Explore Pok Deng Card Game At Online Casino Singapore

Pok Deng is a game from Thailand. When playing Pok Deng players combine 2 or 3 cards for the highest score. Follow the article below to understand and be able to join Pok Deng cards game at Bet88 Singapore.

What Is Pok Deng card game?

Pok Deng cards game need 2 to 6 players. In which one player will be the Dealer and fight directly with the remaining players. Pokdeng’s rules are very simple, the game has high odds of winning. So a lot of people at Bet88 Singapore participated in playing Pok Deng. Card game is increasingly popular and received love from many players.

The players on the table compare their cards to the Dealer. In Pok Deng cards game, the highest card combination is 8 or 9. Initially each player is given 2 cards by the Dealer and drawn another card if he really needs it. The player card with the highest combination, the player easily wins the Dealer.

How To Play Pok Deng cards game At Bet88 Singapore

Players are classified into players and dealers, specifically:

  • Dealer: Dealer will compare their card with all players.
  • Players: The player only has to compare their cards with the Dealer.

The game will begin with the first phase of the auction:

  • Players bid for 1 or 10 hands for the Dealer position.
  • The system will choose a random person if no one wants to be the Dealer.
  • Dealers will be selected at random among those who want to bid for the position.

Players can bet the desired amount after the Dealer is selected. This only depends on the amount of byu-in of the dealer. At the start of the game each player is dealt 2 cards.

All remaining players will have to open the card immediately, and go to the card comparison phase, if there are Pok players. If there is no Pok, the player is entitled to withdraw 1 more card or skip.

After the hand is completed, the player can either leave or continue playing. In the event of a tie, the player and the Dealer bear half the money each.

Calculating Points Of Pok Deng cards game

There are three ways to calculate Pok Deng points:

  • Team: Calculates the total score of the cards.
  • Deng: Bet coefficient, based on the relationship between the cards.
  • Type of cards.

Based on how the cards are sorted at the end, the player’s rank and winnings will be counted. The rules of arranging the cards are as follows:

  • Pok: 2 player’s cards total 8 or 9 points, player announces and opens the cards. This is a win where the player does not need to draw their third card, immediately proceeding to the card comparison step.
  • Straight Flush: A combination of 3 cards in a row the same suit.
  • Three of a kind. : 3 cards of the same score combined.
  • Straight: A combination of 3 cards in a row but not the same suit.
  • Three cards Q, J, K.
  • Normally: Cards are left in the deck.


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