How To Play Bridge Card Game At Online Casino Singapore

Bridge card game is one of the most famous card games in the West. Bridge is considered to be an aristocratic game, participating players must have the mind, the ability to analyze and make decisions in time. Bridge card game is quite new, not as popular as Blackjack or Baccarat card games. Let learn the following article to learn more about Bridge card game and how to play Bridge card game.

What Is Bridge Card Game?

Bridge is a highly competitive card game, players must have close coordination and analytical thinking.

Unlike other online game cards, Bridge card game is not popular outside. It was played a lot in the aristocracy and upper class in ancient Europe.

Bridge card game is derived from a famous Western card game in the UK, called Whist. Until 1930, 1940 it evolved into the Bridge card game, and prevailed until today. The reason Bridge was born is due to the entertainment needs of the elite in the land of fog.

Similar to card games of European origin, Bridge uses a 52-card deck. Usually in a game there will be 4 players participating, divided into 2 different pairs. Two players play against each other to form a pair.

The player’s task is to use stronger cards to take down the opponent. The division into two factions makes Bridge card game highly coordinated and increases the penalty of the game. One of the two playing pairs, the pair that gets the most rounds wins. Because Bridge card game is played in pairs, when participating, players must pay attention to the way their teammates fight, and must calculate their thoughts carefully. This is also the reason why Bridge card game is less famous and not as popular as Poker, Blackjack or Baccarat online.

Rules Of Playing Bridge Card Game

To join Bridge card game players need to understand the rules of the game. In order to maximize the player’s support, Bet88sg summarized the simplest gameplay of the Bridge card game.

  • Bridge card game with 4 players joining together. Cards have 4 suits and are arranged in order from low to high: Club <Diamond <Heart <Spade. Each suit has 13 cards arranged according to their respective numbers on each card: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, K, Q, K, A. Ace is the strongest card. , 2 is the weakest card in the deck.
  • Before starting the game, 4 players proceed to choose a sitting position and divide pairs, find teammates together. The person who takes the first place is the one who draws the highest card. The person sitting across from the first person is the person who draws the second highest card. Thus, these two people will form a team. The other two players with low cards will become a pair of players. During the game, the seating position at the table is not changed.
  • When joining Bridge, the players on the hand are denoted North – East– West – South. This symbol is calculated from the dealer with the first card. North and South are considered one pair, while East and West are the other. Order in Bridge is clockwise, from left to right in the game table.
  • A Bridge hand consists of 4 main parts: Split Card – Auction – Play – Calculate results. Players must go through 4 parts in turn and cannot remove any part.
  • If there are no Auction players in the hand, then the hand will end without waiting until the final round to calculate the result. Since no one Auction, the treaty is not fixed. The hand will be over and both teams score 0. The game continues in sequence until one of the two teams has won.

How To Play Online Bridge Card Game At Online Casino Singapore

Those who have played Bridge have found this game to have high intelligence and coordination ability of players. Specifically, Bet88sg would like to follow the Bridge card game rounds below:

  • Divide Card:

After the 4 players pair up, the cards are shuffled. The person on the left clockwise is the person who deals the card first. There will be a player playing the role of dividing cards, in turn dividing the cards among the players at the table. Each player receives a total of 13 cards.

If the player joins the online bridge, the Bet88sg system will automatically divide the card to the player in the order N – E – W – S corresponding to the position they sit. In the process of playing cards, the player must turn the card face-up and show it to everyone at the same table. When the turn is over, the card is face down. The following card will partially overlap the previous card and leave it for more.

  • Auction:

When hitting the Bridge card game, Auction is the most important step. Auction can only have one party participating, the other can not participate at all. There are many types of Auction including: pointless price, meaningful price, Cont’ra, Recont’ra.

There are many different Ranks or suits divided into the “meaningful price”. Rank: from low to high are Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade. There are 7 levels from 1 to 7 for NT. Thus in the Bridge card game there are 35 costs that are used when Auction, 7 NT is as low as 1 Club.

  • The Auction Process:

Auction must be performed in accordance with regulations. The player must strictly adhere to the rules of Auction. Before conducting Auction, the player is allowed to view the cards.

The Auction box is a device used during the Auction process. In the box containing the corresponding cards. Players with Auction rights will proceed to select the corresponding card in the box. Then turn the card face up for other players to see. Depending on the order of each person in the table, the Auction process is performed.

The dealer in the table is the person who performs the first Auction. The next players choose a higher price to advertise, which can double, quadruple or stop. The purpose of Auction is to get the best results in a game and make a treaty or set it yourself. There is also another way to break the opponent’s treaty.

  • Playing Card:

The next step when playing Bridge is playing cards. At this step the player checks whether the treaty matches two hands cards or not. The player who finishes the Auction after the Auction goes into play. They get to change the Auction earlier.

In order to play Bridge players must use the suit of the first card in a country. The person who plays the first card is the person who sits to the left of the main attacking opponent. Next this person will lower the card to the table.

The player is allowed to hit the card if it is of the same suit and does not necessarily have a higher value. However, if the player wants to make a move, they should hit the highest card. The player wins that move if he finds the card of the right match and is the highest card.

The player must go to the master to finish if there is no more hit. Players should choose their next hit card if they win in the previous move. Chess corresponds to the number of cards of each player, the hand goes through a total of 13 rounds. The player who wins the most rounds or in other words the most moves wins.

When each round is finished, the cards are face down in a row. The following card overlaps part of the previous card. For the convenience of distinguishing between the round, the rules of the game rule: the horizontal card is for the winning opponent, the vertical card belongs to the winner.

As a rule, at the end of each country, the card will be face down. Players check the number of moves of each pair to determine whether the treaty is completed, missing or excess to record in the record.

  • Record Results:

The player who wins the contract is the person who owns the highest card. The overall winner is the winner of the most rounds. When the game is over, the two teams count again the number of moves, determining the total score received based on the number of moves.

Based on the total score, the player’s win or loss will be determined. The side who eats more water wins. Both parties, if agreed with the results, are recorded. In case of disagreement, the entire hand must be checked. Pairs are not entitled to appeal if the results are recorded in the minutes.


In general, Bridge is not a difficult card game to play. Players just need to follow the above article, experience a few free games at Bet88sg to bet. At Bet88sg, players also have the opportunity to experience many other equally attractive card games. Quickly register an account and join betting with Bet88sg.

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