Casino De Genting Review – Genting Malaysia

Casino De Genting Malaysia

Address: Genting Grand, Genting Highlands Resort, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

Phone: +60-361059557

Operating Hours: 24 Hours A Day.

Dress Code: Smart Casual.

Minimum Bet: 50RM.

The person below the age of 21 and Malaysian Muslims are not allowed to enter the casino premises.

All manner of mobile phones/pocket PCs/electronic equipment with photography devices/digital cameras is prohibited at the casino.

Genting  casino Minimum Bet Roulete,Blackjack,sicbo,baccarat  50RM

Introduction Of Genting Casino

Genting Casino is the first and only legitimate land-based casino in Malaysia. While Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa is the symbol of a land-based casino in Singapore, Casino De Genting is an image of Malaysia betting spot.  It is located in Resorts World Genting – the impressive entertainment complex that was constructed in Pahang city and at the top of the picturesque hill, is close to Malaysia’s capital – Kuala Lumpur.

Genting Group conglomerate and its founder Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong were the initiators of building the casino. Genting Casino was established in 1971.

Betting Games Offered In Casino De Genting

Casino De Genting provides more than 3000 slots machines, 400 kinds of electronic table games, and 30 table games. All of the betting games offered at Casino De Genting are Baccarat, Blackjack, Mini Dice, Three Pictures, Three-Card Poker, Getting Stud Poker, Tai Sai, Zodiac Wheel, Progressive Texas Hold’em Poker, French Boule, Pontoon, and Roulette.

Enjoy Betting Games At 4 Most Modern Places

Casino De Genting offers visitors 4 types of casinos to experience betting games in the most modern and luxurious way. There are SkyCasino, SkyCasino Premium Gaming, Genting Casino, and Genting Club. 

#1. SkyCasino


SkyCasino provides the largest and latest gaming space to players. It features one of the largest gaming selections in Asia. Located at SkyAvenue, the spacious design of Sky Casino is inspired by an enchanted forest theme that gives the atmosphere of the rich greenery outdoors indoor. There are 2 gaming spaces in SkyCasino that are SkyCasino Silver Club and General gaming space.

The SkyCasino Silver Club is located at Level 3, SkyCasino and it is exclusive for Genting Rewards Silver and above members. While you get there, you can play all your preferred table games, slots, and electronic table games. Besides that, you will get greater privacy and

more legroom at the latest gaming space. Moreover, more facilities and services are provided such as beverage and food outlets, Genting Rewards membership assistance, and so on. 


Meanwhile, the General gaming space doubles your excitement. You will be entered an entirely new sphere in which gaming thrills never end. Spread over two floors, you can reach for the skies or look at the picturesque LED screen ceiling opening the skyline. It is located at Level 1 and 2, SkyCasino.

#2. SkyCasino Premium Gaming

#2. SkyCasino Premium Gaming
SkyCasino Premium Gaming
#2. SkyCasino Premium Gaming1
SkyCasino Premium Gaming

SkyCasino Premium Gaming is one private part only accessible to the crème de la crème. It brings your games to Level 3, SkyCasino. You can experience the unique luxuriousness of each themed room. The SkyCasino Premium Gaming includes Crockfords Platinum Club and SkyCasino Gold Club. While the Crockfords Platinum Club is exclusive on a whole new level and for only Genting Rewards Platinum members, the SkyCasino Gold Club is a class above the rest and exclusively for Genting Rewards Gold members and above members.

*Some images for Crockfords Platinum Club

Some images for Crockfords Platinum Club
Some images for Crockfords Platinum Club

*Some images for SkyCasino Gold Club

Some images for SkyCasino Gold Club
Some images for SkyCasino Gold Club

#3. Genting Casino

Genting Casino
Genting Casino

Genting Casino is the initial gaming space in Resorts World Genting. Located at Genting Grand/Maxims, it is still a hot preference among visitors. When entering the Genting Casino, you can explore a diversity of traditional games, electronic table games, and slot machines.

#4. Genting Club

Genting Club
Genting Club

Genting Club is where you can experience both games and entertainment. You can play all your preferred games and several of the greatest entertainment line-up. Located at Genting Grand, it is exclusive for Genting Rewards Gold members and above members. 

Whether you play games at SkyCasino, SkyCasino Premium Gaming, Genting Casino, or Genting Club, you can enter at any time because they are available 24 hours daily. Therefore, whenever you want to play casino games, you can move to these casinos and enjoy betting games.

Who Can Enter Casino De Genting? Follow Rules To Enter Casino De Genting

To enter Casino De Genting, each visitor needs to follow its rules.

#1. Dress Code

The dress code accepted is smart casual for the common gaming area. Casino De Genting has very strict rules that you should follow to avoid being prohibited from entering this casino. In addition to wearing a casual and appropriate dress, you should avoid not wearing a singlet, sunglass, hat/cap, or face mask. Male patrons need to wear sandals or shoes with ankle straps and they can wear shorts at the common gaming area only. 

#2. Belongings

You should note that all cameras and electronic gadgets are prohibited at Casino De Genting. All types of electronic equipment/pocket PCs/mobile phones with digital cameras/photography devices are inhibited at Genting Casino. Besides that, you also cannot enter Casino De Genting if you are carrying a backpack. 

#3. Criteria entering Casino De Genting

Casino De Genting only allows those who above 21 years-old and non-Malaysian Muslims. 

The Pros And Cons Of Casino De Genting

#1. Advantages

Huge area casinos.

Big gaming selections.

Abundant entertainment and cultural provide.

Familiar atmosphere.

Good beverage and food.

#2. Disadvantages

Taking pictures is prohibited.

Far from the airport.

Noise and hustle.

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