Top 5 Roulette Strategy – Beginner’s Guide I Play Roulete At Singapore Online Casino

Roulette Strategy

There are plenty of strategies and rules in betting Roulette . The Martingale Strategy, The Reverse Martingale Strategy , The D’Alembert Strategy, The Fibonacci Strategy,  The James Bond Strategy are the most popular strategies players should know.

It is not easy to win any game in the gambling casino . Especially to games based on physical layouts and psychology aspects like Roulette. However , most of them are not really correct and based on personal point of view . Let’s check out these ideas below and find the real one for yourself

A Full Roulette Table Has The Below Details :

A full roulette is combined with 1 round wheel with a smaller spinning inside round  around the axis.

The wheel surface has the painted numbers in red and black cell.There are 36 numbers and a 0 on the circle , except America , a “00” is added .These numbers are arranged unchangeably and up to order.

The ball is placed randomly on the wheel and moves to anywhere around the circle when it is spinned .

Easy Game Rules :

-You place your bet on any cell you want .

– Maybe up to your choice and money , it would be a cell, a group, a row, a column or up to  an even or odd number, or even on the colored cell.

-The croupier will rotate the Roulette wheel. The ball will move and follow the direction of rotation.

– When the ball stops , the place where it lands will determine how much you got or failed . The payout is based on which kinds of bet you has chosen.

Roulette Strategy :  

  1. The Martingale Strategy
  2. The Reverse Martingale Strategy
  3. The D’Alembert Strategy
  4. The Fibonacci Strategy
  5. The James Bond Strategy

1. The Martingale Strategy

Based on the ~50/~50 chance , the bets will be doubled after a loss during the roulette. The Martingale Strategy may be the most popular due to its effective realistic application . In any way , there would be the first win which returns all the last losses combined with small profit for the gamblers. The main benefit from using this strategy is proactive in betting.

When you join a coin-flip game of basic roulette . Whether your color win or not , your bet will be doubled if you just choose 1 color. It will continue doubling until you win . The strategy can work under the condition that you remain your doubled bet of loss . Whenever you win , your losses will be returned .

Remember to ignore the gambler’s fallacy. There would not be any chance for red  just because the black one keeps winning. In fact , the chance is less than 50% with number 0 and 00. For every spin, opportunity is equal.

Begin with small minimum bet and a high maximum bet if you want to have a better opportunity to double your losing bets with no limits

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Place your bet on random cell you want. It may be your favourite color or number , no matter what. In most of American roulette , there are 37 cell including the number 0 . That means the ball will stop equally at any cells. If you are success , you will return your capital and a small money for winning. It will not end up with $0 but $1 or $2 can occur. If luck does not come and you lose , you should double your last bet and place your belief on that color again . If you continue to have victory in the second time , take your money and place the small mount like the first time or finished your day in casino then go home. Follow these introductions until you run out of all your money or reach your maximum . Remember it is not the certain help for a perfect  chance to win completely. This strategy is just useful in exploiting your winning percent with the lowest rate ( in favor of the gambler) during the game .

2. The Reverse Martingale Strategy

To master this special strategy , you should have some knowledge about how this theory works . This idea is based on increasing and decrease your bet up to your win and defeat .

Basically , this strategy is carried out in the same way as the Martingale but it is different a little . Specifically , players have to figure out a table with a low minimum bet and a high maximum bet.

Proceed to place your bet with a small money on the colored or numbered cells you want . In this situation , take an example with a color cell.  The dealer will spin the wheel. Just sit down calmly until the ball lands in your color . In case you lose repeatedly , keep betting with your very small amount . If you got your color and a bet , remember to double what you have for the bet on the same color .

Keep doubling your bet unless you lose. Another situation is losing . So , what’s next ? Back to your first bet .  It is very risky when you use the reverse martingale . Do not forget to quit before you lost everything

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3. The D’Alembert Strategy

Explore something new about this theory .

Luckily , it is a safe way for gamblers and considered to be better than both ways above. Furthermore , the D’Alembert strategy  are based on arithmetic factors instead of geometric factors. The theory means that increasing your bet by 1 after you defeat is a better choice.

Start to bet with a small amount . You can also choose an even or odd number as well. Increase your chance by up your bet if you win and down your money after your loss. If your wins are equal to your losses ,  the D’Alembert will help you make your wallet thicker .

4. The Fibonacci Strategy

Let’s talk about the Fibonacci strategy . The theory was made by the famous Italian mathematician named Fibonacci . This mathematician was also the explorer of the sequence of numbers named after him. Being carried out by adding the last 2 bet together , the theory can earn profit by losses more in game than victories . However , this strategy also has its other hand. The more the sequence goes down , the more money will be lost. Begin the game with a small bet as always . Place your bet on colored or numbered cells . Repeatedly choose the gradual smaller the sequence in order when you are lost. Until you win , come back at the 2 bet of the sequence and continue with that money .

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5. The James Bond Strategy

Get some information about the strategy named after a famous series of film. $200 dollars is in need if you decide to start with this strategy . The bet will be arranged as a column like this below

Bet $140 on numbers from 19 to 36.

Bet $50 on numbers from 13 to 18.

Bet $10 on 0 for sure.

If lucks do not smile to you in the sequence between 1 and 12 pockets, you should return to apply the first strategy mentioned above .

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