How To Play Dragon Fishing At Online Casino

In the list of shooting fish games, Dragon Fishing is considered to be an extremely interesting game that many players choose at. If you are a new player to bet, let Bet88sg help you learn about this game carefully before placing your bet.

What Is Dragon Fishing?

Dragon Fishing is a top favorite shooting fish game on the market today. With simple rules and great prizes, Dragon Fishing is always the best choice for the fans.

When joining Dragon Fishing, players only need to use weapons such as cannons, bombs, bullets, guns, … to destroy marine creatures. Each creature has its own value, in particular, the arowanas in the ocean have the greatest value. So if the player can destroy it, the player will be able to redeem a huge amount of coins.

There are 3 new updated heavy weapons: diamond firecrackers, detectors firecrackers, ammo. These are firecrackers with a high lethality feature, suitable for destroying large and high value fish.

Currently, players can fully participate in shooting fish anytime, anywhere with the free mobile version. Just download the game by choosing the fishing application suitable for the operating system you are using, then download and start the installation that players can quickly own Dragon Fish. At, players will have the opportunity to experience shooting fish with vivid 3D images, attractive sound, and many great promotions and offers.

To be able to easily and quickly win against Dragon Fish, players need to know how to use the available weapons. In addition, players need to upgrade the fish shooting feature through rounds to improve their chances of winning and saving bullets.

How To Play Dragon Fishing At Bet88sg

Dragon Fishing is currently present in many online casinos in the Singapore market. However, in order to have the best experience, is always the first choice for players. Bet88sg is not only Singapore’s leading betting site, but also offers many attractive and hottest versions of fish shooting today.

Please perform the following actions to start Dragon Fishing at Bet88sg:

  • Step 1: Access, log in your betting account. If you do not have an account, contact customer service by live chat or WhatsApp for registration instructions.
  • Step 2:Top up your account after successful login.
  • Step 3: Click on fish table games online and then propose to join “dragon fishing”.
  • Step 4: Select the playing area

Before starting to play, the system will display 1 of 2 playing areas for players to choose from, including: area for professional players and area for new players. Each area will have different ammo and weapon levels. The player must choose the appropriate level.

  • Step 5: Dragon Fishing

Once transferred to the main interface of Dragon Fishing, players use guns and other weapons to start destroying fish. Take a good shot to beat sea creatures to get bonus coins. The more fish a player shoots, the more bonus he gets.

Some Experience Playing Dragon Fishing

  • Choose the right playing area

This is the most important thing that players need to pay attention to before starting to bet. Because if the player does not choose the right playing area, the odds of losing bets will be very high. So if you are a professional player, challenge yourself by choosing difficult areas. If you are a new player, please select the play area for newbies. Moreover, choosing the right play area will help players destroy a lot of sea creatures, accumulating a lot of bonuses.

  • Fire bullets into the wall

This technique should be used when golden dragons or large fish appear. Shoot bullets against the wall so that the bullets bounce back and shoot straight at the target. To be sure to destroy these fishes, players should shoot 2 rounds of bullets consecutively and use reasonable ammo. To save ammo, the player should aim the gun accurately.

  • Shooting fish in groups

If a school of fish appears on the interface, take aim as soon as the fish swim out. This will help players improve their chances of destroying more fish quickly and get more bonus coins. Besides, players can also save the types of ammunition in use. This is the way a lot of gamers choose.


Above is extremely interesting information about the Dragon Fishing at Bet88sg. Hopefully the above experience will help players easily win when joining Dragon Fishing. Quickly register to become a member of Bet88sg to start a fishing trip, find treasure under the vast ocean.

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