History Of A Legend Blackjack Games

Mention about the origin of Blackjack , people often picture about the mystery stories about how the game was born . For the historians, the history of Blackjack  has challenged the curiosity of anyone who is interested in the game for such a long time . Up to now , there is no one who knows exactly when and where the game started . Besides the mystery origin , Blackjack has evolved and been improved to have the firm position nowadays in the gambling community. Continue our post to have a closer look on this kind of game .  

History Blackjack

The Early Origins Of Blackjack Since The 18th Century

There are many theory surrounding the origins of Blackjack , however , the theory which considered that Blackjack has the source from the game named Vingt-et-un . In French,Vingt-et-un means 21 and became well-known under the era of King Louis XV.

However , there are also evidences about the influence on Blackjack from the older versions of gambling games . As the result , Vignt-et-un is believed to be the precursors to the game. To win the game , you’d better get closer as much as possible to the 31 points in total.  The rules to count the points of cards : the value of Jack card is 1 points , The Queen values 12 points and the King’s points are 13 points .

History Blackjack

The Origins Of The Game In The 18th Century

Some of the originals have common values as the improved version of Blackjack. The cause which made Vingt-et-un be more recognized is the related requirement . If you want to win the game , you need more than luck .

The journey to America had started since 18th century . The game was brought along with the French colonists . There are some significant differences at that moment and the nowadays version . In addition , a added betting round was inserted between the round when cards were distributed .

Under some circumstances , the second card of the dealer may be faced up since the start . It is also a metaphor sign from him/her about how he/she played his/her hand. Naturally , the dealer will continue their compulsory rules of the game. The points would raise to 16 or more than 17 .

The Century Of Considerable Development In America – 19th Century

Since  1820 , Gamble was officially recognized as a legal activity in  New Orleans . Due to the ban from France government , the game could not move out and spread out more in the 19th century . Meanwhile , the game had been developed and well-known in America . More and more gambling games and bookies raised day by day to meet the demand of American players in 1820. The first legal casinos supporting gambling was also founded there at that time.

There is also a person you need to know if you care about the origins of the game . There was a story about a lady named Eleanor Dumont or also known as Madame Mustache. She was an expert in dealer community of the game . People said that she was a French lady who immigrated to America since she was very little . Her talent can not be hidden when she had shown out her expertise skills in dealing cards . She was also a bookie and dealer to any players having requests without any mistakes . She earned her living from every corners and in the City called Nevada of California. Later then , she established a small place for gambling on the Broad street  and called it as Vingt-et-un. The parlour only welcomed males who were wealthy and talented, females are banned . Besides , the lady was also well-known for her unique beauty . Men came from the other different places in order to have a chance to join the game with her. Took the chance, she seduced these males to attract them visit her place more times . Though , she still kept herself away from them . The lady made everyone admire her at that time due to her intelligence in business and her charm. Till the golden time ended up , she was back to earn the wealth by going across the country but failed . She could not make her dream come true . People found her body in death on September 8th, 1879 in Bodie California. They told that due to the big debt , she killed herself to end up her life

The 20th Century – The Witness of The Prosperous Era of Casinos

The game was still well-known under the name 21 till its recognition in Nevada in 1931 after the legalisation of gambling activities . At first , to get more attention from the gamblers , some casino advertised their payout with 10:1 when the players got 21 points aside the ace of spades and one of the black jacks.

Though most of high payout does not exist anymore , the name Blackjack has some relations to this given rules . The legalisation of gambling was never enough. The urgent demand now is the standard in playing rules. Therefore , the rule came to be clear and improved up to now by Nevada Gambling Commission .  

First Steps In Las Vegas To Conquer The Great Casinos

The Ways Game Was Changed by Card Counting

Up to around 1950 , the appearances of blackjack card counters changed the whole situation. Although, there were some players taking advantages of the same way to eliminate the benefit of the bookie. One of the most famous name was Jess Marcum whose strategy made himself banned from the variety of casinos. There are also 4 other people who made the book whose title was Playing Blackjack to Win in 1957. Based on the book , the mathematician named Thorp had invented  a “ten-count system” which helps to find the one having more advantage of betting in order make a bigger wager. It combined 2 numbers you could think with number 16 and 36 which is in relation with the card 10’s in the deck and other relevant cards. When the game begined , he counted down the number and separated it for the last 10’s cards. Thanks to the author , this system is named after him as “Thorp Ratio”. However , nowadays the situation has changed . There are more than 1 decks played at the same time . The chance to use the original  “Thorp Ratio” is rare or very complicated .

The Way Casinos Changed Card Counting

The bookie had thought many ideas to counteract against the card counters which were able to eliminate the house edge and reduce the benefits .

As the result , they applied to increase the amount of used decks up to 4 . Besides , the shoe was not run anytime, dealer will shuffle cards even when the deck still left some . The house also put more Blackjack table to satisfy the demand of players . But all these ways just increased the house advantages.

Finally , till 1963 there was a computer scientist whose name was Harvey Dubner invented the new method of counting . This invention was brought to the product of  Thorp’s Beat the Dealer. Taking the advantage of computers , blackjack gamblers could control their strategy to be suitable with the changes from the house. At this time , however , the house controlled the counting machine.  Besides they also made some actions to attract players coming more in order rise their profits .

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