card till two hands are done. If you bet on the banker , do not stare at them till the dealer shows all the face of player’s cards .

Baccarat gamblers will catch up with the results of each faceup. Almost players will be given paper and pencils .

Baccarat Basic Tips To Survive :

No matter you trust or not , there must be 1 way to ensure that no thing can be predicted in advance . No one can make sure what is going to happen

As the same as the other gambling activities , online version of this kind of game is challeging your luck and never trust that there is an easy bag of money  coming for you.

Baccarat isn’t the symbol of a fair thing that when you try hard you will have a delicious cake .Baccarat for all, is the gambling game. That means you or the casino would win on something and it often happens that you will fail more than the rate of winning .

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