Roulette is as far as becoming the famous symbol during two centuries . It is not only a familiar phrase in gamblers’ mind but also indispensable game in most of every being loved casino games. Playing an important role in Casino industry in general , Roulette is holding the  first choice under the circumstance when there are more and more games created to meet the demand of users .

The Mystery Existence Becomes A Famous Game

Named after the French word , there is no exact evidence when and where Roulette came into existence. Back in time , take a … Read More

“Marina Bay Sands is a must-see destination in Asia and has contributed to increasing business and leisure tourism to Singapore.

The success of Marina Bay Sands has allowed it to serve as an important reference site for emerging jurisdictions considering Integrated Resort development.”  

Sheldon G. Adelson, Chairman and CEO, Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

Contact : +65 6688 8868

Marina Bay Sand Singapore Casino Entry Fees

Entry Levy of $150 for every period of 24 hours

Entry Levy of S$3,000 for a period of 12 months.

Age : 21 years old

Introduction : An Overlook… Read More

Having no ideas about the strategies to win the Dragon and Tiger  ? Do not worry . Here are some strategies to increase your luck . Better chance will come if you follow our post today .  Visit our Page for further more information about Dragon and Tiger  and other interesting games updated daily.  

An Overview Of The Dragon and Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger game is an outstanding Asian game which has the base on the control external position and takes advantage of the difficulties to catch up with for Western players contains a higher advantage for the … Read More

To beginners, the numbers and terms in football betting sites can confuse them and they can hardly understand what they mean. This article is to help new gamblers clarify those term and have a better understanding about betting in football matches.

Asian Handicap

Originated in Indonesia, Asian handicap betting is a popular measure to determine which team, between the two, is handicapped. Handicap bets are made according to the teams’ current form and recent results, and a stronger estimated team must win by a few certain goals for a gambler to win. There are some common Asian handicaps such as … Read More

Fish shooting Game, or simply Fish Game, has been no longer a strange name to those who are interested gambling. In fact, you can hardly find any casinos in Singapore that doesn’t fixture Fish Table Games. Throughout the years, the demands for playing Fish Game has drastically increasing because of its simplicity and richness in entertainment. Being clearly aware of this issue, game developers have created the online version of this game so many more people can enjoy shooting colorful ocean creatures without having to go to an actual casino. Basically, the gameplay and rules of the online shooting … Read More

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