History Of The Game Pai Gow Poker

History of The Game Pai Gow Poker

The famous gambling game whose origins from China named Pai Gow is the father of the modern version called Poker Pai Gow . This game has hundreds of years old . Besides Pai Gow is also considered to be the very first game using pieces in gameplay like Domino .Visit our Page Bet88sg.com for further more information about Pai Gow Poker  and other interesting games updated daily

The Origins From Chinese Pai Gow .

Since The Song Dynasty (960-1279) In China

The origin of the Poker variation may come from the Song Dynasty in China . Born in that time , Pai Gow had been played and supported by most of Chinese gamblers . The game is run by dominoes or small tiles . In Chinese language , Pai Gow means ” make nine ” . Since the time China is in the high militarization , the game is based on war concept.

In the game , dominoes are separated and symbolized for regular people and groups of army. Due to the complication, it is not famous as Keno – the game which was popular at that time.

19th Century — Being well-known In China

Some centuries later on , the  game continued to being a well-known means of entertainment throughout China . It was brought and welcome in the US years later . However , Americans did not get used to with playing with such a difficult game like Pai gow . Therefore , the game was not widely supported and welcome in the US.

The tiles , according to several ancient version of Pai gow , would be divided into 4 groups by the dealer. The dice were rolled to choose the group or the player. Having the military naturally , the game was considered to be tough when the dominoes were symbolized army units which were stood for by the numbers and civilian units were stood for by the pictures following the Chinese circumstances at that time.

Pai Gow started to create more many variations since 1800s , however , the specific documents and history about them  are not left much and got popular among of small groups of Chinese citizens at that time .

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Late 20th Century — Renewed Version From American Developers .

Fast look on the late of 20th century when the game had the chance to be the modern version of Pai Gow nowadays. The today version is the perfect inclusion of the traditional Poker , old and current Pai Gow . From the original version ,the game continued being loved by Asian community in general and Chinese people . Since the middle of  the 19th century , the game came along with the Chinese immigrant looking for a new life to North America . Since the late 1980s , two of American managers of casinos named Sam Torosian and Fred Wolf had changed the old versions and the complicated gameplay into the simplified improvement with cards . Time flies , the domino game has gone with the card game which is known as the name Pai Gow Poker and came to popular nowadays. This kind of game has created a new trend which is unique and welcome by many gamblers . Both author had taken the advantage of the crowd and replaced Chinese tiles with printed cards .

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The Great Combination Of Pai Gow

Being created by the cooperation between Sam Torosian and Fred Wolf , the modern version as we all know – Pai Gow Poker had just had some new colors since the late of 1900s . Among of them , Wolf had a casino on his own .Taking his advantage , he introduced the new version to be the big hit . In several years since the first appearance of Pai Gow Poker in the US in 1986 , it has been brought to the Las Vegas and casinos in Atlantic casinos .

Thanks to the Internet , online casino is the best choice for ones who do not want to waste money on costly flights and accommodations to Las Vegas or  Atlantic City . On many web-based or online system , Pai Gow Poker are posted and updated more everyday to meet the increasingly demand of gamblers who want to experience these variations of the game.

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Pai Gow Poker And Its First View

The biggest change of the game may belong to the transformation of the domino into a card . This is the most specific evidence for the game origins in China in the journey to the far way America. Though you can always see domino game in China nowadays )  .

According to the American version , the hand still remains basic and one joker is applied to the game. Like Blackjack , the dealer will join the game and be against by the players . There are maximum 6 people at the Pai Gow table for each of game .

The game stands for being unique meanwhile the players use all their cards and create 2 hands specificialy . Each of gambler will recieve 7 cards. Follow the rules , the player will divide these cards into High Hand of five cards and a Low Hand of two cards . The victory will belong to the player if their hand are not exceed the value in dealer’s hands. In case there is just only  a person knocking out the corresponding hand of the dealer , draw result is avoidable

More Bonus , More Chances

When the game came to online , Poker Casinos has improve the new feature called the Bonus Bet . To reach the Bonus Bet , the players will have a look on the all cards on the table . This part is not combined in the script to beat the  dealer but depends on the value of each hand of the player.

As the result , there are many changes which have been made to create the new version of Pai Gow and online Pai Gow Poker . Bonus Pai Gow Poker has more positive trends and attractions to the new players . It becomes quickly one of the most-accessed game on web-based casinos.

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