How To Play China Mystery Slots Game At Mega888 ?

China Mystery slots

What Is China Mystery?

China Mystery is a slots game created by the new uptake of cultures of many different countries around the world. Players not only enjoy the unique look of the game but also experience many legendary stories.

Players have many different choices, if not telling a story, there are cultural mysteries. China Mystery Slot, created by Konami’s software, has many interesting features added.

The China Mystery Slot has an oriental theme, so it sometimes gets compared to other slots with similar themes. With many distinctive, iconic Chinese symbols and their vast history. China Mystery Slot also focuses on bonuses, giving players something new and interesting. Players can bet online on Iphone or other Android devices without having to download it. Quickly choose China Mystery Slot at Mega888 to bet and start the journey to discover the mysteries surrounding Chinese.

China Mystery Slot Betting Experience at Mega888:

Golden Turtle Icon:

The Golden Turtle is a representation of integrity and power. When participating in betting on China Mystery Slot, players who encounter a golden turtle symbol must pay a high price in an online gambling game. This is also considered a must-win symbol. There are also three other themed icons including base billing, best value, script with golden handwriting. These symbols give players at Mega888 up to 1000 times the line bet.

According to the turtle text and symbol, there are two themed symbols that are worth 250 times the deposit. Purple flower vases and yellow and pink lanterns. The reason for the appearance of lanterns is because this is a cultural feature of the Chinese people, lanterns often appear in festivals.

Another highlight that appears in the game China Mystery Slot is the classical Chinese dragon image. The remaining payout parts of the online slot machines are the classic slot machine’s card symbol when offering a small amount, uniquely designed and appearing in the online slot machine for money symbols reward. 

Betting Game Scores Tips:

China Mystery Slot features two bonus symbols, all beautiful and high payout. At Mega888 when playing China Mystery Slot, players will find this game consists of 5 reels and 30 fixed pay lines. Also scattering symbols of gold coins and wild symbols featuring Chinese women appeared regularly.

For wild symbols, Mega888 offers a smaller reward than scatter symbols. That way the player will use their ability to substitute other symbols for a player with several winning lines. In the event that these happen during the maximum betting time with high pay symbols then Mega888 will pay high bonuses to those who are very lucky to get the win.

China Mystery Slot sometimes bounty not too high. Mega888 claimed that the symbols are scattered to form straight lines, jackpots can be up to 639000 coins. This is achieved if the player swaps free spins or scatters for a chance of winning the game feature.

Coming to Mega888 Singapore when betting you have the opportunity to receive up to 15 free spins. The landing reward is 5 spins and the more are traded at the same time for the money, the higher your chances of getting a large amount of money back.

Many Interesting Things Are Waiting For Players At Mega888

One of the things that players get when betting on China Mystery Slot at Mega888 is the online topic of the game’s fascinating aspects. Comes with 100 free spins, 2x multiplier. So sometimes the player feels like a Native American themed slot that’s an easy transition.

The Mega888’s China Mystery Slot is truly an interesting betting topic, with lots of free rounds and lower payout than offset. Players have many other betting options when it comes to Mega888, but indeed China Mystery Slot is the best choice to own.

A Top Oriental Slot

China Mystery Slot is an interesting experience that any player should try if participating in slots game with Mega888. With an oriental theme, the payout table is noted for the best degree of ensuring that all required features are preserved. As observed by players who once wagered half the pay table was excellent, the other half made the other side go down a bit and if any improvements were made on this online placement, it should be. will definitely be adding a little more theme.

If not combined with the themes, China Mystery Slot is still a game with a lot of potential, the dispersion and the wild is the best combination for the game. Many additional features really bring the game to life. For those who prefer to bet safely, the China Mystery Slot has great appeal. The game offers a low limit of 30 coins and for a high roller with a high limit value of 300 coins. China Mystery Slot has many elements of a spin that are worth the safety, the experience is enjoyable and reliable.


Among the many online betting apps, Mega888 remains strong in the betting market and has received a lot of popularity from players in Singapore. The China Mystery Slot game is just one part of Mega888, and there’s so much more to it than that. Players should register to participate in slots game Mega888 and choose the free betting feature, there will be many other exciting games like China Mystery Slot waiting to join.

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