3x Dragon Supreme Slot Machine

Welcome to mystery Dragon world! The beautiful Chinese Dragons on three reels five paylines are waiting for you to discover. GamingSoft developed 3x Dragon Supreme Slot Machine with many great bonus as well as colorful symbols on the Chinese-themed. It will bring you come to discover the cultures of China and into an adventure to see many cool dragons. I bet it will become one of your favorite games with great graphics, colorful animations and relaxing soundtrack. And if you like the cultures of China, it is a good choice for you!

Symbols and Features

There are 3 reels and 5 paylines in 3x Dragon Supreme slot machine. As well as have many symbols with different values. There are two main symbols like 7’s and BAR within the lowest values with 2x your amount belong to the red 1Bar. The yellow 2Bars are paid 4x amount while the green 3Bars are worth 8x the total bet. If there are any appearance winning combination of these symbols, you will get a bonus prize worth 1x total bet.

The number 7s symbols have higher values including the blue, gold and red 777 symbols with up to 20x your stake, while light gold single 7’s are paid out 10x total bet. 

Even though these symbols are basic and classic, they are designed by using 3D graphics. Like the other games, if you want to win this game, you have to collect three symbols on the reels.

In this game, the Wild symbol is Dragon and the Scatter symbol is decorative circle. The Wild symbol can replace all other symbols except the scatter symbols and it has a big value. If you can land 1 dragon on the reels, you will receive 3x your stake as well as 2 dragons and other symbols, you will be awarded 6x amount. So, as can say that you can get the biggest award when you can collect the 3x dragon symbol on the reels. You can win with 300x your stake if all paylines are filled by Dragon, while 2 Dragon symbols land on two reels you will get the prize with 20x your amount and 0.40x for 1 dragon on the reels. 

Free Spins Bonus Games

Although 3x Dragon Supreme slot machine is quite simple, it still provides more features and free spins bonus which helps you get the win easier. To trigger a free spin bonus, you have collect  three or more scatter symbols. When free spins are triggered, if there are no fancy symbols or any bigger rates of a winning combination on the reels, you still are awarded 7 spins. After you waste of 7 free spins, you will turn back the main game because these free spins cannot retrigger. 

The evaluate of 3x Dragon Supreme

In the first glance, you can feel 3x Dragon Supreme quite simple and the same with other traditions machine. However, it has more different things than other one, especially about the Wild symbols. These Dragon Wild symbols in this game have the big values with the multiplier and it will bring to you the chances to choose the huge cashes of winning wherever they land.

Even though it has 3-reel with 5 paylines, the free spins are one of the good points in this slots. You can get up to 7 free spins for each round by three or more scatter symbols. These free spins will give you more chances to win easier. 

With the theme of cultural Chinese and the symbols have a Chinese imprint too will make 3x Dragon Supreme become popular with the native gamblers. Fortunately, this free slot machine are known all over the world thanks to the interesting theme and its useful features. 

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