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There are some  rules and gameplay we have some efforts to collect to meet the demands of the  Dragon and Tiger gamers . By the way there are also need-to-know advice and good experience from our gammbling experts .  Visit our Page for further more information about Dragon Tiger  and other interesting games updated daily.

Knowledge About The Origins Of The Dragon Tiger

The Dragon Tiger origins came from  Cambodia and has been on the high rank of the list of favourite games supported by most of Asian gamblers who admire this game . Due to the popularity , the game is spread out and available in most casinos. Besides , the Dragon Tiger has some specific common characteristics with Baccarat. For example , the main task of a player is deciding the suitable hand to make a wager not beating against the dealer.

An Overview of The Dragon and Tiger


The deck of game goes from 6 to 8 . Among them , there is one card which is corresponded to both Tiger or Dragon and no extra card accepted . To begin Dragon Tiger game, the bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger will be made by the gamblers. Then two dealt cards in which the highest points wins after all are given out by the dealer . The important thing to note is that all the Ace cards will be considered as the low cards.  In case the cards from both hands has the same values, there will be a draw and the bookie will give the award as a half of the bet money before. There is no special rules required to control the game . Gamblers will predict the potential hand and make their bet on .

Dragon Tiger uses the Standard English decks of 52 cards to begin the game . There are no appearances of jokers or wild cards . The black jack shoe will have the task to deal the game with 6 or 8 decks. Being different from the other types of game ,  Dragon Tiger rules do not allow players to beat against the dealer. In contrast, the target of the Dragon Tiger is believe in the correct hand . Whether the Dragon or the Tiger, the bettor will receive the highest card. Not being similar to the rules of baccarat, there is no turn for any draw of extra cards. Only a card will be used to deal to the Dragon spot and next another card to the other spot of Tiger . No exception for any additional cards .

Dragon Tiger bet has no difference from the gambling activities.In the simple words , this game is the other form of two-card version of Baccarat . To be deep down inside, there are 2 picked up cards . One of them is for the Dragon and the left is for the Tiger . Therefore the bet among of them made by player will have the higher value.  Individual cards are also on offer. It is rare to be seen in most famous casinos , though in Macau – the promising land of gambling, but Cambodia . The most interesting thing is the game is now run online , so it is easy to get accessed to play .

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Mention about casino gambling games , there are some slots for the lower stakes of players . The game Slots  is an instance for this situation , which allows players to bet on each roll in order to turn from the small capital into the bigger profit .

In addition , there are trendy game which are supported and developed by players who want to make a bet better wagers to have a bigger chance to get victory. Though victory accept to bet with both chips and cash .  

In order to catch up with the high demand of customers,  has improved Baccarat and made it simple to match with the new Dragon Tiger version . Now, thanks to the user-friendly system, the game is available to experience on the new Internet-based online gambling website . Therefore, this new game is promising to bring you new experience and high bonus  in order to be the hottest Asian gambling game in casinos . Especially to players who love playing Baccarat , this Dragon Tiger game is another 2-card version to change in case you want to try a different taste but still in love with Baccarat . In order to understand all the shades of the game , may you need the base of knowledge about baccarat first .

Gameplay of Dragon Tiger?

The Dragon Tiger game was made on the base of its “father” Baccarat. However , this “son” may seem to be simpler than the  “Father”. In simple words, truly it is a single draw game allowing to make a wager along with the given simple rules about the winning and losing cards and the payout for you on the moment you bet on correctly . The game starts by the decision made by the participants to choose the wanted coin having the suitable value that they trust to try on and the choices are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 chips.

If among these values are set , the players should consider which is the best choice they want to place your bets on the table. The amount they want to bet on the hand is up to their mind , also the options , all are based on what the bettors want.

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They can use as much as standard decks they want . We will assume to have 8 decks of cards. Cards are considered to have common rank as poker but Aces stay low . There comes a single card for the Dragon and Player hands . The main wager will belong to the hand whose card is higher .  

There are some available wagers to rely on. And here are 4 groups showing how the bets are divided  :

About the Dragon or Tiger – It is a wager on the player getting the drawn higher cards. The wager offers the payout at even money and if a tie happens , the bettor will get back 50% of their given amount .

  • About the Tie – It is another wager that happen when both the Dragon or Tiger does not get any higher card. Therefore , the draw result is unavoidable . The payout for this wager comes at 8/1 you win .
  • Big or Small – It is a wager in which the drawn card for the chosen hand  (Dragon or Tiger) will be Big (from 8 to the King) and small in value (Ace through to 6). Predict the right bet  and your luck will give you a payout at even money. In case the drawn card for your choice is a 7, then better luck next time with your bet .
  • About Suits – It ‘ a bet based on the prediction for the suit of the card you guess to come out for your selected player. There are 4 distinct possible suits are on offer such as Spade, Heart, Diamond and Club. If luck comes for you with the correct bet for the outcome card, get ready to receive the payout whose odds is at 3/1. Similarly, in case the result coming out is a 7, then no matter your suit is , loss is unavoidable.

In case you need any hint for the next decision , the result of the latest 10 hands are indicated and shown on the display so that you will have enough information to know more about the last Tiger and the Dragon no matter which one won and the lucky cards . Now it is possible to see the last ten cards for every choice for the Dragon and Tiger .

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