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Sic bo (骰寶), which is also well- known as a Chinese name tai sai (大細), dai siu (大小) . People also call as big and small or hi-lo in Philippines. Sic bo has the origin in ancient Chinese and been played with three dices

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Like some other games , Sic Bo also has itself a great history and long-time origin. Let’s read this post to know more about the history and mystery surrounding a story of a legend game of classic gambling activities .Visit our Page for further more information about Sic Bo and other interesting games updated daily .

Other Sic Bo Names

Sic bo (骰寶), which is also well- known as a Chinese name tai sai (大細), dai siu (大小) . People also call as big and small or hi-lo in Philippines. Sic bo has the origin in ancient Chinese and been played with three dices. Besides , It also has other different Western variants such as Grand hazard and chuck-a-luck which are both from far away England. The dice game owns the literal meaning as “precious dice”. The other names dai siu and dai sai are different. They are understood as “big or small”.

Since the Early period of historical time, Sic bo was spread out and popular throughout the Asian continent. Under the name as Tai Sai, Dai Siu, Big and Small.., the game was supported and played by  the Filipinos as the “Hi-Lo” . In other Asian areas , Sic bo was called as “Dai Siu”. Being very famous throughout Asian, however , till the beginning of the 20th century, the game was brought along with the waves of Chinese immigrants to U.S . Although it is Asian gambling game and less popular than the other kinds , Sic bo presents in most U.S casinos as well .  In Macau , Sic bo is widely spread out and a famous trend known as Dai Siu . The game was licensed and legalized in United Kingdom since 13 May in 2002 . By the The Gaming Clubs (Bankers’ Games) of Regulations 2002 , the game had more chances to reach to new class of gamblers . The ancient Chinese game is famous for the gameplay with three dice and a marked layout which combines many betting choices . This table has some common characteristics with Roulette table. Nowadays , the game still remain 3 dice for more fun and challenges

Sic Bo results are decided by three traditional dice. Players will shake the dice inside a cup or bowl or a basket as well . Gamblers are allowed to bet on the areas showing up the dice . Multiple wagers are also considered to be valid. To Asians , the traditional Sic bo begins with shaking the dice on a small ceramic plate whose cover is  a bowl. Then the holder will remove the bowl and show the surface of the dice which is also the result finally . In casino , it is not very different than the traditional version. The dice are put in a basket or a cup and then shaken physically. The result will be on the computer and make the victory areas on the layout brightened up. The table which generally lights up when the dice appear , brings a little fun to Sic bo.  This is also an interesting attraction to most of players in many years . Others are dragged by the charm of odds and amazing payouts.

There are some areas colored to mark the betting result on the table to show the bets you can choose . The outcome of the dice will be based on the rules of Sic Bo. Your task is making decision on them . It is not going to be a game whose payout is pretty high . However , the joy and entertainment seems to better than the other choices . It is not fast as the Craps but it will give you enough time to make your day with friends and family more entertained .

You can also challenge yourself with various bets like the single  number. The loser will be the person having a number from 1 up to 6. There are also available bets which allows players to wager on three dice and the coming out result . For this wager , the total of the three dice may come from 11 to 17 . There are also some possibilities to appear the same number such as three 5’s . Despite the even odds , the big and small wager is expected to bring considerable value. The dice wagers are up to the different edge of the house . Therefore , the dice bets can not stay the same. In triple bets , players have to make a wager on the number which appears on three dice. Be alert , the house edge is high.

Sic Bo depends on fortune. Not always your strategy can work in order to bring you victory anytime you think you deserve . Most of experts suggest you should stay with the potential odds of the big and small wagers . This way is promising to bring you more chance to win .

However, the rate of winning from Sic bo can not stop the brave gamblers who want to challenge their luck.  Via the Internet , the hot of the game is getting high and popular. Thanks to the automatic technological era, Sic bo is having more opportunities to catch up with the top gambling games in casinos . Most of nowadays casinos are supplying  variety of gambling activities and beneficial payouts online.

Such a long time ago, before the appearance of cards , gamblers used to play gambling activities by take advantage of marked stones , dice or pieces of tiles . In Chinese language , the word Sic Bo is understood as “dice pair.” The reason why is the origin of Sic Bo is played with only 2 dice . It is fairly like how people play Craps . However , the shape of dice was really big. The size of them are almost the same as bricks with painted sides . Of course , these bricks are in need of a noticeable physical power. Time flies, the heavy bricks are replaced by the small plastic or ivory dice having six sides . The amount of dice also increased up to 3 instead of 2 .  The object of Sic Bo still stays the same for years : Guess exactly all the final numbers of the roll .

The Origins From Ancient China

To estimate the date when Sicbo was born is an  impossible task. Through time , the game had also had some improvement and even variations in order to become the most perfect version nowadays . Under the time of the development from strict rules and the arts of Karate and Taekwondo, the game used to be the means of entertainment of the combat soldiers. At that time , cube-shaped dice were not born yet . They were replaced by different small stuffs were used instead.  These objects can be shells , small bones from wild animals or even the rocks . These small things were engraved on the surface and used it in the same ways as the modern version. The first version was made in order to increase the ability of concentration and skills of discipline to get over the normal possibility of a human . That’s why it was used as a means of entertainment and relaxation . However , the game did not stop at only this . Sic Bo had been spread out and supported not only by masters or soldiers but also reached to the regular class . Gradually , it became a popular game throughout China.

According to the long history , Sicbo has been renamed many times . Take an example , Daisiu is one of these name which means Dice Bowl while Tai Sai is understood as Dice Pair. Many people believe that Sic Bo used to be played by 2 of dice in the gameplay. Hence, Sicbo means Lucky Pair. Besides, the name is also understood as Two Bricks.

The Journey To American

Nowadays , Sic Bo online is not strange anymore to anyone who is interested in playing gambling games.  It has become an booming phenomena in gambling community . The live version is also not difficult to find any table in the casino.  It will be surprising news in case you do not know that the game only came to popularity in U.S casinos in 2003. However , it does not mean that the game just appeared in the 21st century.  Sic bo had arrived in the USA very long time ago. It came along with the manual laborers moved from China to U.S

Today Version Of Sic Bo

Nowadays , Sic bo has become a specific icon in most of Asian gambling activities . Not only in live casino , online field is also increasingly developing and having the high amount of users day by day by the massive updates and improvement .  The base of loyal fans has helped the game remain and develop up to now when there are thousands of new variations born daily .

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