8 Tips That Will Support You Play Poker Better

If you are a fan of poker and you really want to conquer this betting game, this post is completely suitable for you. Nowadays, Pai Gow Poker has become popular and it has attracted many players throughout the world. Therefore, this game is played in both online and land-based casino with a huge amount of gamblers. Many online casino have provided some Poker strategies along with some useful tips for players to refer to. However, it is not enough. In this post, we will introduce you to 8 tips that will help you a lot to play poker better.

Tips 1 – Do Not Play Poker With Too Many Hands

Some players think that playing more hands in Poker will increase their winning chances. However, it is not true, because the winning opportunity of different hands is not equal like Blackjack. Therefore, besides hands which have a higher chance of winning will help you win more money, there are also hands that will make you lose a lot. So, one of the tips that poker players should remember is the more hands you play, the winning chance is low.

Tips 2 – Do Not Bluff Too Much

Bluff can be a very effective psychological tactic in Poker. However, you should not apply it too much while playing because it only works in certain situations along with certain players. If you know a guy who keeps his bet until he shows his hands, a bluff is obviously useless for that type of player. Instead of that, you should learn to know when to use bluff in order to apply it effectively. At that time, you can concentrate on taking advantage of the strong hands.

Tips 3 – Do Not Expect Too Much In Draw Hand

On the poker table, it is quite common that only one good card will make you create a strong hand such as a straight or a flush. At that time, you will instinctively choose to draw hand because you are afraid that the opponent will have a strong bet. However, if you can guess that they only have a light bet, just follow your bet. If the betting amount your opponent wager seems too much to follow, don’t follow!

In short, do not buy draw hands at any cost because they will probably be weak. Therefore, to make a more accurate decision about whether to pursue a drawing hand or not, you should practice the habit of calculating odds and average profit in that situation.

Tips 4 – Always Think About The Card Range Of The Opponents, Not The Specific Cards

A good way of playing poker is that you not only focus on your own cards but also on the opponent’s cards. However, you do not have to guess what their two cards are. What you need to think about is the opponent’s card range, not trying to find out what their 2 specific cards do because you likely do not guess exactly these hands.

After guessing the card range of the opponents, you can gather all the hands and situations that your opponent may have. Then, you will give out the appropriate strategy for each game. That’s the difference between a good poker player and an average player.

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Tips 5 – Ready To Give Up The Pocket Aces When Needed

A good poker player will know when is suitable to give up the pocket Aces. Sometimes, the pocket Aces are not always advantageous, especially when you get the pocket Aces and the opponent pushes all-in on the Turn round? You try to call and finally he has a trio again.

Therefore, you should start paying more attention to that feeling. Actually, there are situations that are easy to recognize on small bets, especially when you play online poker, where 100% fold overpair is the right gameplay.

Meanwhile, the unskillful players often “marry” with their AA or KK and they do not want to leave the card even though you are losing. And that makes them face many big disadvantages when playing Poker.

Tips 6 – Adhere To A Stable Strategy

One way to play poker that is often mentioned is to always follow a stable play. Any change without following your strategy in your game can make you lose. In fact, a professional poker player will make an extremely stable strategy. If it is good over time, they will maintain and apply it anytime, anywhere, on every Poker table and every Poker game.

To become a good poker player, you must always apply the same winning strategy, regardless of your feeling or the results of previous games.

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Tips 7 – Anger Is The Main Thing That Ruin You On The Poker Table

If you bring your anger onto the poker table, you will only harm your dreams, career, and money. One fact that will happen on the poker table is the times when things go worse and you cannot resolve. The risk of being unlucky or losing continuously can be always happened, even with those who are the best poker players. Of course, you can also get beautiful days and get many wins.

Therefore, the best way to play poker better is to always be calm and control your emotions well to make the best strategies, and win.

Tips 8 – Must-Know How To Identify The Opponents

Sometimes, you will be played in a poker table that is full of good poker players. And if you are not as well as your opponents, do not hesitate to quit this table and move to another poker table to preserve your bankroll.


With these 8 tips, we hope that you can apply them effectively and become the winners while playing poker. 

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