Online Tables Games & Fish Table Games : The Differences

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Fish shooting Game, or simply Fish Game, has been no longer a strange name to those who are interested gambling. In fact, you can hardly find any casinos in Singapore that doesn’t fixture Fish Table Games. Throughout the years, the demands for playing Fish Game has drastically increasing because of its simplicity and richness in entertainment. Being clearly aware of this issue, game developers have created the online version of this game so many more people can enjoy shooting colorful ocean creatures without having to go to an actual casino. Basically, the gameplay and rules of the online shooting Fish Game and Fish Table Games are relatively similar. Yet, there are still some interesting differences between the two versions which will now be discussed.

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Entering the game

To Fish Table Games, people have to travel a certain distance to have access to it as they may not be available everywhere. Then, people need to line up to purchase coins, which is pretty time-consuming. These difficulties have been solved in the online version, where people just need a computer, a laptop or even a smartphone with Internet connection.

Screen display

Visuality is maybe one thing that distinguishes online shooting fish game and Fish Table Games the most. In fact, visual effects can be significantly improved through time, meanwhile traditional machines mostly stay the same. Moreover, as developers are entitled to use up their creativity, many more new stunning fish, octopus, turtles and other miraculously fascinating ocean creatures are added with different sizes and bonuses carried with them. Also, sound effects are considerably enhanced, compared to those in Fish Table Games. Players can experience super-realistic shooting, catching, or bomb sounds or what sounds like living under the sea.

Gadget designs

Apart from the fish, the designs of guns, canons, nets, bombs have improved with various sizes, functions and costs in the online version of Fish Game. Also, online fish table provides you with other handy tools such as poison and electric beam to slow down the fish’s speed. Besides, all the moves are made by clicking or tapping, so players will have no problems controlling worn-out, slow buttons in traditional machines.

The gameplay

Basic rules and how to play in the two versions remain the same. However, there are limits in coins, levels and number of guns available for the player in traditional Fish Table Games. And because it takes time to purchase more coins, players have to carefully decide what kind of gun they will pick to shoot what kind of fish and spend the coins accordingly. In online fish table, players will be given more coins (9 or 10 instead of 7) and you can practicing using different types of guns beforehand so you can increase your chances of winning when actually playing.  

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The Rewards And Cash Out

During the game, you may win different kinds of rewards or even jackpots. But the payouts are always cash. In offline fish game, the rates of exchanging coins (rates out) into cash differ, depending on each gambling spot. The problem is that players have to carry their coins to certain places in order to cash out, and the rates out are often lower than the rates in.

Meanwhile, in online fish table game, players simply need a bank account or online payment service to claim their money, and the rates they exchange from coins are pretty much the same. Another advantage of this method is that players’ information is secured better.

Game playing environment

Lastly, let’s look at the difference in the environment players experience in Fish game machines and online Fish game.

Playing fish game in traditional gambling spots can be very noisy because of people’s getting over-excited. Yells and shots are heard all the time. Plus, not every gambling spot offers players services in the best and friendliest way. Complains about the attitudes of the employees or even the owners are numerous, not to mention the quality of old, easily broken down machines and the opening-closing time. Online shooting fish game offers much better conditions. Players can sit comfortably at home enjoying the peaceful atmosphere while shooting fish on the screen. And of course, they can play anytime and how long as they’re pleased. Although sometimes there can be some Internet connection problems, weighing up the pros and cons, online Fish game is still higher recommended because of what it can bring, rather than offline fish game.

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