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As the same as TOTO, 4D Singapore Pools also has a variety of kinds of betting to play. Here are some types of wagers that every beginner needs to know to win the game : Big Wager, Small wager, Ordinary Entry, 4D Roll, System Entry, iBet.Moreover, we also offer the result of 4D Singapore Pools and TOTO based on the outcome of Singapore Pools.Draws are announced every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 pm (by SG time). Visit our Page Bet88sg.win for further information about the 4D and other interesting games updated daily  

Big Wager

If you put your money on a Big bet, you will get an award on the off chance your 4D number comes out in any results of the five prize groups.

Small wager

If you put your money on a Small bet, you will get an award on the off chance your 4D number comes out in the top three prize groups.

You can select to wager on a Big or Small selection, or all, based on these betting kinds

Ordinary Entry

Choose four digits in a definite order.

You got an award in case your combination is the same as any of the winning results in the same order.

Bet TypeTotal Digits Selected4D Number Combinations​​Minimum Bet Amount

4D Roll

Choose three digits of your selection and one rolling digit in a particular order

The rolling digit, stands by ‘R’, shows any number from 0 to 9.

Bet TypeTotal Digits Selected4D Number Combinations​​Minimum Bet Amount
4D Roll310$10

System Entry, iBet

Select 4 digits and place bets on all its possible combinations.

4D Number Combinations Minimum System  Entry Bet amountMinimum iBet Bet Amount
244 different digits selected(e.g. 1234)$24$1
122 different and 1 pair of digits selected(e.g. 1123)$12$1
62 pairs of digits selected(e.g. 1122)$6$1
43 of the same digits selected(e.g. 1112)$4$1

Quick Pick

If you do not prepare any numbers in advance, you may need the Quick Pick option.The method will offer a random set of numbers for you.

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4D Results Singapore Pools

According to what we all talk about, 4D Singapore Pools is acknowledged to work within the law and granted permission as a legal betting lottery game by the Singapore government. 

Up to the first arrival of 4D Singapore Pools, the game has been developed and supported by more and more players at both the Singapore outlets and the online system. 

Being well-known in Singapore and Malaysia, there are very few people haven’t known about 4D Singapore Pools. Its reputation has been the true evidence of the influence on the gambling community and lottery fans. Particularly, 4D Singapore Pools is only operated by the Singapore Pools – the only lawful company to perform the lottery activities and present rewards to customers and lucky players. According to the available online websites and result comes out on Singapore Pools announcements, we are very glad to offer Bet88sg.win fan another way to follow the information about TOTO and 4D on our place Bet88 singapore fastest by connecting the updated latest outcome on Singapore Pools website. 

Draws are carried out and announced the result every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6:30 pm (by SG time). The drawing can be followed lively at the Singapore Pools Main Branch at 210 Middle Road. Moreover, players must be over the age of 18 can get the tickets of 4D Singapore Pools.

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