Horse Racing Online Betting

Horse racing has become one of the interesting betting game and gained more favorite from the players. Understanding this thing, Bet88 Singapore provides this game and we hope our players can enjoy your moment while playing Singapore horse racing betting online at our casino.

Horse racing is played easily, but every betting game has its difficulty so do horse betting. If you want to have more winnings, you should play horse racing more because you can gain more experiences to dominate this game.

We inform you more specific about Singapore horse racing betting online, the differences between the traditional horse racing and the Singapore horse racing online, and how Each Way bet is calculated.

Singapore Horse Racing Betting

Horse Racing betting has been played for a long time ago, so this game becomes one of the most ancient sport. The goal of horse racing is to find out the fastest running horse among those horses who are participating in horse racing at a certain distance (or in a course). Commonly, the horse racing takes place with more than 2 horses but does not need the horse-riding of jockeys (in few cases, the jockeys still ride the horses). Underwent many improvements,Horse Racing betting has been placed bets by many players.

Horse racing betting generally is organized at some horse races and on many online casino in Singapore. In many horse races, the odds are provided by many dealers while the houses edge offer these odds in online casino. The race tracks are placed all over the world, but mostly in the UK. Therefore, Horse Racing betting takes place continuously many hours per day, but mostly in the evening when many racetracks in the UK begin to operate. Before placing bets, you should check the schedule of every match on the website SINGAPOREPOOLS.COM, then you can back to our website, BET88SG.WIN to start betting. Moreover, we offer many odds of live horse racing and many tips for you to make a profit. You also can follow the live horse racing betting on other websites or Facebook pages.

The Differences Between The Singapore Horse Racing Online and The Traditional Horse Racing.

Many years before, the players had to went to the race tracks to watch the horse racing and wagered directly with the wagering owner without any mobile devices or the internet connection. This is the traditional horse racing and it also brings many advantages to the players. They can place bets without paying in advance by the belief and acquaintance with the betting owner. They just need to call or text to the betting owner that they want to make bets, then the betting owner will accept and confirm with them. However, the players face many hazards while betting in the traditional horse racing such as the indebtedness of the betting owner or the bankrupt of the players while they keep betting without controlling their finances.

Opposite to the traditional horse racing, nowadays, the gamblers can place wagers on horse racing right at their home with the Singapore horse racing betting online by their mobile devices with the internet connection. By choosing the online casino which you like best, you can follow and start to bet right at it. Day by day, many diversity online casino have been established so you have more choices to choose an online casino that corresponds to your preferences. Besides that, you also can control your money easier because you can place bets only when you have transferred your money into your selected casino banking account. Each online casino has the abundant financial resource to pay all your winnings so do not worry about not being paid these winnings. With the online casinos, all the drawbacks of the traditional horse racing can be solved.

How To Calculate The Wager Of The E/W Bet?

Let’s look at an example to know exactly how to calculate the wager of the E/W bet. We are assuming that you wager on Vicente with $4 for an E/W bet and the payout is 20:1. The conditions of the E/W bet on this race track are three first places with a fifth of the odds. Then, after finishing the race, your winnings will correspond to:

  • WIN : gains $84 ($4 and the payout 20:1).
  • PLACE : gains $24 ($4 and the payout 5:1) (the payout has relied on the E/W conditions).

There Are Three Situations That Occur At This Moment:

  1. If your selected horse reaches the 1st position, your winnings are $108, it means that you gain the prize of both PLACE and WIN parts.
  2. If your selected horse reaches the 2nd or the 3rd positions, your winnings are $24, it means that your WIN part loses and your PLACE part wins.
  3. If your selected horse does not reach any positions above, all your wagers lose.

Consequently, the E/W bet (stands for Each Way bet) allows the players to bet on a specific horse to be a winner or in the top 3 fastest running horses.

Remember that before placing bets, you should check the conditions of the E/W bet which are placed below your betting choices. With each specif selection, you admit a fifth of the odds and the PLACE part includes the 1st, 2nd, 3rd positions.