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Counting Cards in Blackjack
In essence, counting cards is not illegal, but it does contribute to the player’s ability to win more than everyone else

Blackjack is one of the top betting games. This game annually attracts a lot of players and brings a large number of profits at the dealers. Blackjack is available online today and is known for its many betting strategies and tips. Any longtime blackjack gambler from traditional casino to online casinos will understand what Bet88sg means below. The player should know that the casino strategies they have come from Blackjack, including the famous card counting technique.

How Many Decks Of Cards Does Online Blackjack Use

Players should first know that one of the casino strategies is card counting in blackjack. This is a form of predicting the next hand based on the cards in a group that the player owns. In street gambling places, players often use card counting. It is also considered a method of cheating in gambling, and it is in this way that many players have made big wins in famous casinos.

As noted this way is more commonly used for street gambling. At some casinos, card counting is forbidden, even if any player is found to use card counting, they will be dismissed and not allowed to bet. However, because the benefits from this way of gambling are too high, players are still caught up in and cannot stop the player.

In essence, counting cards is not illegal, but it does contribute to the player’s ability to win more than everyone else. As a result, casinos can only kick players out of the betting facility and prohibit them from participating in the dealer-controlled casino. One thing to know is that not everyone can use this method when betting. On the contrary, it is very difficult, for a gambler to practice successfully it takes many years and a lot of dedication to be able to use this strategy skillfully.

In Blackjack, card counting is considered a certain winning strategy at the casino. This technique is expected to increase the odds of up to 102% at a casino game.

At the online casinos there is a little difference that players should be aware of. It is an online casino because all of the players are far away and each one has a place, a game room, and a table that helps them communicate with each other. Therefore, online betting is always more strict, all management activities are based on machines so there is a higher accuracy. And the question that many players ask when participating in Blackjack is: is it possible to count cards when betting online or not?

Counting Cards In Online Casinos

Counting Cards in Blackjack
Players should first know that one of the casino strategies is card counting in blackjack

According to the questions of many players, the answer is “Can’t count Blackjack cards at online casinos” This strategy is completely impossible to use in online games and any games. online, including live casinos.

Players wishing to have access to a deck of cards have strategies related to card counting strategies. These two are closely linked. For example, if the dealer is in half a game with 6 decks of cards, then the dealer has a 50% chance of penetrating that deck. The higher the penetration rate the deeper the deck is dealt. Players can easily predict if the number of cards above is less.

At live betting this is usually not possible because the online decks are automatic and will change with each hand during the Blackjack betting process. That is why the player cannot count cards.

In live Blackjack play where the cards are shuffled after each hand, the player is instructed to shuffle the cards. Given that the deck penetration rate is 50%, the chances for those who use a card count strategy are cut in half. Then the number of cards on the table is too high before the deck has penetrated 50% before the player makes any other predictions. Again, when playing live casino cards cannot be counted.

There are also various card counting methods, such as Knockout (KO) and Hi-Low. If any player intends to play Blackjack bets can watch these two strategies more closely.


Casino bettors should remember that betting is for fun and enjoyment. Besides, there are still tips and strategies that help players have a chance to win in casino betting. to accept the award. Bet88sg expect all of our betting members to be smart and civilized players.

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