Cascade Draw Results

Odds of Winning

1 per 54. 54% – the chance of being lucky to get any rewards in the whole of TOTO sales. It will be included after each draw to the TOTO prize pool

The Group 1 reward comprises a minimum of $1 million. If there are no lucky players qualified to receive any rewards in one of these groups (not consisting of Group 5, 6 & 7), the corresponding group’s prize will be snowballed to the following draw. The maximum of draws for Group 1 rewards to be snowballed is 4 draws, subsequently, the gift will be cascaded to Group 2. A Cascade draw is accomplished after three consecutive draws without any Group 1 Prize winner within the rules. In case until the end of the date, there is no Group 1 Prize lucky players confirmed in four constantly random draws, the Jackpot value will be in the following draw.

The Chance Of Getting The TOTO Jackpot  

Prize GroupMatched NumbersOdds of Winning
1 (Jackpot)6 Winning Numbers1 in 13,983,816
25 Winning Numbers + Additional Number1 in 2,330,636
35 Winning Numbers1 in 55,491
44 Winning Numbers + Additional Number1 in 22,197
54 Winning Numbers1 in 1,083

3 Winning Numbers + Additional Number1 in 812
73 Winning Numbers1 in 61
 Any of the above1 in 54

TOTO Tickets

TOTO tickets are purchased at the main Singapore Pools Branch at 210 Middle Road and its outlets. Remember to check all the information on your tickets before leaving the outlets to prevent mistakes on your ticket. In case your ticket has a mistake, please communicate directly with the staff at the counter. The TOTO result will be drawn according to the draw date which is written on your ticket. Therefore, please check the TOTO result correctly.


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