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Bet88 Singapore online casino has been a trustworthy agency to Singaporean gamblers since it was first founded. Through times,Bet88 Singapore has not only constantly updated and improved trendy games, it also enabled people from other Asian countries such as Malaysia (My), Thailand to have access to our source of gambling recreations. Thanks to today’s technological advancements, it’s never been easier to experience a professional casino right at home.

Singapore is  well-known for legalizing a lot of gambling casinos with different sizes and available games. Yet, very few of them can transform into web-based casinos as they have to meet very strict requirements of online casinos. Bet88 Singapore is proud be among top and first casinos to serve online gambling recreations with the safest and fairest environment.

It is seriously fundamental that you decide the right online casino to place your bets on as there’s nothing wrong in wanting to gamble in a relaxing and secured place. Being clearly aware of the customers’ needs, Bet88 Singapore developers have been working tirelessly to both emulate quality casino gaming services and enhance Internet security systems. Any breaching attempts shall be banned and punished according to gambling laws in Singapore.

Besides a wide range of exciting games, high level of security, Bet88 Singapore also offers the members a lot of valuable rewards as well as high payout ratios. Also, Our customer support will be happy to be of an assistance to make sure that players would leave our online casino feeling relaxed and entertained.

Casino Games


Blackjack (or Twenty-One), has been globally known and enjoyed for decades. The American-originated banking game deserves to be called king of gambling pastimes because the thrill and excitement this game generates can hardly be found in any other casino games. Blackjack is particularly preferred in Singapore and Asian territories that its online version is always among #1 choice in any web-based casinos.

Players need to have both good strategies and luck in order to beat the dealer (the Banker) And during the game, the players will always play against the dealer, not each other. Overall, Blackjack is still about gambling, and gambling mostly depends on luck. However, players still can increase their winning probability by using the right tips and strategies, depending on the cards they receive.

Another factor that makes Blackjack incredibly popular is its simple rules. And the rules of Blackjack Online are basically the same as those in  bricks-and-mortar casinos, but playing online has its own fun.

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How To Play Blackjack :

At the end of the day, the goal is always beating the dealer with higher point values, whether you’re playing at a traditional casino or an online casino. Bet88sg’s Blackjack hosts 5-7 players. To start the game, the dealer deals one card (the card can face up or down) to each of the players, and one to him/her. Face up cards may give the players some ideas about predictions and strategies. Card values are:

  • Jack, Queen and King are worth 10
  • The ace cards are either 1 or 11
  • Cards from 2-9 are worth their face values

Players who have the total point of 21 will naturally win that hand. A highlight of playing blackjack online is that you can find a rich and diverse selection of game variants. You will find plenty of innovative versions of the game of 21 comprising interesting and unusual twists on classic game rules which have been holding thousands of Singaporeans spellbound. To make the game even more thrilling, there are also a range of side bets giving the potential for huge payouts.


Despite the unpopularity to many American gamblers, Baccarat is really a hit in Asian gambling communities, especially in Singapore. This casino game is addictive for two reasons: simplicity and high level of amusement. Knowing that Baccarat has attracted a lot of fans since its first arrival in land-based casinos, Bet88sg successfully created the online version, which can now be accessed to more easily while people will still experience the exact joy and relaxation the classic Baccarat gives.

Similar to traditional Baccarat, in the online version, the cards are dealt to 2 hands only: the “Banker” and the “Player”, regardless of how many player there are at the table. The players’ target is to place their bets on which hand they think will have the total point value closest to 9. Players have to place their bets before the cards are dealt. The place to make the bets are from the table minimum to the table maximum.

Online Baccarat Game can be played 6-8 decks of cards. Before playing, the dealer shuffles the cards and then store them in a box called the “shoe”. The players pass the shoe counterclockwise around the table to switch the deal, and each “Player” can be the “Banker”. The “Banker” gets to continue dealing as long as he keeps winning.

Rules of Baccarat Online

A Baccarat game consists of three possible outcomes, whether you’re playing in land-based casinos or online casinos: the Player wins, the Banker wins, or tie. The players can place their bets any of these 3 outcomes, even when the Player loses and the Banker wins. Like most online casino games in Singapore, Baccarat is a game that relies significantly on chance and luck, but having a good strategy does help.

The dealer starts the game by dealing the players and for himself a pair of cards. The value is the combination of the two given cards. The card values are:

  • The King, Queen, Jack and 10s cards are worth 0
  • Cards 2-9 are worth their face values
  • The Ace cards are worth 1

The Ace is the lowest scoring card at a single point and the maximum is 9 points, so any total value above that will be subtracted by 10. For example, if the player gets the cards of 6 and 8, which totals the point value of 14, so, this needs to be subtracted by 10 and the final outcome is 4.

Players will usually draw the third card if their point value is lower than 5 in the hope that they will get closer to 9 and then beat the host. However, deciding to draw the third card or stand is what makes the difference between the players. Depending on the cards given out, players can predict what cards will be probably dealt, and choose a good strategy. Players cannot draw the third card if they already get a 6 or 7 in the two cards’ combination. And finally, if the players’ initial hand turn out 8 or 9, they will naturally win, no matter how many points the host gets.   

Slots Game

Slots, also known as slot machines or pokies, has been a new phenomenon among gambling casino in Singapore and other Asian countries. All what gamblers have to do when playing Slots is just spinning the reels, that’s the key to its success – simplicity – besides the relaxation Slots bring about. Slot machines in traditional casinos come in many sizes and themes, casino goers can pick a machine whose design suits their interests. The themes can be fruits, super heros, or animals. In the online version of slots, those designs and decorations even enormously vary to  catch up with latest favorites such as superheroes, sports, etc. Bet88sg takes massive pride in providing online slot games with different sizes, numbers of reels, and trendy themes.

Slot machines are found in online casino games throughout Singapore and all over the world and they all have their own sets of rules. But basically, all you have to do is insert your coin, select your paylines and bet and hit the spin button. Some slot machines can even have more than one pay line and up to 5 reels. Also, some casino games are even linked together to delay payouts and make the game play much more exciting.

What’s Included In Slots

Unlike those in land-based casinos with physical buttons and moving parts , online Slots players will solely be clicking graphical representations of symbols on the screen. Thanks to this flexibility in designs, many video slot machines come with further interactive elements such as advanced bonus games, attractively trendy themes, and graphics. Furthermore, because there are no mechanical restrictions, the amount of reels offered are often differ. In fact, you easily notice that many online Slots on Bet88 Singapore have five reels rather than the standard three which leads to higher winning probabilities.

The very best Singaporean online casinos offer slot machines in an environment that is both safe and secure. They use state-of-the-art and the most up-to-date security and encryption technology to protect the players including their personal information and transactions.

Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo Game has had a reputation for its simple rules and for the fact that it’s a very fun dice game. Originated in China, Sic Bo has attracted many Singaporean casino goers throughout the years. Recently, the thirst for playing Sic Bo has even been booming drastically with the advent of technological advancements. Online Sic Bo has saved time for busy gambling lovers and created a comfortable environment as people no longer have to travel to an actual casino to play this favorite. In online Sic Bo, some gambling websites might have some slight differences in the designs, payouts, but the rules stay the same generally.

Sic Bo bet is typically based on the sum total of the 3 dice being Small, which is 4 to 10, or Big, which is 11 to 17. The Players are required to place a wager on one of the many bet options shown on the table layout. When the results of the dice are revealed, several spots on the table will be termed winners. If the players wager on any of these betting options, they will be paid according to the odds on the paytable. Often times, the payout  for this sort of bet 1:1.

Online Sic Bo is the perfect casino game for players looking for a good relaxing time without taxing themselves mentally. It may appear counterintuitive to play the games in which you have little or no control of the outcomes, but games of chance have long been a staple of casino gambling.


Sharing the same popularity with other online games, Craps is also a common selection of gamblers when they visit Bet88 Singapore. Whether it is player in a land-based casino or online one,  Craps has built its own image in Singapore and Asia Pacific regions since it was first introduced.

Similar to Sic Bo, Craps is a game with dice as a main element played on a large casino table marked with different types of bets. Players can place their bets  on the possible outcome of a dice roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dice. To start Craps online, players can place their bets on either a pass line or don’t pass line bet. This is the essential part the shooter (the player who rolls the dice) has to do. The other players have to make a minimum bet to partake in a round. To make a bet, players need to click on the desired amount in the chip selection clearly displayed on the screen. After choosing the chips to bet, players click on the craps table on the screen in the correct place on the table for the wager, which means the pass or don’t pass section of the table.
Designed on HTML 5, the latest software solution stack, there is no download needed to have full access to Craps. Running smoothly on any web browser on computers or smartphones, Bet88sg’s Craps is believed to bring utmost experience like you’re playing in a real fancy casino.

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Dragon Tiger

Despite the fact that Dragon Tiger doesn’t have many fan in Western countries, it’s been loved and played pretty much as often as Baccarat or Sic Bo in Singapore and other Asian territories. In fact, its rules can be quite confusing for new players. But the more you play, the easier it’ll get and the more you’ll find it fascinating.

The name itself stand for the intense battle between the two forces: Yin (Dragon) and Yang (Tiger). And in fact, a lot of fierce yet exciting gambling hands are expected in online Dragon Tiger. In some versions, it’s also call “Casino War”.

The rules of playing Dragon Tiger are maybe the simplest and easiest to remember, compared to the other online casino games : Place bet on which side, the Dragon or the Tiger has the higher card value. Also, there is also a Tie bet if you think the two cards’ values are equal. The values of the cards from the lowest to the highest: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K. In case the hand is a tie, the host will take a half of the players’ bets.

Strategy in Dragon Tiger

Although players may pretty much depend of chance and luck, there is tip to help you increase your winning chance when playing Dragon Tiger. Because the players can see clearly when the decks of cards are being shuffled, what cards are going to be dealt next are relatively predictable. If the players observe and count the cards clearly, they can possibly reduce the casino edge. Join Bet88 Singapore and explore more about this fascinating online casino game.


Perhaps Roulette is what would come in people’s mind first when they think of casinos. In fact, land-based casinos welcome millions of Roulette gamblers all over world every year. Recently, when technology and communication have been much easier and people have been busier, people want quick relaxation. Considering all those factors, online casinos, with Roulette as the main attraction, were made.

Roulette has always been one of the most popular game that’s it can hardly be omitted out in any traditional casino. And the same goes for online casinos. Bet88sg’s developers have researched carefully about how it’s played as well as the accessories to bring the most realistic experience to ambitious gamblers

Roulette Rules:

The rules of online Roulette can be learned quite easily. A typical roulette consists of a wheel with 37 numbers (some versions offer 38 numbers as there are 2 zeros). Number 1-36 are colored red and black alternatively, number 0 is green. There are also sections alongside the table, marked by different colors, where the players will be placing their bets. To start to game, the Roulette wheel spins in a single direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) and a ball will be thrown in the wheel. Players place their bets before the ball stops rolling and hits a number. Players can place a number or several numbers, or colors or a combination of numbers. In live roulette with an actual live-streaming host, he/she will give the instructions himself/herself so the players know when to or not to place their bets. Player who had chosen the number that ball lands on wins a the game start again. Like any casino game, the rewards are in accordance with the winning possibility of the chosen combination of the player.

Let’s Dig In A Little Deeper To Find Out Different Types Of Roulette:

European Roulette Pro : At Bet88 Singapore, European Roulette with a solitary 0, a base wager of 1 and a most extreme wager of 300.

European Roulette High Limit : The diversion includes a base wager of 5 and a greatest wager of 2,000.

American Roulette : Enjoyed the most at Bet88 Singapore, American Roulette is absolutely worth trying, with a 0 and 00 for players to wager on. The diversion sports a base wager of 1 and a most extreme wager of 300.

American Roulette High Limit : American Roulette High Limit allows you to go wide and appreciate least wagers of 5 and most extreme wagers of 2,000 for every turn.

French Roulette: The base wager is 1 and the greatest wagered is 300. French Roulette undoubtedly deserves a spot at Bet88sg’s tables as Singapore gamblers regard it a fascinating, original and magnificent type of Roulette.

French Roulette High Limit : Ideal for hot shots, French Roulette High Limit offers least wagers of 5 and most extreme wagers of 2,000 for each turn.

3D Roulette : a graphically updated version of Online Roulette assures you with this exemplary European Roulette amusement in 3D. Wagers start at 0.50 with most extreme wagers topped at 500 for each turn.

Low Stakes Roulette : Online Low Stakes Roulette is definitely suitable for new gamblers or players on budget. Least wagers start at 0.50 with most extreme wagers topped at 300 for each turn.