Cleopatra Overview & Features

Designed and Created by big gaming developers IGT (International Gaming Technology), Cleopatra has been a phenomenon among slots communities. It can be easily found in any casinos in the world, especially in Singapore. It’s so popular and successful that it’s seen as a standard when comparing to other later slot games. Because of that success, a sequel of that, named  Cleopatra II slot machine has been produced with some additional features. But whatever the version is, the main theme is all about the mystically beautiful Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra and the surrounding ancient Egyptian culture.

Cleopatra Overview & Features

Cleopatra Slots are mainly designed in traditional style that are usually noticed in land-based casinos. The biggest distinct feature is this slot game is equipped with 5 reels, instead of 3 in traditional machines. Moreover, the interaction between the game and the players has been significantly improved with touch feature. Cleopatra Slots game offers 20 paylines for players to bet on, and the bet values vary from 1 penny to 10 dollars for a payline. The maximum payout the game can give is 10,000 credits for each triggered payline.

As mentioned above, the game reflects the Egyptian culture via symbols, music, and the writing.

Players will be hosted and instructed by a very smooth and mysterious female voice. IGT has succeeded in inserting the thrilling and intriguing music effects and graphics into the game to make it as realistic as possible.

The game is all what players can imagine about ancient Egypt with hidden tremendous treasures and prizes waiting to be explored. On the reels, players can also notice very distinct symbols such as the beetle, the Sphinx and various hieroglyphics which can be associated with Egypt. The face cards are also designed in a particular way, not like those players usually see in casinos.

How To Play & Real Money Versions

The gameplay in Cleopatra Slots is pretty similar to other traditional slot games. First, players insert their coins into the game. Then, when the paylines are ready, players will choose the amount of bet to place on (the pay lines). The payouts will be given when a combinations of symbols appear. During the game, the players’ winning probability may increase with the help of the wild and scatter symbol. Those symbols will grant the players 15 free spins and rewards and prizes can still be won with free spins normally. The scatter symbols’ function is to double the bet value of the players of there are two or more of them pop up on the reels.

The generous payouts are obviously one of the elements that make it such a hit in many casinos. Players can win up to 10,000 credits or have a chance make their original bet 100 times bigger. Besides, we can’t forget about the main character, Queen Cleopatra, who is represented by the wild symbol. The wild symbol can replace any other symbols, except the scatter symbol, to raise the winning chance of the players.

History of Cleopatra

Cleopatra VII Philopator, or simply Queen Cleopatra, was the last pharaoh to ever rule Egypt for 21 years. She was ultimately worshiped by her people and was once a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty. She was considered one of the greatest conquerors, alongside with Alexander the Great. However, it’s her mysterious beauty that made people remember her through centuries and a lot of movies have been made inspired by her.

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