Sic bo a game having the origin from China , is famous for different names Tai Sai , big and small, Dai Siu, and Hi Lo . There are 3 dice in need to run the game. About the age of this invention, Sic bo was estimated to be born before the release of paper

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Rules And How To Play Sic Bo

Coming from China , so is it easy to know the rules and gameplay of Sic Bo ? Why do not you find out yourself to get more knowledge about this interesting game . Let’s visit our Page for further more information about Sic Bo and other interesting games updated daily .

Which Is Sic Bo ?

Sic bo a game having the origin from China , is famous for different names Tai Sai , big and small, Dai Siu, and Hi Lo . There are 3 dice in need to run the game. About the age of this invention, Sic bo was estimated to be born before the release of paper . As the result , there was no means to create playing cards like modern era. Instead, Chinese people were so smart to take advantages of using tiles or engraved stones to play .

The Main Objectives

Gamblers make their wager on the table . The main task is predicting exactly the outcome result of 3 rolled dice. The result would be based on the sum and combinations. Players are allowed to make several wagers at the same time and follow the odds available on the table .

How Sic Bo Is Played ?

Sic Bo is run as casino game with 3 dice . The main mission of  the game is giving the outcome result coinciding with one of the potential number to win. Every wager in Sic Bo relies on the prediction for the dice combination after each throw.

It is not difficult to remember how to play Sic Bo. To be the winner , the gambler must predict exactly the combination will appear on the dice after they are shaken in the cup. The rules are also not hard to learn. Based on the simple object as guessing the combination of outcoming number,the first steps are very easy. First , put your bet by choosing the size of your chip on the suitable area of the table. According to the bet you want to make, do the bets correctly follow your thoughts and prediction. Do not forget that you can make a several bets on the same moment. The amount can be different up to your choice.

Things To Know About Sic Bo Board

The board may make you feel complicated at the first look. In contrast , the rules are so much simple.

The 3 dice are put in the cup or a bowl covered by the porcelain plate and shaken by the dealer . Bettors will make their wager on each throw . For example , sum of the dice based on any number showing on the dice, or any couple of number or combination.

How The Sic Bo Bets Work

About Total

The most popular choice on the Sic Bo board is betting on the sum of three dice.

The ranges combines from 4 to 17 ( Triple 1 and Triple 6 have a task to cover 3 and 18)

Based on the probability each dice may have , the payouts on each wager would be different. The payouts will be shown on the betting squares.  

Take an instance , sum of 4 bets are about from 60 to 1 ( it means bettor will win 60 units on each which is staked ) meanwhile the sum of 10 or 11 will receive 6 to 1 ( it means bettor will win 6 for each which is staked )

About Small and Big

Small bet is counted by the total of three dice . Small goes from 4 to 10 . Big is from 11 to 17

Big and Small own the payout 1 to 1 . That means it is an evens bet. An important note to remember that if any triple comes , the bet of Big and Small will both bring nothing .  That is the reason why the sum of 3 and 19 are not combined in these bets . The rule about triple is run as the same as the number zero in Roulette. It also means that the evens chance will be more than 50/50 and the house will remain their advantage .  

About The Combination

This bet is created by betting on any couple of numbers appearing on the dice after each throw . Take an instance , we assume that you would bet on the couple of 2 and 3 . You would be the winner if the outcome are 2,3,4 .

The combination bet has the payout which is from 6 to 1 no matter which number you make a wager.

About The Single

The Single bet allows players to make a wager on a specific number appearing on the dice after each throw.

Based on how many time of appearances from the number on the dice , the payout will be counted and recorded .

If the number you picked up appears on one of three dice , you will receive 1 to 1 ( 1 unit per each unit staked ) . If there are 2 number on dice , you will get 2 to 1 and in other situation when all three happens , you will get 12 to 1 .

This kind of payout is not same as the Triple bet which returns 180 to 1 for any clear triple. However , the more choices it has , the more attractive Sic Bo can be .

About The Double Bet

The double bet happens when the 2 of these number appear on the three dice . We will assume that you make a wager on double 2 if the number coming out are 2,6,2. Therefore the bet could be double from 1 to 6 so the payout will return 10 to 1. ( it means you got 10 units for each 1 unit staked and repay for 11 units). Being different from the Triple bet , there is no choice to make any wager on double – you have to get 1 only double clearly , although you have as many double times you want .


The Triple bet is a bet that all three dice will show a specific number.You can bet on any specific triple from 1 to 6 and also bet that any triple (ie non-specific) will occur. The bet will come ..

The payout on any triple is 30 to 1 (ie you win 30 units for every 1 unit staked), but the payout on a specific triple is a whopping 180 to 1, making it the biggest payout on the board, and a far larger payout than the measly 35 to 1 on a single number in Roulette!

It’s a fantastic return if it comes up, but the odds against it happening are 216 to 1. Definitely a bet for the Sic Bo high roller!

About The Triple

The Triple bet is run by the same way as its name . This bet is created by betting all three dice with specific number . Any specific triple from 1 to 6 can be picked up. Also , you can bet any non-specific triple. The Triple owns the payout as 30 to 1 ( it means you will get 30 units for each unit staked ) . Due to the amazing repay if the number appears , the odds would be 216 to 1 .

About The Betting

At the bottom row of the playing table in Sic Bo , there are 6 areas for betting . These areas are known as single number bets . If the  numbers coming next are ones yu picked up ( from 1-6), you will be repaid at 1 to 1 . If you got 2 number , the rate will be 2 to 1 and if the amount of numbers you got are 3 numbers , you will be paid 3-1 .

So if the wager chooses the number 3 and your bet is $5.00 and you predicted correctly 3 numbers . The money coming for you would be $10.00.  

The wager which is created by betting on combining 2 numbers for the outcome of the dice. We’ll assume that you make a bet on both 6 and 4  then the result coming out was 4,6,7 , you will get money at 6:1 odds . This result just works when you got the combination of 2 numbers . The sum of betting three numbers consists of the total points appearing on the dice. Up to the total points , the odds will be decided and changed . If you got 3 or 18 , better luck next time . The payouts are determined as :

  • 4 or 17 then 50 to 1;
  • 5 or 16 then 25 to 1;
  • 6 or 15 then 15 to 1;
  • 7 or 14 then 10 to 1;
  • 8 or 13 then 6 to 1;
  • 9 or 12 then 5 to 1;
  • 10 or 11 then 5 to 1.

You can make a bet on the probability of occurrence of the result which goes from 4 to 10 or 11 to 17. The payout for this bet is at 1:1. If you are in the triple bet , all the bets which are small or big will die .

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