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Rules And How To Play

Pai Gow Poker

Being improved and recommended  by the 2 American casino owner , Pai Gow had more chances to go further in every casino and still remains its reputation up to now . In simple words , the main task is making 2 poker hand with a 5- card hand and a 2 – card hand . If your hands beat the dealer’s hands , you receive the money . As we all now , it is not difficult to learn the gameplay and perfect for ones who love the slow-speed and funny game to play at the casino tables .

How To Get Used To Playing With Pai Gow Poker ?

According to the simple rules and gameplay we mentioned above , Pai Gow owns a lot of pushes.  One more different characteristic is playing on the same stake at the same time . One hand is absolutely supported by the odds in each deal . That means the rate you would take risk may be low and help the interaction between participants increase. One more chance to rise the cooperation between gamblers is paying against the dealer . That really makes sense when players can collaborate with each other to win.  

More Fact About Pai Gow Poker ?

If you can not make sure how to choose your hand , make a request with the dealer. The dealer will let you know how the bookie decide and go ahead!

How To Make Bet In Pai Gow Poker ?

Like every other gambling games , Pai Gow is started with the bet placed in advance from the players before any cards are given . You must be very careful because this is the only wager you will manage . This bet can not also exceed the limit of the table .

No matter you have a “premium” hand, it is allowed to create a Bonus Bet . If your “premium” hand is much effective , the bookie will pay more on your wager. The advantage is that nothing limits the bonus wager by the main bet.

Notice: Do not trust in the bonus! Due to some reason , the house bookie is quite big. Therefore in the long run you will lose more money .

Pai Gow Poker – The Deal is very important

Every player will get 7 cards which are faced down after all wagers are set up . The deck used would be the standard deck with 53 cards combined the joker card.

Even when there are not enough players , the dealer will give out 7 cards to 7 destinations. The empty places will be considered as trash and faced down  .

Anytime when the dealer chooses an unused hands , the player can understand as the 2 Pai Gow hands .

What’s A Joker Role In Pai Gow?

If you are given a joker card , it can be used in 3 flexible ways :

  • The joker can be fulfilled for a straight
  • The joker can be fulfilled for a flush
  • If you can not apply in any situation , the joker will be counted as an ace. Anytime it appears in the  two-card hand, it is always an ace.

The Higher 5-Card Hand Will Make You Be in Favor.

The simple rule of the 2 Pai Gow hands does not confuse the users : the 5 card hand have to be higher than the two-card. We all know that the big hand owns a pair , in contrast, the high ace belongs to the small hand . Take another way ( by taking the two 8s along with the small hand ) would be banned because the small hand exceeds the big hand.

Reminder : If you make everything messy and let your small hand exceed the big hand,the “fouling your hand” will happen  and your wager will be lost . You will receive nothing

The rank of your 5-card hand is based on the standard Poker Hand Rankings with an exception which must be kept in mind :

The 2nd-highest straight is known as the A-2-3-4-5 straight (which is also called as a “wheel”)  .

It’s a strange  rule and been dropped in a lot of casinos nowadays  . Make sure with your chosen bookie about the rules to determine .

Basic Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Due to the  high risk of losing your money anytime when one of your hands is higher than the dealer’s hand , there is a popular tactic to separate your hand into the most powerful two-card hand as much as possible .

There is an exception which is applied in this tactic is that it really matters when you can create a sured five-card hand like a straight or better. Under this circumstances , your five-card hand is in the safezone for having a victory allowing you make any decision on two card hand you are joining .

In case you are having hands with no pairs which has no connection with set of 7 cards , there are some common ways following :

  • The highest-ranked card should be left in the back (big) hand
  • The second two highest-ranking cards should be taken in the front (small) hand.

This way let your front hand have the possible strength without any exceeds for the back hand.

In Case You Own A Pair In The Dealt Hand:

  • Use the pair in your big hand
  • Use your owned two other highest cards in the low hand

Remember :

  1. Apply 3-of-a-Kind in the High hand if you don’t  have 3 Aces. If 3 aces are available , take a pair in the high hand and apply the Ace-high for your low hand.
  2. Use the straights and flushes for  your high hand if you do not also have two pairs. After that , separate them following to mentioned rules for two-pair hands
  3. Dealer Rules  and the bookie edge
  4. In most of casinos , the dealer is compulsory to decide his or her Pai Gow hand to follow the clear ways . This is how they call the “House Way.”
  5. This is different from each casino , however , it appears  in every guide of gameplay . Make sure to have a look on each local casino to be sure what their House Way is.

Ways to Determine a Victory For Pai Gow Hand

  1. When all hands are decided  or arranged , do not forget to compare your two hands with the two hands of the dealer.
  2. In case both hands are higher than the dealer hands, you will receive 1:1 on your wager
  3. In case one of your hands is better than the dealer’s, it’s called a push
  4. In case both your hands are not better than the dealers, better luck next time

Remember : In Pai Gow draws , ask the dealer in case you own the  same hand , the the dealer got the victory .

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