Marina Bay Sand Singapore Casino

“Marina Bay Sands is a must-see destination in Asia and has contributed to increasing business and leisure tourism to Singapore.

The success of Marina Bay Sands has allowed it to serve as an important reference site for emerging jurisdictions considering Integrated Resort development.”  

Sheldon G. Adelson, Chairman and CEO, Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

Contact : +65 6688 8868

Marina Bay Sand Singapore Casino Entry Fees

Entry Levy of $150 for every period of 24 hours

Entry Levy of S$3,000 for a period of 12 months.

Age : 21 years old

Introduction : An Overlook About Marina Bay Sand

Marina bay sands Singapore Casino now is the name regularly mentioned and appeared on most of social media and stories from worldwide travelers . The hotel is famous for bringing to customers luxury experience and magnificent supplemental hotel services  at one of the top famous hotels in the world . So what are you looking for your coming trip?

Coming to Marina Bay Sand , a paradise located besides the most beautiful and romantic bank of Marina bay . However, Singaporeans get used to  associating the name “Marina” with the Marina Square shopping mall , skyscraper hotels and dizzy development in the surroundings on the north shore of the river for many years recently . Therefore , Marina Bay Sand is luckily developed in the heart of business and crowded entertainment district . Since the government directed it as Singapore’s new downtown hub, it was focused on transform the half to the south of the river which was unused reclamation land before changing itself  into the core of Singapore’s urban transformation.

Marina bay sands meets all the demand of your ideal vacation. Every amenity any travelling couple are searching for is available serviced in the most professional way. Everything you could think of can be found right inside the huge luxury hotel and its centrepiece.Along with many more upcoming modern projects in process, Marina Bay is evaluated to be the indispensable point in any traveller’s plans: integrated business, shopping, entertainment and culture combined in one destination . Being stand out completely at the heart of the ‘Lion City’ is one of the symbolic revolution  in the tourism industry and architecture. Taking all the benefit of a picturesque view at the heart of Singapore , Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort estimated as the world’s most expensive  casino whose value is at S$8 billion. The design of the building is an inspiration of worldwide architect the most attractive destination of photographers all around the world. There is no doubt that Marina Bay Sand is considered to be the most photographed building in the world.

Developed by Las Vegas Sands (LVS) which is the developer and operator of world-class Integrated Resorts, Marina Bay Sands was inherited every unique creative architectural design, elegance can also be  in the air and hidden within every corner of the hotels interior. Each room is well-qualified like a masterpiece exhibition of decoration and full-filled with high-class appliances. Spending time on at Marina Bay is enjoying the experience above the level of excellence. Hotel services are always available for superior gaming, designed fabulous-concept bars , chill clubs every night that ” chill”  your nightlife up as well. Luxurious rooms , classy design, tasty meals are ready to serve . Which is the choice can you think of for an ideal vacation ? If you want a pool , Marina Bay Sands would be pleased to welcome you at the infinity pool on the top of hotel where you can enjoy the overview of the city and the cool clean water after hard working days . Get bored with staying inside the room ? Shopping mall , spa , casino, bars are just away from you some floors .

There is  a mega shopping center,a system of restaurants with the global top chefs getting ready to provide the most tasty meal to your friends and family or simply yourself. Even the most famous and luxury brands or local products ,  all of Singapore could offer is right there! The retail space of the shoppes combined  with over 300 stores and F&B outlets, featuring boutiques such as Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Emporio Armani, Chopard, REDValentino, Dior, Dunhill, Vertu, Miu Miu, Saint Laurent Paris, Hermès , etc… The whole area features a system of luxurious hotel accessed with 2,500 rooms and suites, large-scale convention and exhibition room , modern theatres, entertainment activities , an art museum, andan area divided to retailers and restaurants. The casino takes area of four floors for gaming space and provides about 2,500 gaming machines prepared in advance and side 700 gaming tables spread over all four floors.

How To Get In And Get Around

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Well-organised transportation to Marina Bay Sands really make people move much more smoothly. Smart traffic system of Singapore is truly worthy for the other countries to learn .

The system of station spread out all the city so that we can easily get accessed and experience. Circle MRT line is well-connect to these spots to lead through the northern half. Luckily , Marina Bay Sands is in the center and next to favourite destination. It is easier than ever to get into the hotel.

By Mass Rapid Transit (MRT):

Marina Bay Sands Transit

Bayfront and Promenade on both the Circle Line and Downtown Line

Marina Bay on the Circle Line and North South Line

By public bus:

Services 97/97e, 106, 133, 502/502A, 518/518A, NR1, NR6

By water taxi:

Grand Copthorne Water Front, Raffles Landing Side, Boat Quay, River Side Point and Robertson Quay

By the way , you can go on foot for approximately 15 minutes through the underground (and air-conditioned) CityLink in the shopping mall from Raffles City .

From the hotel , you can easy to head to Merlion Park by walking through an air-conditioned linkway within the Fullerton Hotel complex near the Bay.

Get around

All the favourite spots such as Suntec City , Marina Square , Millenia Walk and the Esplanade in the north are linked together . Either underground malls or covered walkways are easily accessed with the main way. If you want a several viewing platforms overlooking the bay , how about trying a bit of walk ahead to the northern half by walking south on the Helix Bridge ?

Casino – Casino Online

According to Second Minister for Home Affairs Josephine Teo in Parliament on Monday (May 6), equivalent S$1.3 billion in casino entry fees were spent by Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PRs) between 2010 and 2018. (

The fee for Singaporeans and PRs , originally  given at S$100 for each access or S$2,000 a yearly ticket , rose now up to S$150 for once time  and S$3,000 for a year on Apr 4 this year.

Not always players have much money in their wallet or paying the fee monthly to satisfied their hobby. Even  some people in different countries could not come to Singapore to experience the games here. Are there any ways to support players or help them save time and transportation fee ?

The answer is “ YES” . Along with the development of the Internet , online casino  are developed and improved day by day to meet the demand of entertainment . Online casino in Singapore is another choice for players who do not have enough time to enjoy games at Marina bay Sand Singapore Casino or save money of transportation . Let’s get accessed to figure out more information.

Supported by gaming floor space with about 2,500 slot machines, Marina bay Sand Singapore Casino provides users many selections of the newest and top gaming machines in the world.  Players make a choice to decide the betting levels for video slots, reel slots, and multi-station electronic games such as Roulette and Sic-Bo.

There is a variety of the most popular game types for table players plus different games variations such as no commission on some of the baccarat tables.

Foreign visitors can have free entry to the casino while Singaporeans must pay the equivalent of $100 for every 24 hours of access. Monthly ticket can be purchased in advance for a much better discount.

There are more than 13 varieties of table games spread all four floors (only one of which is a non smoking level). Players will experience games such as baccarat, non commission baccarat, roulette, sic-bo, Singapore stud poker , etc….  Betting limits are set up with many levels for over 500 tables in the main areas. These games in exclusive salons can be tried on the upper levels of the casino for the most part.

The Casino consists of all the popular games( having on online games in SIngapore , too )   like Baccarat, Roulette, Black jack and many more. You can check your luck with many machines related to  jackpot slots too for more.

Casino Facilities combines 15,000-square-metre casino features about 500 gaming tables, 1,600 slot machines as well as more than 30 private gaming rooms. Marina bay Sand Singapore Casino always offer a vast selection of the latest updated and most popular  gaming machines globally. Their efforts still continue to collect more machines supported more than 250 themes and game titles. At the main entrance , guests will immediately be attracted by the amazing beauty of the twinkle chandelier – it’s the world’s largest, made of more than 130,000 Swarovski crystals and weighs over 7 tons .

Marina Bay Sands Casino Entry Fees For Foreigners

Marina Bay Sands Casino Entry Fees For Foreigners

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents of Singapore must purchase and hold a valid Casino Entry Levy to enter the casino. In contrast to the local, foreigners are free to get accessed inside.

Types of Levy:

  1. 24 Hour Entry Levy
  2. Annual Entry Levy

Entry Levy Rules

Marina Bay Sands
  1. Enter and Exit the Casino Properly
  2. Bring the classification when you enter or exit , “Singaporean / PR” or “Foreigner”
  3. After having paid the Entry Levy, please enter the casino through the “Singaporean / PR” lanes. Those who are considered as Foreigners must enter and exit through the lanes marked “Foreigner”. Please provide ID and foreign passport with a short term immigration pass, long term visitor pass with a photo ID or if you are a  student, please do not forget to pass with a photo ID or with a foreign passport or a work pass ( issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to diplomats and professional staff in international organizations, a work pass with a photo or a special pass with a photo issued by the Ministry of Manpower or Immigration and Checkpoints Authority if necessary (those having work passes without any photo, must also present their foreign passport).
  4. Over-stay without having a valid Entry Levy: If your entry levy has expired, it is an OFFENCE if you:  If you are convicted, you may be responsible for a fine up to S$1,000 and the entry levy/levies due to the over-stay period.
  5. Please CHECK that your entry levy is valid before exiting the Casino
  6. Entry Levy required for entry by Singapore Citizens and Permanent Resident Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents must purchase a valid Entry Levy .
  • Entry Levy of $150 for every  period of 24 hours; or Entry Levy of S$3,000 for a period of 12 months.
  • Entry and Exit Only Through Designated Lanes


Sampan Rides

Sampans,  originated from China in the early 17th century,  became a common mode of transportation of local people along the Singapore River. People took advantages of the native crafts so effectively . They used Sampans for taking passengers between ships at anchorage to another landing jetties and also around surrounding areas for fishing .

Coming to the Shoppes at Marina bay Sand Singapore Casino, visitor will have a chance to experience a Sampan ride on a unique & luxurious twist.

Marina bay Sand Singapore Casino Art Path

The enchanted Marina bay Sand Singapore Casino Art Path consist of collections of stunning art decorated whose mission is integrating with Moshe Safdie’s extraordinary works. These large-scale masterpieces will bring to viewer a new imagination about shapes, emotions and interior spaces and offer visitors a realistic experience visually and physically such large-scale artwork.

The spectacular works are arranged to show an inspiring and enchanting road .  

The Museum

Designed as a symbolic gesture of welcome to guests from across the globe, the lotus-shaped Museum at Marina Bay Sands is set to become a premier destination for major international touring exhibitions from the most renowned collections in the world.

Embracing a spectrum of influences from the relationship between art & science, to media & technology, to design & architecture, this unique structure will feature over 60,000 square feet of galleries, both permanent and touring exhibitions that will inspire visitors from the region and beyond.

Located at the Marina Bay waterfront, visitors will appreciate the iconic architecture of the building, the world-class exhibits hosted within, and the museum’s innovative roof, which channels rainwater through the central atrium of the building as a waterfall.


The Museum

The special lotus-shaped museum was designed as a symbol of friendly greetings in order to welcome guests who loves art and coming for Singapore from all around the world at Marina bay Sand Singapore Casino. It was made to become a foremost choice for major international touring exhibitions from the most fabulous worldwide collections.

Having the advantage of being located at the Marina Bay waterfront,  visitors will be pleased with the iconic style of the building, the world-class exhibits , and the amazingly creative roof of the building.


From Classical to Pop to Broadway to Cabaret, our theaters are proud to hold the showcase of Asia’s most attractive variety of international and local colorful culture .

Online Gambling casino

It was also a popular form of casino in Singapore in online internet . Online gambling keeps  very common despite the law. It used to be mentioned a lot in stories between online games  and players who want to earn big money with profitable capital. Nowadays , this form of playing online casino in Singapore is also famous in some countries in Asia . Bet88sg is proud of providing a trustworthy system for your hobby and passion on online casino in Singapore . With a quick payment , high rate of success , hopefully we remain to be the first name players could rely their luck on!

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