Are You Able To Defeat The Random Number Generator (RNG)?

More slot players have tried to set their highest wagers ever since slots began accepting bets of further than one credit at the same time. However, the thought that placing your highest wagers first then reducing to smaller bets is just a revolutionary one. Is this system helpful? In fact, it is not useful because of the Random Number Generator set on slot machines. 

Let’s look at the points created to help the systems. 

Offline casinos and online slots provide the highest rewards to their best players.

– Awards are depended on total bets, but there are also bonuses that mean the awards are not completely proportional to wagers. The players are able to recognize that in hierarchical award systems in which players in higher hierarchy gain more awards for a similar playing amount.

Thus, is it reasonable for casinos to provide a bigger pay-back percentage to their best customers at the games?

With the conditions above, you may think of doing something to make the casino consider you to be its best player than you actually are. One way for you to implement that is to begin with higher wagers. Next, it will record with the RNG that decides your outcome that you’re a big customer who is worthy to get bigger paybacks. After that, you also can reduce your betting amount to a comfort level and get the winnings.

However, can this method fool the RNG at slot games? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Here are some facts about the way the RNG and slot machines operate.

– According to legal regulations, legal slot games are specified that bringing high-status gamblers a higher pay-back percentage is unlawful. Notwithstanding whether you are in any status, you will receive a similar payback percentage on slots like any player. 

– The casinos can provide bigger services such as meals and rooms for high-status players or free play, but it will not be changed by any big wagers. Offline and online slots track correctly your wagering total including all small and big bets. The wagering total is the basis for your awards. 

– The RNG does not recognize the status of your awards. This information will not be transferred to the RNG whereas you enter your awards card offline or online login. 

– The RNG also does not know the money amount you have bet because this matter is not programmed in the RNG.

– All of the RNG has to do is generate random numbers. It can generate identical numbers notwithstanding whether you have bet 400 coins or only one. 

– Various programs take these numbers and bring them onto the reels or reel images to give you the result. Another program gets the outcome, then compares to your betting size and pays you the corresponding amount.

– The result can come any time, notwithstanding your size of betting or player awards status.

Other slot betting systems try to guess what the RNG will do and try to set time the highest wagers for when slots are possible to pay-out. There are some slots in which the players begin with minimum bets before rising their wagers whenever they recognize that the game is prepared to pay off. 

Another version is the ‘step’ system. In this system, bets are set for a particular number of spins. For instance, a player can wager 1 coin for each pay-line for 5 spins, then 2 for each line for the following five spins, 3 for each line for the next five spins and so on. When finishing a whole cycle, the player begins again with the lowest wagers.

If you do not wager further than your ability, these systems aren’t harming, but they also do not actually support you to win. The results of slots, notwithstanding in an offline or online casino, are randomly like humans program a computer. 

In conclusion, the player cannot fool the RNG because it only keeps creating numbers and neither cares nor knows whether you place big wagers or not. The results are completely random.

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