Euro 2021 Table & Standings

Euro Cup 2020 – 2021 is one of the most exciting tournaments on the planet that has attracted thousands of fans. Currently, the Euro Cup qualifiers are nearing completion, however, which teams will participate in the final round? What will the schedule be like?

The following article will help you learn more about these important information. Let’s learn more!

Euro Cup 2021 Finals Draw

There are 24 teams participating in Euro Cup 2020 -2021, in which, divided into 4 groups A, B, C, D, E and F. After the draw, UEFA Euro Cup 2020 announced 4 group stages as follows: 

Group ATurkey 
Italy (hosts)
Group BDenmark (hosts)
Russia (hosts)
Group CNetherlands (hosts)
Play-off winner D: (Georgia or North Macedonia)
Group DEngland (hosts)
Play-off winner C  (Scotland or Serbia)
Czech Republic
Group E Spain (hosts)
Play-off winner B (Slovakia or Northern Ireland)
Group FPlay-off winner A (Iceland or Hungary)
Portugal (holders)
Germany (hosts)

The Stadiums Will Host Euro Cup 2021

Group Stadium
Group AStadio Olimpico, Rome (Italy) and Olympic Stadium, Baku (Azerbaijan).
Group BKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Parken Stadium, Copenhagen (Denmark).
Group CJohan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Arena Națională, Bucharest (Romania).
Group DWembley Stadium, London (England) and Hampden Park, Glasgow (Scotland).
Group ESan Mames, Bilbao (Spain) and Aviva Stadium, Dublin (Republic of Ireland).
Group FAllianz Arena, Munich (Germany) and Ferenc Puskas Stadium, Budapest (Hungary).
Round of 16Wembley Stadium, London (England), Parken Stadium, Copenhagen (Denmark), Arena Națională, Bucharest (Romania), Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Aviva Stadium, Dublin (Republic of Ireland), San Mames, Bilbao (Spain), Ferenc Puskas Stadium, Budapest (Hungary), Hampden Park, Glasgow (Scotland).
Quarter-finalsAllianz Arena, Munich (Germany), Olympic Stadium, Baku (Azerbaijan), Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg (Russia), Stadio Olimpico, Rome (Italy).
Semi-finals and FinalWembley Stadium, London (England)

The Euro Cup 2021 Fixtures Schedule

Group Stages

June 119 p.mGroup A: Turkey vs Italy (9 p.m, Rome)
June 123 p.mGroup A: Wales vs Switzerland (3 p.m, Baku)
6 p.mGroup B: Denmark vs Finland (6 p.m, Copenhagen)
9 p.mGroup B: Denmark vs Finland (6 p.m, Copenhagen)
June 133 p.mGroup D: England vs Croatia (3 p.m, London)
6 p.mGroup C: Austria vs Play-off winner D (6 p.m, Bucharest)
9 p.mGroup C: Netherlands vs Ukraine (9 p.m, Amsterdam)
June 14
3 p.mGroup D: Play-off winner C vs Czech Republic (3 p.m, Glasgow)
6 p.mGroup E: Poland vs Play-off winner B (6 p.m, Dublin)
9 p.mGroup E: Spain vs Sweden (9 p.m, Bilbao)
June 156 p.mGroup F: Play-off winner A vs Portugal (6 p.m, Budapest)
6 p.mGroup F: France vs Germany (9 p.m, Munich)
June 163 p.mGroup B: Finland vs Russia (3 p.m, St Petersburg)
6 p.mGroup A: Turkey vs Wales (6 p.m, Baku)
9 p.mGroup A: Italy vs Switzerland (9 p.m, Rome)
 June 173 p.mGroup C: Ukraine vs Play-off winner D (3 p.m, Bucharest)
6 p.mGroup B: Denmark vs Belgium (6 p.m, Copenhagen)
9 p.mGroup C: Netherlands vs Austria (9 p.m, Amsterdam)
 June 183 p.mGroup E: Sweden vs Play-off winner B (3 p.m, Dublin)
6 p.mGroup D: Croatia vs Czech Republic (6 p.m, Glasgow)
9 p.mGroup D: England vs Play-off winner C (9 p.m, London)
June 19 June3 p.mGroup F: Play-off winner A vs France (3 p.m, Budapest)
6 p.mGroup F: Portugal vs Germany (6 p.m, Munich)
9 p.mGroup E: Spain vs Poland (9 p.m, Bilbao)
June 206 p.mGroup A: Italy vs Wales (6 p.m, Rome)
6 p.mGroup A: Switzerland vs Turkey (6 p.m, Baku)
June 216 p.mGroup C: Play-off winner D vs Netherlands (6 p.m, Amsterdam)
6 p.mGroup C: Ukraine vs Austria (6 p.m, Bucharest)
9 p.mGroup B: Russia vs Denmark (9 p.m, Copenhagen)
9 p.mGroup B: Finland vs Belgium (9 p.m, St Petersburg)
June 229 p.mGroup D: Czech Republic vs England (9 p.m, London)
9 p.mGroup D: Croatia vs Play-off winner C (9 p.m, Glasgow)
June 236 p.mGroup E: Play-off winner B vs Spain (6 p.m, Bilbao)
6 p.mGroup E: Sweden vs Poland (6 p.m, Dublin)
9 p.mGroup F: Germany vs Play-off winner A (9 p.m, Munich)
9 p.mGroup F: Portugal v France (9 p.m, Budapest)

Round of 16

The 4 teams ranked 3rd and the top two in each group will continue to advance to the next round.

Saturday, June 266 p.m1 –  Runners-up Group A vs. Runners-up Group B (6 p.m, Amsterdam)
9 p.m2 – Winners Group A vs. Runners-up Group C (9 p.m, Munich)
Sunday, June 276 p.m3 – Winners Group C vs. 3rd in A/D/E/F (6 p.m, Budapest)
9 p.m4 – Winners Group B vs. 3rd in A/D/E/F (9 p.m, Bilbao)
Monday, June 286 p.m
5 – Runners-up Group D vs. Runners-up Group E (6 p.m, Copenhagen)
9 p.m
6 – Winners Group F vs. 3rd in A/B/C (9 p.m, Bucharest)
Tuesday, June 296 p.m
7 – Winners Group D vs. Runners-up Group F (6 p.m, Dublin)
9 p.m
8- Winners Group E vs. 3rd in A/B/C/D (9 p.m, Glasgow)


Friday, July 26 p.mQF2: Winner 4 vs Winner 2 (9 p.m, Munich)
9 p.mQF2: Winner 4 vs Winner 2 (9 p.m, Munich)
Saturday, July 36 p.mQF3: Winner 3 vs Winner 1 (6 p.m, Baku)
9 p.mQF4: Winner 8 vs Winner 7 (9 p.m, Rome)


Tuesday, July 69 p.mSF1: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1 (9 p.m, London)
Wednesday, July 79 p.mSF2: Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 (9 p.m, London)


Sunday, July 119 p.mWinner S1 vs Winner S2 (9 p.m, London)

The Play-offs Fixtures

Here are the results of the play-offs. The play-offs final will be played on November 12. This will decide which team can continue their chances of conquering Euro Cup 2021

League A

– Iceland 2-1 Romania

– Bulgaria 1-3 Hungary

Final match: Hungary vs. Iceland

League B

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-1 Northern Ireland 

Slovakia 0-0 Republic of Ireland 

Final match: Northern Ireland vs. Slovakia

League C

Scotland 0-0 Israel 

Norway 1-2 Serbia

Final match: Serbia vs. Scotland

League D

Georgia 1-0 Belarus

North Macedonia 2-1 Kosovo

Final match: Georgia vs. North Macedonia

The Exceptions In The Group Stage

At Euro Cup 2020, in case if both hosts are eligible, which team will play at home?

This case appeared in Group B between the two hosts, Denmark and Russia. In this match, Denmark was drawn and Russia will have to play only two games in Saint Petersburg. This also means that Wales, Finland or Belgium will also have to play one game in Copenhagen and two in Saint Petersburg.

In addition, some countries will not be grouped together. However, they can meet in the knockout rounds. This will affect the results of the draw announcement in the group stage.

Some countries are not allowed to share the table such as:

Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Kosovo

Russia vs Kosovo

Serbia vs Kosovo

Ukraine vs Russia


Above are some of the latest information you should know about a leading tournament in the world today. Hopefully you can follow the Euro Cup 2020 schedule to watch your favorite matches. 

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