Best #4 Survival Tips To Win For Beginners Dragon Tiger

Hard to win such a difficult game like Dragon and Tiger ? Why do not you read our post below to enjoy our top tips for  beginners and experience the game on our website  

#4 Tips To Win For Beginners Dragon Tiger

  • Being Acknowledged to learn how to place a bet
  • Taking advantage of surefire strategies
  • About Two Cards And A Bet
  • Remember The Basic Things To Know

Dragon Tiger –Tip 1 : Being Acknowledged to learn how to place a bet


Although Dragon and Tiger game is the easiest game to play , it  does not make any sense showing gamblers are able to neglect the wager in case they choose to play with a live dealer games Dragon Tiger. During this game, a wager which is made on a dragon or tiger. The dealer will take all the cards on the layout and face up all of them . The highest ranking which belongs to the card will get the victory . However there are also remained two rules of the Dragon and Tiger which are dispensable in the game .

In Dragon and Tiger, every Aces stays as low cards. Moreover , there is no matter in any wagers that players place in Dragon and Tiger , having a draw will make the house be in favor of owning a half of each tie . In contrast , during the Dragon and Tiger , the live casino dealer does not have self-profit or got any money from the game of Dragon and Tiger. Along with more than 86,000 possible result in every  choice , there are more than 6,000 for a draw , the house advantage remains at 3.73%.

Dragon Tiger – Tip 2 Taking advantage of surefire strategies

There are a lot of tactics that can be applied during the gameplay with a live casino dealer. Nevertheless , there are still some bettor can acknowledge how useful the card counting could  be in order to decide how many high or low cards still keep their place in the deck. This will bring the gamblers an offer to decide their wagers on which smartly and intelligently so that they can make some improvement and increase the chances of choosing the right wager . It is also an easier escape  for betters who want to track the result due to the few chances happen.

This is a delicious offer in case the wager belongs to suit, which is considered as a side bet in Dragon and Tiger . With this kind of Dragon and Tiger bet , the wager on the place where suit would be trust in and giving the  payment of 3: 1 for the good choice . Every gambler putting trust on the type of bets had better always keep a look on clothing which still remains up to this moment in the game of Dragon and Tiger. Nevertheless , never forget that the game is run by 8 decks and are shuffled after using the fourth deck.

Dragon Tiger –Tip 3 About Two Cards And A Bet

Mention about the bet, the bookie will deserve to have a  house edge at 7.69% . Therefore there is not always a big choice . Understanding all available wagers  there, gamblers can participate in any live dealer games in Dragon Tiger and experience the high-speed version which prefer to have few professional knowledge or special study .

And there are these things you need to know when you are in Dragon Tiger. I am  not joking you when i am confident to say that the game is simpler than what you have in your mind .

The Dragon and Tiger primarily combines two hands, one for  the Dragon and the other is on the Tiger, up to your decision that the  wager on which will bring a higher ranking card. There is no doubt that could make you find the game is simple as you are expecting. Therefore , besides the draw bet of 8 :  1 in payout, there remained some other side bets which you are able to rely on placing wagers on the single cards. These wagers consist of big and small bets (over or under 7), suit bets , and the high-evaluated suited draw , which return  an odd at 50 : 1.

Dragon Tiger -Tip 4 Remember The Basic Things To Know

Being charming to the gamblers with the odd of  50 : 1 for winning in the suited draw , or 8 : 1 for normal draw, it may become the best wager you can trust in – it’s never a better choice than the basic Dragon and Tiger wager. Finally , we’ve learned that there are always better to wait for more often  and consistent victories than for that one “jackpot” , life-changing award. There is no doubt that this basic remind can apply to the Dragon Tiger as well. The 1 : 1 odd might not impress better than others except you will have the ~50% opportunity to get the victory during each of rolls 

When  you definitely want to find ways for achieving more awards than  even money for your wagers , it had still better to make a wager on the cards’ suits. It is highly recommended by our experts  than taking any risk of betting on the tie wager. This advice is strongly supported in case you’ve been taking a look and pay attention to  the cards which are dealt from the very beginning of the session , and have a potential prediction for any suits which have any chances to come up and increase the loss. Never forget that seven cards  always lose, after all .

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