How To Win When Playing Football Betting?

The way football betting always wins is something that 100% of gamblers care about because anyone who plays betting also wants to win a lot of money at all. Football is a sport loved by billions of people and football betting is the same because it not only brings joy but also helps players to win money. 

So do you want to know how to win football betting? If yes, find out the secrets of playing football betting are summarized below! 

The Preparation Before Playing Football Betting

Before coming to football betting tips that help you always win, let’s start preparing in detail for your online betting career. Below is a list of what to do as a professional gambler.

The first thing the gamblers need to remember is to know the handicap of the house edges. There are two methods to learn about the house edge: 

– Use online software to back up information on your laptop or phone. (Should use SnagIt 8.x software)

– For those who do not want to store information on computers and phones, you can copy it on paper, or print it on paper for research and analysis.

You should save all the handicaps of the football tournaments in the world that the house edge offers. Normally, it is at least 1 day before the game and if the rake time is longer, the better for you to easily analyze.

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The Way To Win Football Betting

Place A Bet At Running Over Handicap In The First Half

To do this, the players must prepare 1 to 2 days in advance, select handicaps -1.0; -1.25; 1.5; 1.75 of pre-match matches and the money of the upper team must be less than 100, if the rate is higher than 100 then ignore that market. And on that basis, the selection of the Running Over bet in the first half is 1; 1.25; 1.5 and the winnings must be lower than 100 if higher then skip.

During this time, you should regularly visit the online betting site to monitor whether the odds have changed. And before the game about 1 hour if there is any change in the contract and the level, then remove the contract. With such results, every day there will be about 4 to 5 markets to bet on and the odds of winning these contracts are extremely high.

Place a bet at Bet Running

If you want to win the house edge, sometimes you need to take the risk. However, in this way, it is not advisable for players to take risks to bet.

When the match is about to take place, you need to hit the Under contract immediately for a large amount of money so when the game takes place, the Over bet will be placed on.

The way to place a bet on Over games when Over 1.0 raises if the money is higher than 100 and Over 0.75 when the money is higher than 80. Bet on Over 0.75 if the money is higher than 100 and Over 0.5 then the money is higher than 80 Bet Over 0.5 when the payout is higher than 100.

For cases when the game has an early goal, you should stop and wait for no more Bet Running. 

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Here are 9 betting ways to help you always win us summarized through the experience of the master: 

1. Each day, you only bet 1 or 2 matches that you like. Saturday and Sunday bets are 3 or 4 matches since there are many choices.

2. Don’t bet all money on any match since every match has an equal chance of 50-50. Every match should be the same amount.

3. Should not bet on big handicap matches because most of these matches are difficult to predict.

4. Only bet on big leagues such as: UK, Italy, Champions League, EURO, Brazil, Japan, Frace, etc.

5. Don’t bet while the game is in progress, play from the beginning of the game after having learned it carefully. 

6. Just focus on placing a bet in Asian handicaps.

7. Away from home with half-odds home court should choose a home field.

8. Away from home with half-goal home away from home should choose away.

9. Limit playing the half handicap (3/4) or 1.5 handicaps (half left) because this type is difficult to predict. 


Above are the sharing of many professional players about how to win 100% when playing football betting. The tips and tricks above are all drawn from the experience of professional players. Please apply these tactics to always win!

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