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Mahjong appeared from hundreds of countries ago, many documents show that the game was invented around the Qing Dynasty in China. Later when it was developed and spread to many parts of the world, mahjong received a lot of popularity from players. Both traditional or online casinos have the presence of mahjong. Even in Singapore there are many casinos that host mahjong competitions. The list of casinos offering mahjong is indispensable for the Bet88SG.

History of Mahjong Games:

Depending on the needs and style of play, players will choose the most suitable betting version. Over all that time, it spread to many countries around the world so it is natural to have multiple betting versions. Many also believe that the inventor of the mahjong was a Chinese philosopher named Confucius.

Many believe there is a game made of ivory or similar wood that dates back to the Sung Dynasty. Later it evolved into mahjong. Regardless of the opinion of what appeared in time, mahjong was indeed announced in the early 20th century.

Basic Things to Know When Bet on Mahjong

As with many other betting games, mahjong has both regional and international versions. When it comes to mahjong, you need to understand that this game is arranged in 14 tiles into 4 sets and 1 pair. The pairs, called “pung”, are made up of two identical pellets. The set is from 3 consecutive tiles with another name “chow”.

A game of mahjong requires 4 players. Some other versions can be 3 players but not as popular. The game has a total of 136 tiles, including 3 character boxes, 36 bamboo trees and 36 circles that together make up a garment. The numbers 1 through 9 represent the suits. Besides, there are 16 wind cells and 12 dragons. Some suits have bonus tiles that include 4 flower tiles and 4 season tiles. However, the bonus boxes are not required to play the basic game when playing mahjong.

Basic Mahjong Rules:

When participating in mahjong, players must arrange the members in a horizontal and vertical shape, 17 horizontal pieces and 2 vertical rows. Until there are 4 rows of bricks, they should be arranged in a square style. In order to determine the dealer players need to choose either by dice or taking the highest card. Dealer is tasked with rolling dice and counting with multiple points starting from the right and starting to select tiles. Each player will get 13 tiles, the dealer gets an extra slot to start.

After receiving the pellets, the player will arrange them in a row so that the other players cannot see them. Dealer after removing a tile, the real game starts. After the dealer, priority will be given to who can complete the mahjong hand in their next move. Or that priority would be given to any player able to complete a pair. At that time the batter had to shout “Pung” and show the new bag to the whole table. If you hit a trio, you must shout “Chow”. After all the above mentioned priorities, the person to the left of the dealer comes to play. The game is continued until one person completes his or her share of the mahjong.

Mahjong Online At Bet88SG Casino

With so many advantages to be had, mahjong is now popular online. Bet88SG offers a mahjong game with many different variations and is immensely loved by players. Of all betting versions solitaire is the most popular choice for players. There are also other betting variations based on slots, which use a slot mechanism to place bets. Each different combination will yield a prize with a different amount of coins.

A traditional mahjong game usually has 4 players, but not always enough players on a table. That’s why online mahjong came into being. Online betting will help players get more connected, each player in each place but still have enough people to join the bet. Bet88SG connects players from all four pools, for endless fun, and with great prizes.


Mahjong is a betting game for many people who love to enjoy, love gambling entertainment in Singapore. Besides, online mahjong betting is also extremely convenient, players do not need to actively find friends to play with. Just access your betting account on Bet88SG and click select mahjong, the game can begin. Hopefully with the above information, Bet88SG will help you to love and love this game. Regarding the quality and prestige of the casino’s bets you can rest assured, all matters are immediately supported by a customer service staff if the player has a need.

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